Best Battery Powered Fan For Camping Reviews (2018): Enjoy the Breeze!

Battery powered fans are a great travel accessory to have on one of those summer camping trips where you would essentially need to cool off every once in a while.

These compact, travel-friendly fans are strategically designed for making efficient use of space in your luggage and are great for enjoying a comfortable and relaxing time during your camping trip.

It can be quite hot inside the tent or a camper, and these practical, portable fans are very welcome in those moments.

They come in various shapes and sizes and some come with additional features such as doubling as a light source or providing aromatic scent.

Best Battery Powered Fan For Camping: Quick Roundup

These 5 battery operated fans are perfect for your camping trips – explore them below:

  1. O2COOL portable fan
  2. Image portable LED camping lantern with ceiling fan
  3. Efluky Mini USB rechargeable portable fan
  4. O2COOL portable fan with AC Adapter
  5. OPOLAR battery operated AROMA fan

What to look for in a good battery powered fan for camping?

If you are planning to buy a new battery powered fan for your next camping trip, you might want to consider the following useful features:

Compact design

Since you would be carrying your battery fan along on the go, it is important to make sure that it has a lightweight build and a compact design for ease of storage.

Multi level speeds

A good quality camping fan will offer you the functionality of choosing the most comfortable speed from among a set of different levels according to the surrounding atmospheric conditions.

Power sources

Depending upon your specific requirements, you can go for portable fans that are either only battery powered or offer the functionality of AC charging as well. An important point to note here is that you must ensure that the battery life on a fully charged fan is sufficient to allow you complete peace of mind during your camping trip.

Check out these 5 handy, sleek battery powered fans for camping – enjoy your camping trips even in the hottest weather:

O2COOL portable fan

Featuring a stylish grey body, this portable battery powered fan from the house of O2COOL operates on 2 D cell batteries and offers an energy efficient alternative for your outdoor temperature regulation needs on a camping trip.

The patented design of the fan blade maximizes air flow while extending the battery life considerably.

The two speed levels featured on the O2COOL fan make it convenient for you to set the airflow as per the level of temperature regulation required.

In addition to that, the fan can also be folded flat for efficient storage in your travel luggage.

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Image portable LED camping lantern with ceiling fan

An ultimate travel accessory, this portable fan from the house of Image also doubles up as a travel friendly LED lantern to provide additional convenience during your camping trip.

Constructed with military grade metal alloy, the fan blades offer excellent airflow and energy efficiency on the go.

When not in use, the fan can be collapsed into a smaller size for easy storage. The LED lights are a super useful feature to have, especially during night time on you camping trip.

With the high power 2 D batteries, you can easily operate your fan on full speed mode for up to 5 hours and keep the LED lit for as long as 20 hours.

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Efluky Mini USB rechargeable portable fan

Featuring a three speed design, this portable fan from Efluky offers excellent variation of temperature regulation for those sweltering nights on the outdoors.

The fan also features an in-built blue light and a separate emergency light, both of which can be really useful while traveling.

The fan runs on 3.7 V lithium batteries that can be charged using a USB cable similar to that of regular Android phones.

And what’s more, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the performance of the product.

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O2COOL portable fan with AC Adapter

With a robust body made of high quality plastic, the O2COOL portable fan is ideal for carrying along on an adventure camping trip.

The major highlight of this product are the dual power sources that allow you to charge your fan both with 6 D batteries and AC power as per the availability.

The 10 inch blades are designed to maximize air flow and offer two different speed levels for greater comfort.

The fan also sports a convenient built-in handle for ease of carrying on the go.

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OPOLAR battery operated AROMA fan

A one-of-a-kind fan that blows fragrant air, the OPOLAR AROMA fan features a revolutionary design with a high performance, powerful motor with speeds of up to 4000rpm.

You can simply add you favorite aroma to the front padded shroud and enjoy a wonderful experience on your camping trip.

The fan operates on 2200mAh Lithium batteries than can be easily charged with the help of the USB cable also provided by the manufacturer.

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Best Battery Powered Fan for Camping

With its patented design of the fan blade that maximizes air flow and extends battery life, 2 speed levels and a compact, foldable design - O2COOL portable fan is the best battery powered fan for camping in hot destinations.

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Battery operated fan is a must-have when camping in hot destinations. Do yourself a favor and consider one of these life savers, and elevate your camping experience to the next level!