Best Anti Theft Purse (2018): Outsmart The Pickpockets

Let’s face it: traveling can be risky at times. You may lose your expensive possessions if you happen to be a little careless.

Losing money or any other expensive item while traveling can spoil your mood completely and nullify the purpose of your travel.

If you’re traveling to a city that has a reputation for street thieves or pick-pockets, it pays to be extra cautious when you’re out sight-seeing.

Here’s when you’ll appreciate the advantages of carrying money and important documents or items in an anti-theft purse.

Best Anti Theft Purse: Quick Roundup

These five anti-theft purses will provide you with the protection and the style you need – check the detailed reviews below:

  1. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Two Pocket
  2. Suvelle Carryall RFID Travel Bag
  3. Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody BucketBag
  4. Pacsafe Citysafe Anti-Theft Cross-Body Purse
  5. Travelon Anti-Theft Slim Pouch with Stitching

What to look for in the best anti theft purse?

The choice of your travel purse depends largely on what you are carrying. Large travel purses are ideal for carrying a tablet, jacket, snacks, water bottle and other small items, while small purses are good for carrying keys, passports, wallet, cosmetics and other lightweight items.

However, you should keep a few factors in mind when looking for a travel purse:

  • Comfort – Is the purse comfortable enough to be carried around all day or does it hurt your shoulders after some time? Comfort is the most important factor to consider while buying a travel purse.
  • Functionality – Will the bag be able to hold all the items you need? A travel purse should keep your items organized so that you can access them whenever you want without unpacking everything.
  • Design – Travel purses should have a theft-proof strap so that thieves cannot cut it off easily. Moreover, the overall design should be sturdy so that it lasts long.
  • Weather-proof – Does the bag have sufficient flaps and zippers for protecting the contents from rain? Make sure that the bag does not drench your items in case you get wet in the rain.

Make sure the quality of the travel purse is good enough for it to last a long time. Moreover, it should be easy to carry and should ensure proper protection of your possessions while traveling.

Here are the best anti-theft purses you should consider for your next trip.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Two Pocket

The chocolate color of this anti-theft cross-body bag makes it look very contemporary.

Made of 900 D polyester fabric and nylon lining, this bag provides maximum protection for your items while traveling.

It has a main compartment which can be locked, and a zipper closure that keeps everything secure.

The bag has a shoulder drop of 28 inches, a height of 10 inches, and a width of 12 inches. The slash-proof construction ensures that you can use this bag for a long time.

Moreover, this bag is easy to store because it comes with a cut-proof, adjustable shoulder strap. It is also equipped with removable LED lights and RFID blocking card slots.

You should certainly consider this bag if you are looking for extra theft protection while traveling – check it out!

Suvelle Carryall RFID Travel Bag

The Suvelle Carryall RFID travel bag is a stylish and versatile bag.

You can use this cross-body bag to shop, run errands, and carry clothes and essentials while traveling a short distance.

The bag is made of stain resistant and water resistant nylon that is lightweight and durable.

Measuring approximately 11 ½” W, 11″ H, 4 ½” inches, the bag has a hands-free design.

The multiple compartments allow you to carry almost everything- from sunglasses and wallets to documents and portable gadgets.

The RFID protection prevents electronic pick-pocketing and keeps expensive gadgets safe while traveling.

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag

A slightly different Travelon this time in the form of the Crossbody Bucket Bag.

The shoulder strap and lining of this bag is slash-proof which makes it difficult for thieves to cut it off.

You can secure the bag to a table or chair by removing the strap using the locking carabiner.

The bag has a large main compartment which can be locked for extra protection.

Moreover, the two slip pockets and a removable LED light keep all your things organized and practical.

Finally, the handy two mesh pockets can carry a water bottle on your sightseeing trips as well as an umbrella in case of sudden weather change.

Pacsafe Citysafe Anti-Theft Cross-Body Purse

This bag has a shoulder drop of 30 inches, a height of 9 inches, and a width of 8.5 inches, which makes them a travel-friendly accessory.

Made of 100% nylon and polyester fabric, this cross-body bag is highly functional, versatile and durable.

The anti-theft technologies make this bag ideal for solo travelers.

The eXomesh Slashguard and stainless steel wire mesh keep your bag protected from theft.

The RFID blocking system keeps IDs and credit card information safe from hackers.

This is a very handy travel accessory you can have for keeping your possessions safe.

Travelon Anti-Theft Slim Pouch with Stitching

This slim pouch has a shoulder drop of 29 inches, a width of 9 inches, and a height of 29 inches.

It is made of 100% polyester twill and has slash-proof features for extra protection against theft.

The bag has a cut-proof strap, which allows you to secure it to chairs while sitting.

Moreover, the bag has an interior pocket, two front pockets, and a rear zip pocket.

It also features a removable LED light, which proves very useful while traveling.

If you want to keep your items organized while traveling, this slim pouch would be an ideal accessory for you.


If you are someone who travels smart and takes extra care of their possessions, these anti-theft purses would make your travel stress-free and organized. Enjoy your travels and forget the worries!