Best 12 Volt Air Pump For Inflatables Reviews (2018)

Whether it’s a summer vacation on a beach or a trek to the neighboring hills, inflatable travel accessories are the best companions of travelers.

From pillows and sleeping bags to pools and tents, inflatable travel accessories can make your travel a lot easier and comfortable.

The only support you would be needing is a 12 volt air pump for inflating them. Fortunately, the pumps have shrunk in size, have become lighter in weight, and are altogether more powerful than they used to be.

Best 12 Volt Air Pump For Inflatables: Quick Roundup

Check out these powerful, reliable 12 volt air pumps that you can use for all kinds of inflatables on your travels:

  1. Airhead Air Pump
  2. Okpow Electric Portable Air Pump
  3. Intex Electric Air Pump
  4. Kwik Tek Air Pump
  5. Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump

What to look for in a good 12 volt air pump for inflatables?

While there are a number of technical aspects to keep in mind while investing in an air pump, let’s look at the most important ones below:

Power source

Go for the heavy-duty models that you can connect to the battery directly and get a high pounds per square inch (PSI). You can also choose the one with an AC alternative, which can be plugged into an AC plug in the car or a household outlet.

Pressure rating

Make sure the pressure rating of the equipment suits the accessories you wish to inflate.

Air flow

Go for an air pump that has a high CFM rating because they can put more air into your accessories in a minute and inflate them faster. Last thing you want to do is wait ages for it to pump while your eyes are closing and the kids are crying for sleep. 🙂

Duty cycle

You should choose an air pump that has a duty cycle rating of 10 minutes at 100 PSI at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


Make sure your air pump doesn’t make too much noise while generating pressure. Long gone are the days of loud pumps, and that can be quite awkward if you arrive late to your destination. You want them as quiet as possible.

Air pressure gauge

Choose an air pump that has a digital readout and automatic stopping mechanism to prevent damage from excessive pressure. That way you don’t have to guess when exactly to stop inflating – just plug and play.

Air hose connection

Go for the quick-connect air pumps because they are easier to install and remove. Most of them will have an easy and practical installation, so this should not be an issue.

 The following are some of the best 12 volt air pumps for inflatables that will help you unwind quickly after a long journey to your destination.

Airhead Air Pump

Made from top-quality materials, the Airhead air pump makes travel easier by plugging into a 12-volt cigarette plug.

With a volume of 290 liters per minute, these air pumps can inflate and deflate boats, towables, pools, beach toys, and mattresses effectively and quickly.

They also come with a 5 feet long power cord that adds to your convenience. Don’t worry about their longevity because they have been tested for durability.

The universal valve fittings make them compatible with popular valves. It’s surely a great option for your journeys – check it out!

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Okpow Electric Portable Air Pump

This one-for-all 12-volt air pump is a portable device, ideal for almost all outdoor activities.

You can also use it at home to inflate beds, air mattresses and other inflatables. The compact and sleek design makes it perfect for your palm.

These air pumps come in 3 nozzle options and allow you to use them with different items.

The best part of these air pumps is that they are compatible with the power outlets in cars. You can inflate and deflate your travel accessories in no time with this superb air pump.

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Intex Electric Air Pump

The practical and sleek design of these air pumps makes them easy for handling because they can fit into the palm of your hand.

They come with three nozzle options that allow you to inflate and deflate a variety of travel accessories, such as air mattresses, rafts, and pools.

The 12-volt DC plug is compatible with power outlets in most cars, thus making them highly convenient for on-the-road travelers.

You don’t have a long waiting time before you use your inflatable because these air pumps do their job quickly and easily.

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Kwik Tek Air Pump

With a volume of 410 liters per minute, these air pumps are suitable for almost all travel inflatables.

They are equipped with pressure release valves that prevents air filling exceeding 1.4 PSI. The 10 feet long power cord lets you connect the equipment to your truck, car or boat.

These air pumps produce three times more pressure than most equipment, thus making them a perfect option for inflating boats, towables and rafts. Whatever your need, you have a reliable gadget which you can store easily wherever your travels take you.

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Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump

These air pumps will not only help you with inflatables outdoors but also indoors.

With an airflow of 15.9 CFM, these air pumps are a superb choice for inflating pools, airbeds and other large travel inflatables.

You can reattach the nozzle to the pump’s valve to reverse air flow.

It features a travel plug along with a 12-volt plug that makes it one of the most convenient options in the marketplace.

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Best 12 Volt Air Pump For Inflatables

Made of high quality, durable materials, plugs into a 12-volt cigarette plug, and capable of inflating a wide variety of inflatables - Airhead Air Pump is the best 12 volt air pump for inflatables of any kind on your travel adventures.

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The 12 volt air pump is an indispensable item if you take the inflatables with on your travels. It works with a vast majority of them, including mattresses, boats and lots of other stuff – make sure you check them out!