Best Binoculars for Kids 2018: Fun & Fascination On Your Travels

If you are planning a family vacation, you might be looking for something special for your kid. Your child may be more excited about the trip than you.

It’s natural for them to feel that way. After all, they also deserve their share of fun and adventure.

But if you are looking for something that would give your kid the real pleasure of traveling, you should consider getting a pair of kids’ binoculars.

Although binoculars are used mostly by avid travelers and photographers, they are a good option for keeping your kid engaged and excited throughout the trip.

Whether you are going cruising, city sightseeing, bird or wildlife watching, you need a pair of binoculars without any complexities that your kid can use with ease.

Best Binoculars for Kids: Quick Roundup

Check out these cute, great quality binoculars your kids will love:

  1. Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binoculars
  2. Bresser’s BlueCabi Children Binoculars
  3. Compact Small Binoculars Mini Folding
  4. VanFn Toy Binoculars
  5. Beetle Mini Tough Binoculars for Kids

What to look for in a good binoculars for kids?

In order to lay your hands on the best pair, you need to keep a few aspects in mind:

  • Magnification – Binoculars with a 6x to 10x magnification factor are ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Weight – Go for compact binoculars that are lightweight and easier for your child to carry.
  • Field of view – Ensure that the binoculars have a wide field of view so that your kid can easily spot moving things, like birds.
  • Interpupillary distance (IPD) – Go for a pair whose barrels can be adjusted to match the width between the pupils of your child’s eyes.
  • Price – Although a personal choice, you should go for a pair that is not priced outrageously because your child may be still incapable of handling such accessories efficiently.

If you are looking for affordable and efficient binoculars for your kid, you can consider these options:

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binoculars

These binoculars will simply enthrall your kid with amazing views. The manual inter-ocular adjustment system of these binoculars makes them extremely kids-friendly.

Moreover, the rubberized eyepieces of these binoculars provide the most-desired convenience and comfort while engaging in outdoor activities.

The built-in manual focus enables your child to see objects located in the distance with clarity and precision.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of these binoculars. They have a convenient neck strap which makes them portable for your kid.

This is a great option to consider – check them out!

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Bresser’s BlueCabi Children Binoculars

If your kid loves aerial life, you should consider gifting him/her this amazing pair of binoculars.

With 6x magnification power and 21mm objective lens diameter, these binoculars provide crystal-clear images of distant objects.

The compact size of these binoculars makes them ideal for kids.

Even if you child happens to drop the pair accidentally, you don’t have to worry about damage.

These binoculars are made of durable, shock-resistant material, which does not add much to their overall weight.

You also get a cleaning cloth, nylon carry bag, neck strap and two-year warranty while buying them. Go for these if your kid takes an avid interest in bird-watching or other outdoor activities.

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Compact Small Binoculars Mini Folding

This versatile pair of binoculars will simply light up your kid’s face. They are perfect for both kids and adults alike.

They are sized perfectly to fit well in the tiny hands of your child. Made of rubber armor, these binoculars are highly durable, waterproof, shockproof and rugged.

These binoculars are equipped with a BAK-7 lens, 8x21mm field glasses, and roof prism for providing crystal-clear images.

You can use them while bird-watching, camping, hiking, trekking, hunting, boating or any other outdoor activities.

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VanFn Toy Binoculars

If you are looking for something to gift your child, VanFn toy binoculars are simply the perfect thing to have.

With a 4x magnification factor and 30 mm objective lens diameter, these binoculars are a useful travel accessory for your child.

Made of non-toxic rubber material, these binoculars meet the highest safety standards.

These binoculars come with eyepieces that protect your child’s eyes. The compact size of these binoculars makes them ideal for kids.

You can also adjust the eye-to-eye distance by folding them. These binoculars are perfect for kids while they engage in different outdoor activities.

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Beetle Mini Tough Binoculars for Kids

If you kid is an outdoor enthusiast, these super cute binoculars would be ideal for his/her affinities.

The 5 x 30mm optics of these binoculars provide a crystal-clear view of distant objects.

With adjustable features and a rugged look, these binoculars are excellent for adventure tours and field trips.

These binoculars have rubber eye cups for keeping your kid’s eyes protected.

The eye cups also make these binoculars suitable for glass-wearers. The foam hand grips of these binoculars fit your child’s hands in the best way and prevent unwanted damage.

The sturdy carrying case ensures the safety of your binoculars while traveling.

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Kids’ binoculars will open a completely new world for your child on your travels. The will fascinate them with their magnification of distant objects, and your kid will learn a lot on your trips. And not to mention, you’ll all have tons of fun!