Automatic Pill Dispenser Reviews (2018): Peace of Mind On Your Travels

An automatic pill dispenser can save you a lot of headache when trying to remember and keep track of your daily dosages while traveling.

Since there are many on the market, however, reading a few automatic pill dispenser reviews will help you make an informed decision.

For some especially forgetful people, automatic pill dispensers can prevent them from overdosing if they forgot that they already took their medications for that day.

Conversely, they will also make sure they are taking their important medications every day without missing a dose.

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser: Quick Roundup

Take a look at these helpful devices and never miss a dose again:

  1. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser
  2. E-Pill Medication Reminders – Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock
  3. E-Pill Automatic Locked Pill Dispenser
  4. Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser
  5. E-Pill Medication Reminders – Monitored Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

How to choose the best automatic pill dispenser?

There are many good automatic pill dispensers on the market. Choosing the best one will rely partially on your own needs. For instance, should you want a dispenser that can dispense multiple doses per day, you will want a different one than someone who only needs one dose.

Another factor is the price range you are looking for. As with most medical equipment, there is a wide range of price points to choose from. These prices rely heavily on how complex the machine is, so knowing what you want beforehand is important.

What to look for in a good automatic pill dispenser?

First, some sort of alarm system to alert you when you need to take your medication is a good feature to have. This way, you can be alerted on time and on a regular basis. Some dispensers achieve this with a blinking light and others with a sound.

For some, the second thing to look for in a good automatic pill dispenser is a locking mechanism that you cannot easily get into. This will prevent overdosing and ensure that you are only taking your medications when it is the scheduled time.

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

The LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser is a good basic choice at a reasonable price point. It can hold up to twenty-eight doses. For people with multiple medications per day, it allows you to set six alarms daily with both a sound and a light alarm.

One good feature of this automatic pill dispenser is that, in order to stop the alarm, all you have to do is flip the dispenser and get the pills out. It is extremely helpful for elderly or impaired users as there are not many steps to get to the pill.

It is quite convenient for longer trips as well. Its compartments can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills and there are 28 of them in total. This means you are set for the next 28 days knowing that its reliable alert system will let you enjoy your travels.

Great and compact option, check it out!

E-Pill Medication Reminders – Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock

If you are looking for something a bit more substantial, the E-Pill Medication Reminders Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock might be what you are looking for. It can be screwed down to a tabletop or other surface and it has the same capacity – twenty-eight doses for the same number of days – as the previous option as well.

One thing that sets this pill dispenser apart is the way the pills are retrieved. Since it sits on a surface, when the alarm goes off, you simply pull the handle and tip the pills into the provided metal cup. This is very helpful for people with limited dexterity or tremors.

Its ease of use and its robust build make it a good choice for people who need a more sturdy dispenser. It has the so-called sticky feet which help keep it in place on the table, and each container can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills, as the previous option. Worth taking a look!

E-Pill Automatic Locked Pill Dispenser

The E-Pill Automatic Locked Pill Dispenser is another good option if you are looking for an automatic pill dispenser. Unlike the previous option, this one can be picked up and moved around with you, so you will always hear the alarm sound. Also, it holds twenty-nine doses rather than twenty-eight.

Two nice features of this dispenser are that the alarm rings continuously until the pills are taken out and the patient can see on the display how many doses they have left for the day. Because of these two elements, it is difficult for a user to miss the alarm or miss a daily dose.

Each compartment can hold up to 20 aspirin-sized pills, and it’s lockable with 2 keys and 2 trays. It alerts with sound as well as blinking light, and offers up to 6 alarms per day and is great for all kinds of capsules and vitamins.

Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

Another good stripped down option is the Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser. Like the first option on this list, it has the option for up to six alarms per day and twenty-eight doses. Additionally, it is easily portable so you can take it with you on vacations just fine.

One especially helpful feature is the ability to change the alarm and medication times. While some machines take a bit more handling to change the dose times, this one is very user friendly and simple to adjust to a schedule that fits your particular needs.

Its particularly suitable for travelers with a bit more complicated daily schedules as you can reprogram alarms effortlessly. You have the flexibility with up to 6 alarms per day, and both the beeping sound and the blinking light will alert you when it’s time to take a pill.

E-Pill Medication Reminders – Monitored Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

For patients needing a bit more supervision with their medications, the E-Pill Medication Reminders Monitored Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser is a great choice. The dispenser comes with free monitors so that the caretaker is notified when a dose is missed.

Besides the monitoring function, which is probably the most important benefit, the ability for one early dose per day is also great. For users with frequent appointments, this dispenser allows them to take one dose early so that they do not miss it while at their appointment.

It takes a bit getting used to, but it’s a solidly build dispenser suitable for a tabletop with loud beeps and blinking lights. The family members of caregivers can be alerted by phone, email or text message – great option for making sure the doses are taking regularly and on time.


While there are many great options out there, it is important to read the automatic pill dispenser reviews prior to purchasing. This will ensure that you end up with a device to fit your or your loved one’s individual needs.

Keeping in mind the individual user’s medication needs and potential dosage problems will help you choose the perfect automatic pill dispenser. Alarms, locks, and notification systems are all excellent features to be on the lookout for all patients.