Best Bike Bags For Air Travel 2018 Reviews

Are you planning on taking a cycling expedition?

Are the cargo rates for your bicycle too high?

Bike bags, with their small size and great storage space, are perfect options for travelers who wish to take their cycles onboard an aircraft.

It’s a unique way to see the world, offering great adventures and proper time to enjoy the surroundings – and it’s super healthy too!

Best Bike Bags For Air Travel: Quick Roundup

Check out these high quality, roomy bike bags to take your bicycle with you on your travels:

  1. Evoc 2016 Bike Travel Transport Bag
  2. Globaladapt Bicycle Travel Case
  3. RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag
  4. Uelfbaby Soft Bike Transport Travel Bag
  5. LOPEZ 26-inch Cycling Bicycle Transport Travel Carry Bag

What to look for in good bike bags for air travel?

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider when buying a bike bag:

Materials used

There are three types of bike bags that you’ll find in the market:

Hard bike bags

These are made of dent-proof plastic materials which are extremely sturdy and hard-wearing. They are perfect for extensive rough use.

Soft bike bags

These bags are made of supple and soft materials such as leather and nylon, which are light-weight and easy to carry. They are great options for cabin baggage.

Cardboard bike bags

Perfect for the budget-conscious traveler, cardboard bike bags are light-weight and highly portable. However, they’re not ideal for long travel or extensive use. They also aren’t water-proof.

Storage Space

It’s best to select bags that have multiple compartments, inside pockets, external flaps, and zippers for storage. Bags which offer large storage space reduce the necessity of having to carry multiple bags onboard the flight.


A good bike bag is one which has a hard-wearing outer shell and padding within to protect bike accessories. Additional features such as extra pockets, pouches, and zippers are also beneficial.


Bike bags that come with durable rubber wheels and foldable, telescoping handles are great for long travel. These bags are handy to take on flights, cars, campervans, and boats.

Quality And Warranty

Make sure you choose a bag that has excellent-quality stitching and where the seams are strong and hard-wearing. An additional benefit is to purchase bags that come with an extended warranty. This way, your bag is covered should it get damaged during travel.

Here are the five best bike bags for air travel to take on your next cycling adventure:

Evoc 2016 Bike Travel Transport Bag

Measuring 53.2×31.5×15.0 in, this travel bag by Evoc weighs only 18.9 lbs, making it perfect for flight travel.

Made of top-quality ripstop nylon, this bike bag has a strong PU coating. A large top zipper ensures that you can zip and lock the bag safely.

This bike bag is super portable and comes with a set of wheels made of superior-quality rubber.

The bag is big enough to store two bicycle wheels and 1 large accessory.

This is a great option for your travel needs – check it out!

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Globaladapt Bicycle Travel Case

When it comes to superior-quality bike bags, the bag by Globadapt makes the top of the list. This bike bag is so spacious, it can store dismantled mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that have 700c or 622 mm 29″ ISO wheels.

Dismantled triathlon bikes and time trial bicycles can also be fitted into this bag with ease.

Foam pillars, padding for the frames and Velcro closings reinforce the bag and make it perfect for long travel.

The shell is made of durable 600D nylon and has a strong EVA base. With multiple pockets for wheels, pedals, and accessories, this is the ideal choice for air travel.

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RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag

Measuring 33.2 * 13 * 26.5″, the foldable bike bag by RockBros is the ideal choice for cycling enthusiasts on the move.

The bag is padded on all sides, providing stability to the accessories.

The internal layer is made of an anti-fouling fabric, which protects the bag from grease and oil stains.

Large and comfortable shoulder straps allow travelers to carry the bag with ease.

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Uelfbaby Soft Bike Transport Travel Bag

Made of 1680D Nylon and measuring 51.2×9.8×32.3inch, this compact bike bag can be carried as cabin baggage easily.

The bag offers enough space to store various accessories and comes with a small accessory bag. Padded dividers help protect accessories stored.

Two velcro straps and two buckle straps allow users to fold the bag and strap it to luggage or vehicles without any hassles.

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LOPEZ 26-inch Cycling Bicycle Transport Travel Carry Bag

Designed to comfortably fit 26″ mountain bikes and 700C road bikes, this bike bag has been built to provide much space to store wheels and bike accessories.

Foldable and highly compact, you can now store your bike in the travel rack of any plane, bus, train, car or boat easily.

An attached handle allows you to carry the bag and move with ease.

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Now you have the perfect solution to taking your bike with you on your travels – go ahead and take the adventure of a lifetime on your bike!