Best Beach Games for Adults 2018: Laugh and Create Memories

Whether you’re spending time at the lake house with some grown up friends or if you’re headed to the ocean for a family clambake, it would be a good idea to take with you the best beach games for adults that you can find.

Take along something the whole group can play, and you’ll be sure to have lots of laughs and memories that will last a lifetime.

From variations on old favorites like the beach volleyball spike game or if you want to stick to classics like bocce ball, we’ve found some of the best beach games for adults out there.

Best Beach Games for Adults: Quick Roundup

Check out these super fun games that will make you laugh and get healthier – the ideal combination:

  1. Kan Jam Game Set
  2. Browns Bank Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game
  3. Speedminton Fun Badminton Set
  4. AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set With Soft Carry Case
  5. US Games Jumbo Beach Ball

How to choose the best beach game for maximum fun?

Well, that all depends on what you and your friends or family are up for and where you’ll be.

Will you be sharing the game with kids? How many people will be there? Will you have to take turns or is it a group activity? Does it take a long time to set up or clean up? If you’re choosing a beach game for a family reunion, is this a game older adults are able to play?

Of course, it’s important for everyone to feel included and safe as well as have a great time, and the following games will be a great addition to your next beach party.

KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

Get ready for a new classic! If you’ve played more games of beanbags than you can count and you’re looking for a new game to bring to your next beach gathering, Kan Jam it is!

A fun combination of beanbags and disc golf, this game will be sure to be a hit with your crew.

With two players, stand 50 feet apart and throw a disc toward the top of the can for a “slam dunk” or try to make it into the slot on the front for an automatic win—but watch out for the “deflector” on the other side! Your friend can block your shot.

For competitive duos or teams, this game will make for hilarious moments. As for any disc-based game, a little too much wind might not be the best scenario, but if you have space and not too much wind, this game is a win for all!

Browns Bank Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game

For a twist on professional beach volleyball, check out Striker’s Beach Volleyball spike game.

In two teams of two, try to spike volleyballs into a circular net, which can be adjusted tighter or looser for more or less challenging play. This game is fun and fast to play and ideal for those who are short on space.

Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game is perfect for a crowded beach or a small backyard.

Light in weight and as easy to pack up as it is to set up, bright orange volleyballs can be inflated with the help of the included air pump and packed up again with the included bag for easy cleanup.

Who needs a ton of room and a huge net for all the fun of beach volleyball in an innovative new design from Striker? 🙂

Speedminton Fun Badminton Set

Who needs a net? With this super easy to play badminton game, you only need two rackets, fun glow-in-the-dark speeders, and a necessary distance of 42 feet.

Appropriate for even windy weather, a ring adds a little extra weight to the speeders, which make playing much easier. No chasing after the speeder when a gust of wind takes it away!

This game comes with two speeders and two light, aluminum rackets in super fun colors. It’s as easy to play as it is to set up and put away.

Use the “glow in the dark” feature for nighttime game play for great summer nights on the beach.

Take Speedminton to your next beach barbecue and get ready for amazing memories to be made.

AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set With Soft Carry Case

Sometimes it’s more fun to play something a little less fast-paced and still have time to catch up, or involve older adults in on the fun.

The AmazonBasics Bocce Ball set comes with eight high-quality 100mm poly-resin balls in dark red and green, one pallino, measuring tape and a carrying case for easy transport.

Take this classic game anywhere. From the beach to the backyard, summer after summer. You’ll be glad you made everybody feel included and entertained with this fun set from AmazonBasics.

Great for slow, casual game play, but do keep away from stone or concrete, to avoid breaking one of these colorful balls.

Get ready for a year after year of fun with this classic set. The soft carrying case is durable enough to hold everything, but comfortable enough to carry from place to place.

US Games Jumbo Beach Ball

The US Games Jumbo Beach Ball is exactly what it says it is—a huge beach ball that’s fun for everyone.

Instead of plastic, this beach ball is made of vinyl, so its much more durable than the average beach ball.

Fully inflated, this ball measures eight feet in length and about 14.6 lbs—be sure to use a high-volume inflator, like a vacuum, to fully inflate, otherwise it may take a while to inflate.

This beach ball is not necessarily suitable for young children, as they may be easily hurt, so proceed with caution.

However, a group of adults with a whole day to themselves at the beach may offer just the right amount of horseplay!


From a slow-paced, classic lawn game like bocce ball to innovative new classics like Kan Jam, you’ll be all set for your next beach adventure, without breaking the bank.

These games make everyone feel like part of the fun. You’ll be glad you invested in these beach games and made memories of fun, sun and laughter.

Whether you’re sharing your beach day with you family or close friends, these games are some of the best beach toys for adults out there.

Why should kids have all the fun building sandcastles and tossing around the beach ball? Include these new classics into your next trip to the beach.