12 Fantastic Ajaccio Beaches: White Sand, Turquoise Sea

Ajaccio beaches are some of the best you can find in Corsica.

The town is known for its most notable citizen – none other than Napoleon himself! But the beaches of Ajaccio will leave you wondering how the nature can be so utterly surprising and incredible.

Check out these 12 fantastic Ajaccio beaches below, some of which are outside of the town in the surrounding area – well worth the visit!

1. Saint-François Beach (Ajaccio main beach)

St. Francois beach is one of the main Ajaccio beaches, and it’s close to the port and the cruise terminal.

It stretches along and just below the promenade towards the citadel. Made of sand, it’s just a few minutes from the port to the left and it offers a great swim right in the center of Ajaccio.

2. Plage d’Argent (Argent Beach)

A short drive south from Ajaccio you’ll reach this gorgeous sandy beach, just after Porticcio (or you can take a boat taxi from Ajaccio port). Not too crowded, water turquoise blue, just what you came here for!

3. Capo di Feno Beach

One of the most stunning and memorable beaches in Corsica – Capo di Feno!

It’s already a small adventure to get there, but you get the taste of the unspoiled wilderness that you’re about to enjoy. It’s a fine sandy beach, with a cafe and a beautiful blue sea.

You reach it by taking the Iles Sanguinaires road west of Ajaccio and follow the road across the Parata peninsula (or walk the road, which is definitely recommended as you get to immerse into the stunning landscape). Don’t miss this beach!

4. Marinella Beach

Marinella beach can be reached by a short drive from Ajaccio senter towards the west, following again the road of Iles Sanguinaires.

It’s a famous sandy beach with bars and beds to rent, made famous by Tino Rossi, the celebrated Corsican singer and actor who lived almost on the beach and drew his inspiration from it.

Incredible blue color, sun and sand – what you’ve come to expect from Corsica, right? 🙂

5. îles Sanguinaires (Sanguinaires Islands)

Iles Sanguinaires beaches are mostly rocky, with plenty of hidden coves with crystal clear water.

The islands are right next to the Parata peninsula in the southwest of Corsica, close to Ajaccio. The visit to the islands is an adventurous trek, and if you prefer the rocky coast you are in for a treat here.

6. Tahiti Beach (also known as Ricanto Beach)

Tahiti (or Ricanto beach) is the longest beach made of sand in Ajaccio.

It’s got all the amenities you might need, and it stretches to the south of Ajaccio all the way to the Ajaccio airport. The part closest to the airport is the nudist beach section.

The parking is available almost all the way along the Tahiti beach.

7. Isolella Beach

Isolella beach is an unspoilt natural gem south of Ajaccio, after the Porticcio beach.

It’s close to the residential area with lots of trees and a beautiful blue sea. Ideal for families and a calm day at the beach.

8. Plage du Peru (Peru Beach)

Plage du Peru is a bit further away from Ajaccio to the northwest, close to the village of Cargese. A nice sandy beach, with calm waters and not too much crowd – worth the trip!

9. Plage du Trottel (Trottel Beach)

Another sandy beach close to the center of Ajaccio (lucky people, don’t you think? 🙂 ). It’s located along the road to Iles Sanguinaires, right in front of the residential neighborhood.

Trottel beach has all the usual amenities, calm waters and easy access to the center of town.

10. Plage de la Cala d’Orzo (Cala d’Orzo Beach)

Cala d’Orzo is a fantastic, sandy, unspoilt beach… But a bit difficult to reach. 🙂

It’s located to the south of Ajaccio, close to the Coti-Chiavari in the wooded area with many coves with surreal blue Mediterranean Sea.

It’s a wild beach with basically no amenities, so bring your own water, sunshade and enjoy!

11. Porticcio Beach

Set right across the bay from Ajaccio this fine, long sandy beach stretches along the waterfront of Porticcio town.

It’s not as crowded as the other beaches closer to Ajaccio, and you get the perfect panorama of the place that gave Napoleon to the world.

12. Plage de Cupabia (Cupabia Beach)

Cupabia beach is truly a heaven on Earth, as its white sand and blue sea contrast with the serene green forest descending down the mountains.

Parking is not the easiest to find, but do persevere because it’s worth it. All the amenities here you want, so just come down and enjoy!

There you have them, the incredible beaches around the port town of Ajaccio!

The sheer number of sandy beaches in quite a small area gives you a lot to choose from, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

A visit to Ajaccio is very much worth it, packed with history and remarkable nature all around it.