Best Action Camera for Scuba Diving (2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Mediterranean Sea offers countless opportunities for scuba diving enthusiasts. So many unique destinations are perfect for underwater recording with an action camera designed specifically for scuba diving and other action sports.

These cameras have become smaller and smaller over the years, and now their miniature size allows them to be mounted on your gear, or you can do handheld recordings of your dives as well.

They are easy to operate and enable you to record in high resolution, ensuring your films will be of superb quality and will awe your friends and family.

Explore the buyer’s guide and the best scuba diving camera reviews below to inform your choice of the right camera for your next adventure!

Best Action Camera for Scuba Diving: Quick Roundup

These action cameras for scuba diving will turn you into an underwater film director right away:

  1. APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP WIFI Ultra HD
  2. Campark ACT74 Action Camera 16MP 4K WiFi
  3. Davola High-Def Action Camera
  4. ZONKO 4K Ultra HD WIFI Sports Camera
  5. ODRVM 4K WIFI Action Camera

What to look for in a good action camera for scuba diving?

Pay attention to the following factors when selecting the best action camera for your scuba diving adventures:


If you are planning to buy an action camera for the purpose of scuba diving, the first thing that you must factor in is the quality of the lens installed.

A good quality action camera will primarily feature a 12 MP to 20 MP 170-degree wide angle fish eye lens that provides superior photography and videography options to catch the live action underwater. Make sure to tick this box when considering a specific model.


The lens must provide multiple video resolution options such as HD 4K/25FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS,720/120FPS and 720P/60FPS to ensure excellent picture and audio quality for an impressive visual experience.

The camera should also feature at least a 2 inch HD screen for more detailed viewing of the subject and monitoring what you are recording.


Since they are designed primarily for use under water, the action cameras for scuba diving are typically enclosed within a waterproof casing that prevents water from seeping into the machinery of the device.

With a good quality action camera, you can easily dive up to 40 meters deep below the surface of a water body and capture the magical marine life in the Big Blue.

Recording modes

In addition to a crisp High Definition visual experience, an action camera for scuba diving must also offer additional recording modes such as burst shooting, loop recording, slow motion, time-lapse and more for you to play with the videos and images and add a more personalized touch to your memories.


A good quality action camera for scuba diving must be equipped with a long-lasting power backup to enable more prolonged periods of uninterrupted recording on your underwater excursions.

More often than not, these cameras are powered by two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries that offer the user over 180 minutes of record time on a single charge.

If you’re looking for the best action camera for scuba diving, then explore below the reviews of the top 5 cameras available for your next underwater adventure.

APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP WIFI Ultra HD

The Apeman Action Camera is indeed an incredible value for money. It pack a number of highly sought after features and accessories in the kit, and you’ll have all that you need for making cool underwater videos!

It films in 4K with 20 MP processor, and thanks to its waterproof feature you can dive up to 40 meters to capture all kinds of marine life.

It has a motion detector which enables the camera to start recording as soon as the action starts. It also boasts a 170 degrees wide angle allowing for sweeping shots in either video or still images.

It has a number of recording modes such as Diving, Car, Loop and Time Lapse among others, which help you create truly awesome videos.

With the built-in WiFi, HDMI, USB and AV outputs, as well as the batteries that can record up to 180 minutes of videos, this camera is indeed a great bang for the buck – check it out!

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Campark ACT74 Action Camera 16MP 4K WiFi

The Campark 4K 16 MP Action Camera is another great choice for scuba divers.

Sporting a 170 degree ultra wide angle lens it films at up to 60 fps, allowing for crystal clear recordings. Its 2 inch HD screen enables you to monitor what you record conveniently while diving.

With its handlebar mount you can get creative with points-of-view of your videos. Dive up to 30 meters/98 feet and record the underwater world as you please.

The regular WiFi and HDMI outputs come as expected, and this camera indeed can be your best pal on your underwater adventures.

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Davola High-Def Action Camera

Davola High-Def Action Camera allows you to film up to 30 meters/98 feet, but also provides the remote  control feature as well.

It enables you to control the camera in the range of 20 meters/65 feet allowing for some creative filming under the water.

It supports Micro SD cards up to 64 GB so you can take lots of photos and videos, especially if you equip yourself with multiple replacement cards.

Its 4K recording quality goes up to 60 fps, which has slowly become the standard you might expect from scuba diving cameras.

Plenty of accessories in the pack make this camera a cool choice for your diving adventures with friends.

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ZONKO 4K Ultra HD WIFI Sports Camera

Zonko 4K Ultra HD WiFi Sports Camera films your underwater action up to 100 feet in up to 60 fps quality, so you can be sure your images and videos will be super sharp and catching every detail and color nuance.

It enables easy sharing of your videos using the free app allowing you to share your special shots with friends right away.

All the expected outputs and accessories are included in the camera pack, which you would expect from the underwater camera of this range.

Each of its batteries allows for 90 minutes of recording time – much longer than many more expensive models.

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ODRVM 4K Action Camera

ODRVM 4K Action Camera comes with a cool feature – a very handy wrist remote control gadget.

Unfortunately it’s not waterproof so you can not use it underwater, but if you are into other action sports on land too, this can prove to be a very useful tool.

It shoots in 4K up to 60 fps as well, and it has a built-in gyroscope which stabilizes recordings and images – helpful for all the action videos and photos.

It allows you to select the angle you want to record in, and offers a 5x zoom feature as well as a number of recording modes – the Diving Mode is what you’ll be using the most.

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Awe your friends and family with high quality, breathtaking action films from your scuba diving adventures. Get yourself the right camera for your needs and create lasting memories from your dives!