Best 12V Fan For Camping Reviews (2018): Enjoy the Breeze!

Campsites can range from hot to humid.

Don’t let this heat inconvenience you and your loved ones during a camping trip.

A 12V fan can help you keep you and your company cool and well-ventilated.

Now you don’t have to dread sitting outside the tent when the sun’s at its highest.

Best 12V Fan For Camping: Quick Roundup

Check out these handy, powerful fans that will help you enjoy hot summer days on your camping adventures:

  1. AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan
  2. Opolar Mini Desk Fan
  3. Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze – 12 Volt Fan
  4. Taotuo Car Cooling Air Fan
  5. Schumacher 122 12V Turbo Fan

What to look for in a good 12V fan for camping?

With so many products available in the market, making a purchase decision can become challenging. Take a look at the list of factors that you need to consider before purchasing a 12V camping fan for your next trip:

Type of fan

Camping fans have undergone a huge evolution in the past few years. Traditionally, floor fans with stands were chosen for camping trips. But today, you get travel-friendly compact fans which you can easily carry on your travels.

You will also find fans that can be hung on the roof of the tent. Be sure to evaluate the conditions in which you will be staying, as this can help you determine which type of fan is ideal for you.

Size and portability

It’s always recommended to select fans that are small in size and that can be transported easily. Even if you wish to purchase a floor fan, make sure you select a slim one which has a detachable stand. This way you can transport your fan to the campsite without worry.

Some fans are small enough to be fitted into backpacks. You can choose these fans if you’re not carrying much gear and will be on-the-move for a longer time.


Camping fans come in various designs and have different airflow capacities, modes and settings. Be sure to take a look at the specifications to see whether you have all that you need in the fan of your choice.

Although it isn’t a necessity, it’s recommended to choose fans that come with in-built LED lights and have an attached plug and power line. Some brands also stock portable power sockets which are USB rechargeable. These are highly beneficial during outdoor travel.

Battery operated versus cord

The most ideal fans for a camping or hiking trip are those which are battery operated. When you’re out on the trail, you may not find places to charge electric-run fans. It’s best to choose one that is battery-operated, as batteries can be changed easily quite often.

If you’re still intent on selecting an electric-run fan, choose a fan that comes with a USB-powered plug and socket, as it will allow you to charge the fan while on the trail.

Here are the five best 12V camping fans to consider for your next camping adventure:

AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan

This 12 volt fan comes with a 9-feet cord, allowing you to move it around the campsite without any hassles.

The fan has 2 adjustable airflow levels and is perfect for both car and campsite ventilation.

The fan comes with superior-quality 3M adhesive stickers which help secure it to any flat surface.

The dual-blade air circulatory fan produces intense airflow, keeping you cool and fresh.

This is a great option for your camping trips – check it out!

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Opolar Mini Desk Fan

With a 5.2 inches frame, this 12 volt fan is easy to carry when on the move.

The 45.6 inches cable cord allows you to connect the fan to power sources located away from your primary campsite.

The brushless motor creates a smooth airflow and is completely noiseless. The square shape of the fan and the rubber bottom make it extremely hard-wearing.

The seller offers a 30-day refund for defective products.

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Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze – 12 Volt Fan

This energy efficient and eco-friendly fan has one of the lowest energy consumption levels at 1.2 – 2.6 amps, making it the perfect choice for when outdoors.

Given its limited electricity usage, this particular fan becomes ideal for campsites where availability of electricity is a concern.

This multi-purpose fan comes with a 5′ cord.

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Taotuo Car Cooling Air Fan

Measuring 16.5cm x 11.7cm x 16cm (L*W*H), this fan works on DC and has a cigarette-lighter plug which can be easily connected to cars, vans, RVs and camp room sockets.

This particular fan is extremely energy efficient and consumes very limited energy levels.

The fan has two adjustable speeds which allow for great cooling during summer months.

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Schumacher 122 12V Turbo Fan

This heavy-duty camping fan comes with a mounting clamp and offers a flexible, adjustable body.

This 12 volt fan has multiple airflow options and settings which can be manually set.

Small in size and easy to carry, this fan is perfect for your camping adventures.

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12V fan for camping is a very helpful companion for your travel adventures. It helps you to enjoy the hot summer days and freshens up your tent  – a must have for your camping trips!