Alicante, Spain: Enjoy The Sandy Beaches Of Costa Blanca

Alicante is a well known town along Costa Blanca, popular for its long stretch of sandy beaches. It is located on the east coast of Spain and it is the capital of the Province of the same name. It is the second largest town in the Valencia region. Along the harbor you can find long beautiful alleys for nice relaxing walks, enjoy the shady palm trees and the mild climate.

Modernity runs alongside tradition and you can find traditional villages tucked away in the mountains.

A Little Bit of History

The first settlement in this area was centered on the slopes of Mount Benacantil, because it combined the privileges of being close to the sea and the protection of being high above the surrounding land.

The Moors built the present day city with the protection of the castle.

A promenade in Alicante, Spain - This lovely port town on the east coast of Spain is the capital of the province of the same name. The second largest town in the Valencia region, with many museums and monuments, is popular for its beaches, therefore, if you are looking for a perfect summer holiday destination on the Mediterranean coast - Alicante awaits you!A Promenade in Alicante

The city was conquered by Alfonso in 1246 for the Castilian crown and in 1308 it was incorporated with the Kingdom of Valencia by Jaime II.

In 1490, Ferdinand granted the City Charter and 100 years later it became the natural port of Castile.

The city flourished economically and the population grew considerably.

Alicante Port, Spain - This charming destination of Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean coast of Spain is popular with sailing enthusiasts. Overlooked by the Mount Benacantil, its lovely marina offers a pleasurable walk in the hot Mediterranean sun with plenty of beaches to relax and soak in the Spanish atmosphere.Port of Alicante

After a series of wars and conflicts, this port city began to recover in the 18th century.

With the arrival of railway line in 1858, Alicante became an important port. Today, it is the second largest city in the Valencia region and derives much of its income from the tourist industry.

Some of the important celebrations here are the Las Hogueras de San Juan, Carnival, Holy Week and Santa Faz.

Balcon del Mediterraneo, Benidorm, Spain - This is a popular tourist attraction in Benidorm near Alicante that offers one of a kind experience and a sense of calm along with incredible views of the sea. This unique spot is in quite a contrast to the skyscraper hotels of this Spanish gem.Balcon del Mediterraneo in the neighboring Benidorm

This colorful port city has many arts and crafts markets scattered throughout its streets, and they offer beautiful local handicrafts.

Where is Alicante?

  • 111.2 miles/ 179 km from Valencia, Spain
  • 41 miles/ 66.1 km from Torrevieja, Spain
  • 27.8 miles/ 44.8 km from Benidorm, Spain
  • 78.9 miles/ 127 km from Cartagena, Spain
  • 50 miles/ 80.6 km from Murcia, Spain
  • 52 miles/ 83.8 km from Javea, Spain
  • 217.4 miles/ 350 km from Granada, Spain
  • 8.7 miles/ 14.1 km from Alicante Airport, Spain
  • 60.9 miles/ 98.1 km from Murcia Airport, Spain
  • 107.4 miles/ 173 km from Valencia Airport, Spain

 Things to See

  • Santa Barbara Castle
  • Santa Maria Church
  • Archeological Museum
  • Nativity Scene Museum
  • Castle of San Fernando
  • Guadalest Valley
  • Lucentum
  • Pozos de Garrigos
  • Icarus
  • Mercado Central
  • Town Hall
  • Walking


Panorama of Alicante, Spain - This port city, overlooked by Mount Benacantil, offers fantastic sandy beaches and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest town in the Valencia region and a popular tourist destination on the Costa Blanca.Seaside View from the West
  • Postiguet Beach
  • San Juan Beach
  • Guardamar Beach
  • La Albufereta Beach


Benidorm near Alicante, Spain - The bustling resort of Benidorm has a unique cityscape with its high-rise hotels, sandy beaches and hills in the background. It is a well known party town that attracts thousands of sea lovers throughout the year.The bustling  neighboring resort of Benidorm
  • Canalobre Caves
  • Benidorm
  • Santa Faz Pilgrimage
  • Island of Tabarca

Alicante is a booming province, partly due to the surge in tourist activity.

You should stay here at least for a night to experience the frenetic and Spanish nightlife of this town.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!