Best Beach Games (2018): Guaranteed Fun in the Sand!

You want an active summer holiday, and you’re wondering what the best beach games might be to try this holiday season?

From modern, fun games that will take you back to your childhood giggling years to classic ball games, it is a great idea to pice up your beach trips with as much fun as possible.

Volleyball is not the only kind of game you can play in the sand. There’s plenty of variety to choose from and enjoy your beach days with your friends and family.

Check out these five games that are bound to bring lots of fun and action during those hot summer days.

Best Beach Games
: Quick Roundup

These are some of the best games that can be enjoyed by almost everyone, perfect for some beach fun:

  1. Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor by Simba
  2. Spikeball Set – As Seen On Shark Tank TV
  3. SandHole! Corn Hole for the Beach
  4. Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game
  5. Mikasa Beach Champ Vls300

How to choose a beach game?

Consider your group’s habits. Pick the type of game that would really catch your friends’ interest. Does it have to be something competitive, because they like to fight for the first prize? Would they like something unusual to do or something while sitting on their towel?

What to look for in a good game?

As fun as a game can be, you can’t just carry a separate bag which would take up a half of your car. It should be compact and portable, should be something easy and fun, and it should be open to and simple enough for everyone to join in the good times.

Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor by Simba

This game is ideal for developing great baseball skills. Squap is really easy to play, making everybody involved in some fun in the sand, away from their electronic gadgets.

Being extremely popular and winning prizes as the best toy of the year, Squap can be played indoors and outdoors, in pairs or groups or just by yourself against a wall. This game is perfect for a day at the beach, and it’s also a great way to exercise your or your kid’s ability to coordinate both hands and eyes at the same time.

The set includes 2 paddles and 4 balls, taking no space at all in your bag so you can take it with you to the beach on your holidays, but also to a park or at any of your kid’s play dates.

It’s so easy to play: you just put one of the balls in your Squap glove and launch it through the air by opening your Squap mit. The other player has to catch it and send it back to you.

It’s very easy to fall in love with this game. 🙂 It will energize any getaway that might get boring. Travel with your Squap everywhere.

Spikeball Set – As Seen On Shark Tank TV

Spikeball is a game played 2 on 2, similar to volleyball. It is truly a great active outdoor or indoor game, perfect for a day at the beach. Both kids and adults can get really excited after a few minutes of playing Spikeball, encouraged by their desire to win.

The game is intense, and everything’s happening very fast. A net is placed at the ankle level between two teams. You hit the ball on the net so it ricochets right at your opponents.

They have maximum three hits between them to control it and get it back at you. You score when they miss, they score when you do and the winning team is the one who manages to get the most points.

Have a blast at the beach, making everyone around you jealous of how much fun you’re having.

SandHole! Corn Hole for the Beach

Sand hole is a game that’s easy to carry, easy to store and easy to play! You can’t go to the beach without it, since you have plenty of sand there to work with. 🙂

You basically have 8 sand stakes, 2 cups, targets and very simple rules. You are supposed to land a bag either in the cup or towards a target.

Cup throws done right give you 3 points and target ones give you 1 point. You win when you get 21 points.

You can make this game more difficult by adding your own rules.

For example: score 3 times a 3 point throw followed by a one-time 1 point throw or say that a team can win only if they have exactly 21 points, going back 10 points if this number is exceeded. Ha! 🙂

Discover new possibilities and make the game as fun as possible.

Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game

This game keeps you moving. Suited for all ages, you can turn just about any space into your striker court. Perfect for taking it to the beach with you or anywhere else where your friends want to have a great time.

Being very similar to volleyball, this is a straightforward game. Two teams play against each other, one team on each side of the net.

One side throws the ball at the center of the net, making it bounce. The other team has to bump the ball back onto the net with just 3 touches. If the ball lands on the ground or a team can’t hit the net in 3 attempts, the opponents get a point.

It is lightweight and portable, occupying minimal space in your car. The set comes with a frame and net, 3 balls, a slingshot backpack and a pump to refill the balls with air. Setting it up should give you no problems and the fun is guaranteed.

Mikasa Beach Champ Vls300

Complicated, competitive games are starting to become more and more popular. But we should not forget about the classics, right? Just by having a simple volleyball, you have enough to turn your sunbathing on the beach into a really fun day.

Mikasa VLS300 was the official beach volleyball of the 2012 London Games. It features a newly developed composite cover which is softer, for a better touch and control when passing or hitting it. You never have to worry about the ball losing its shape since it has a double cloth for shape retention.

This volleyball is perfect for going to the beach, since it has improved water resistance material so you can drop it into the water and be sure it will not soak it up like other leather balls do. You will easily recognize it, due to its 10-panel design.

Try it out at the beach and see how much fun you’ll have with your friends or your kids. They will love their new beach ball.


Don’t just bring your beach towel in your luggage. Bring along the best beach games you can find and energize your beach holiday.

You’ll love playing them and will have lots of fun with your friends or family, making sure you will have a truly amazing holiday.