Best Beach Tent (2018): Your Private Lounge At The Beach

If your idea of a perfect vacation is relaxing at the beach, indulging in water sports, or taking in the fresh ocean breeze as you lounge with a good book and a cold cocktail, you may want to pick out quality beach gear first.

A beach tent creates a private lounge for you in an instant.

It also sets boundaries and protects any belongings you have carried to the beach (including babies and pooches!) against sand, wind, sprays from the sea, and shady characters and thieves.

It’s a great idea to add one to your beach gear as it will very much improve your experience in the sand.

Best Beach Tent: Quick Roundup

Check out these superb beach tents that can offer you the intimacy and protection of a private beach lounge:

  1. Easy Up Beach Tent from Pacific Beach
  2. Beach Tent/Cabana Sun Shelter from Lightspeed Outdoors
  3. DayTripper Beach Shade from Coleman
  4. Outdoor EasyUp Family Beach Tent from iCorer

Scroll down for a more detailed review of each of these.

What to look for in the best beach tent?

Focus on these features when picking out a beach tent:

  • Size – how many people and objects can it hold?
  • Style – pop-up/cabana/canopy
  • Simplicity – ease of installation, durability, weight and the space it takes up in your travel bag or car
  • Material – tents with a UPF protection coating keep some, but not all of the sun’s UV radiation away

You will also want to look at a few patterns and color combinations to determine which design best suits your personal preferences.

We look at five top beach tents to put on your list below.

Easy Up Beach Tent from Pacific Beach

As its name implies, the Easy Up has a simple three-step installation that you can view in the video below:

It comes with sand pockets for a beach set-up and stakes for harder surfaces. The beach tent has a fiberglass frame that is both lightweight and durable.

You, your adult partner or teenage  son/daughter can easily fix the tent without any hassles.

If you’re on a solo trip to the beach, you’ll love the space and airiness afforded by the 87 L x 47 H x 49 D dimensions. If you will be joined by another adult, it is still comfortably spacious, with some spare room for your bags.

However, you may want to go for a larger XL size if you wish to accommodate up to four people or appreciate a lot more space for two plus belongings.

Easy Up beach tent has a waterproof polyethylene floor that handles spills quite well. Windows keep circulating fresh air through the tent, and UPF 50+ protection does a good job of keeping you cool.

Beach Tent/Cabana Sun Shelter from Lightspeed Outdoors

At 54 L x 58 H x 96 W, the beach tent creates space for three adults or two adults plus kids or pets.

An interesting feature is that it has a 4′ porch space to stretch our your legs in comfort or accommodate your kids and pets.

You can get a bit of sunshine too, if you want to work up a tan on your legs or shoulders.

Want your beach tent to be always airy and fresh? You’ll like the three mesh windows ensuring good ventilation and easy visibility outside while sitting inside.

Other than fiberglass poles, the package also comes with sand pockets and pegs for a secure grip on any soft sandy surface you choose at the beach.

With UPF 50+ sun protection and a 450 mm polyurethane coated umbrella, you are adequately protected against UV rays and light drizzles.

DayTripper Beach Shade from Coleman

DayTripper strikes a balance between space and practicality.

At 6.62 x 6.62 x 14.73 inches, it is ideal if you plan to lounge with a friend or your partner as opposed to relaxing in folding chairs within a sheltered cocoon.

Expect to spend a lot more time paddle boarding, swimming or soaking up the sun? Then the DayTripper is a comfortable, shady and private space to get back to.

The tent’s two zippered doors allow you or your child/partner/friend to quickly change in and out of beach clothes.

Extra long stakes ensure simple and secure installation. SPF 50+ meets the sun protection standards set by top beach tents.

Outdoor EasyUp Family Beach Tent from iCorer

When on a beach vacation with your family, the Outdoor EasyUp beach tent is just what you need to maximize space, privacy and shade.

With dimensions of 94.5 L x 47.2 W x 55 H inches, it can easily fit three adults or two adults and kids.

If you’re on a beach trip with just your significant other, you’ll love the excellent comfort and airiness afforded by the tent when you’re relaxing in your folding chairs.

Within the tent, you will feel cool thanks to the insulation and sun reflection coating of the material, and enjoy good ventilation courtesy of a big mesh window at the back of the tent.

A small pouch inside the tent is handy for storing your personal belongings securely.

Though the tent is big, set-up is easy with a pin and ring frame system and fiberglass poles.



A beach experience is not just about the sea, sand, picturesque landscape, and fit bodies (if you like people-watching).

Comfort, practicality and privacy also matter. The best beach tent that’s right for you can enhance your beach outing and prove its versatility in other settings too.