Antalya, Turkey: The Gateway To The Turkish Riviera

Antalya is situated on the Gulf of the same name, and it is a wonderful combination of ancient history and modern Turkish culture. It is known as the gateway to the ‘Turkish Riviera’. It is blessed with an ideal climate and a stunning setting on a limestone plateau.

The pretty harbor huddles below the Roman walls, and the well preserved Kaleici, Roman-Ottoman quarter, provides awe-inspiring views of the Beydaglari, the Roman harbor and the clean body of water in between.

A Little Bit of History

Duden Waterfalls, Turkey - This is one of Antalya's main attractions very popular with locals. Beautiful natural park, great views and the atmosphere will make this experience very pleasant and ideal for photography lovers.Duden Waterfalls in Antalya

Antalya has a long and rich history dating back to Neolithic period.

It was founded by Attalus II of Pergamum in the first century BC. The city was named Attaleia after its founder.

Over time several groups of people ruled and settled in this town. The Lydian Kingdom took over this region in the seventh century BC and they stayed on for 150 years until they were conquered by the Persians.

Old Amphitheater in Side near Antalya, Turkey - These are the ancient ruins that can be found in this neighbouring city on the southern Mediterranean coast. The amphitheater was built in the Roman style as it was more suitable than the Greek style due to conditions of the area.Old Amphitheater in Side

The town then passed between various hands and battles raged in this area.

The town developed under the Byzantines between the fifth and sixth centuries AD. The Turks captured the town in the thirteenth century and it grew into a city.

The Turkish Republic was founded in 1923 and Antalya became the official province of that Republic.

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya Festival, International Sand Sculpture Festival, International Eurasia Film Festival, Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival are some of the popular events here.

In addition to these, several sports championships are also held here.

Coskun Gogen, Onat Kutlar, Sami Berik, Sumer Tilmac and Yagmur Sarigul are some of the popular citizens of this port city.

Old town Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey - This is a charming area filled with history, great atmosphere and plenty of shops selling jewelry, candlesticks, rugs and handicrafts. Exploring the alleyways and taking a break in some of many bars or restaurants with a view of lovely architecture is definitely one of a kind experience.Old town Kaleici in Antalya

You can find quite a variety of stuff to shop here such as textiles, carpets, leather goods, gold and copper work, and souvenirs.

In Kaleici you can find small shops selling jewelry, candlesticks, rugs and hand-crafted boxes.

Where is Antalya?

  • 85.1 miles/ 137 km from Alanya, Turkey
  • 443 miles/ 713 km from Istanbul, Turkey
  • 262.2 miles/ 422 km from Bodrum, Turkey
  • 338.6 miles/ 545 km from Ankara, Turkey
  • 8 miles/ 13 km from Antalya Airport, Turkey
  • 186.4 miles/ 300 km from Rhodes International Airport, Greece

Things to See

  • Museum
  • Kaleici
  • The Roman Harbor
  • Aspendos
  • Yivli Minare
  • Hadriyanus Kapisi
  • Kale Kapisi
  • Dedeman Aquapark
  • Kursunlu Waterfalls


  • Koyaalti Plaji
  • Lara Plaji
  • Olimpos and Cirali
  • Side


  • Termessos
  • Patara
  • Caves

Antalya is a fast growing city, and tourists from around the world throng here to visit its great beaches and discover its traditional Turkish culture.

Despite its grim appearance of concrete sprawl, this is a nice place to live in, and the tiny, central old quarter is quite interesting.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!