Best Bathing Suit for Post Baby Body (2018 Most Stylish Picks)

If you just had a baby and are wondering what type of bathing suit might be the best for you, this post might help.

There are quite a few options to choose from, and most of them provide some kind of “control” of the body parts you’d like to address.

In general, a good idea is to introduce color (can do it via print patterns) and think about high-waist bikini bottoms.

On addition to bikinis, monokinis and tankinis work well to help you feel great and confident and the beach or pool.

Check out the buyer’s guide below as well as the reviews of the best postpartum bathing suits, and hopefully you’ll find the swimsuit that works best for you.

Best Bathing Suit for Post Baby Body: Quick Roundups

These bathing suits are excellent choices for your post baby body:

  1. Angerella Vintage High Waisted Bikini
  2. zeraca High Waisted Monokini Swimsuit
  3. Miturn One Piece Swimwear
  4. ZKESS Tankini Top Bikini
  5. Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bikini

What to look for in a good bathing suit for post baby body?

Pay attention to the following aspects when choosing the best bathing suit for your post baby body:


When it comes to choosing a bathing suit for your post-baby body, you must ensure that it is made from a comfortable and durable material that dries up quickly.

Polyamide, elastane, polyester, nylon and spandex are a few of the most popular fabrics that are regularly used for designing superior quality bathing suits for women.


A bathing suit for post-baby body must essentially provide excellent breast and tummy support, to allow carefree movement underwater.

Regardless of whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece, a bathing suit must feature adjustable bra straps and underwired cups for extra support. Some brands also offer removal cup padding in their bathing suits for a smoother silhouette.

Tummy Control

Your bathing suit must also efficiently camouflage your tummy flab and provide you a more contoured waistline. As such the one-piece swimsuits are probably your best bet as they provide full coverage to your post-baby tummy.

They also give you a better proportionate silhouette. However, if you are looking for a two-piece bikini, it is important to choose one that features a high waist bottom for a flatter abdomen.


Always look for a bathing suit that not only hides your post-pregnancy problem areas but also provides optimum comfort for you to enjoy your outdoor activities with complete peace of mind.

A majority of the reputed companies design bathing suits that are soft and stretchable and can easily mold according to the shape and contours of your curves.

In addition to this, your bathing suit must also be resistant to the harmful effects of chemicals often found in swimming pools such as chlorine. The fabric of the swimsuit must be soft and should not cause chafing or abrasion on your skin over prolonged use.

Now that you know what to look for in the best bathing suit for your post bay body, here are the best 5 swimsuits that will help you feel great and enjoy your days at the beach.

Angerella Vintage High Waisted Bikini

Angerella Vintage High Waisted Bikini might just be what you’re looking for after you had your baby and want to head out to the beach.

Inspired by the retro 50’s design this bathing suit is made of fast drying 82% polyamid/18% elasthane materials, and is a two piece bikini.

What you are looking for here is the high waisted bikini bottom which can cover all the problematic areas after giving birth, and this one does the job very well.

There are also plenty of different fabric colors and patterns to choose from, and the colorful one is a good choice as it provides a nice cover and makes you look slim.

This bathing suit is a great choice for postpartum times – check it out!

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zeraca High Waisted Monokini Swimsuit

zeraca High Waisted Monokini Swimsuit provides even more coverage for the areas you need to address.

Its adjustable straps at the neck and at the center of your back allow for comfortable wearing and enjoying your day at the beach.

It also features removable padding bra, and its spandex material gives it a nice feel on the skin and dries fast.

The high waist and halter straps provide a good solution for covering the tummy and the back areas, so you can feel at ease and adjust them if necessary.

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Miturn One Piece Swimwear

Miturn One Piece Swimwear is a stylish swimsuit which provides you with plenty of cover for the areas you need to address.

Its shoulder straps are adjustable and allow you to fit the swimsuit to your preference. It comes with bra cups which are removable, so you have the choice of how you’d like to wear it.

You also have the option of covering your arms or not, so it offers nice versatility and even more coverage options.

It comes in many designs and patterns, so you can choose the one to your preference.

It is a good choice indeed for heading out on your holidays after having a baby.

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ZKESS Tankini Top Bikini

ZKESS Tankini Top Bikini is another superb choice that allows plenty of cover in a stylish and elegant design.

It features removable bra cups for additional support if that’s your preference.

It’s made of quick drying fabric that comes with moisture-wicking feature too, so you can go into the water as often as you please.

It also covers a large portion of the back as well, and you can take it with you worry-free on your first post-baby beach holiday.

It comes in a number of stylish colors that will emphasize the nice tan you get on the beach as well.

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Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bikini

Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bikini is indeed a vintage gem of a swimsuit.

Not only does it provide ample cover of your tummy and back, but it also provides that classic 50’s retro look that will really make you stand out at the beach.

It is a great choice for a post baby body, as it covers the problematic areas as well diverting the focus with its stylish retro design and great colors and patterns.

There are also a number of patterns and colors to choose from if you’re not into the polka dot design, but it will in any case offer nice tummy control exactly where you need it.

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No need to stay away from the beach after having a baby – get one of these post baby bathing suits and head out to the beach or pool with confidence!