Best Board Games for Travel 2018: Travel Fun With Friends & Family

Keeping your kids engaged while traveling isn’t always easy. They can be very fussy if they have to sit long hours in the car or plane or cruise ship.

Either they are too excited to reach the holiday destination or too bored by sitting so long.

Moreover, your kids are also likely to get bored in the hotel room after a long day of site-seeing and enjoyment.

So here’s the solution: board games for travel. Since board games have always excited children, you can pack one for keeping your kids entertained and engaged while traveling.

Best Board Games for Travel: Quick Roundup

Check out these fun and engaging board games for travel, and enjoy the idle time with your kids:

  1. Travel Qwirkle Board Game
  2. Mattel BJV44 Blokus Game
  3. Sorry Classic Edition Board Game
  4. Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble
  5. Gamie’s Magnetic Board Game Set

What to look for in a good board game for travel?

When looking for the best board games for travel, make sure you keep the following factors in mind:

  • Difficulty level – Make sure that the board game you choose is easy for your kids to learn.
  • Easy to set up and clean – Since you would be traveling, make sure the board game is easy to set up and wrap up so that you don’t waste too much time.
  • Number of players – Go for board games that allow your entire family to play.
  • Age and playing time – Make sure that the board game is appropriate for your kids, given their age, and doesn’t involve a playing time of more than 15 to 30 minutes.

Read on and explore these 5 best travel board games to add to your travel accessories for your next journey.

Travel Qwirkle Board Game

If you want to hone your kids’ strategic thinking, forward thinking, and tactical maneuvers, Qwirkle is the right game to buy.

The game features a number of in-game choices, including three tiles each of thirty-six different color combinations.

Qwirkle is a perfect game for young players because it has easy-to-follow rules and provides an engaging experience.

The board game comes with a convenient travel pouch, which makes it easy for you to carry on road trips.

You can not only engage and entertain your kids while traveling with Qwirkle, but also improve their planning, spatial recognition, and problem-solving skills to a great extent.

Qwirkle is a super board game for travel – check it out!

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Mattel BJV44 Blokus Game

If your kids have a knack for strategy games, Mattel BJV44 Blokus game is another great option to consider.

Involving fun and exciting challenges, this game will engage your entire family after less than a minute of learning it.

The game is simple: you have to protect your territory by putting as many pieces on the board as possible and strategically obstructing your opponents.

The game ends when there are no more pieces available, and the player with the lowest number of left-over pieces wins the game.

A total of 84 pieces come with the game, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

This is truly an entertaining and intellectually stimulating game, something perfect for your kids’ vacations.

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Sorry Classic Edition Board Game

In this fabulous board game, players have to traverse the board with their pieces faster than their opponents.

If your kids have reached 6 years, this game would be the best thing for their vacation. The game is playable with two to four players, thus making it ideal for small families.

The game comes with a heavy-duty gameboard featuring original artwork, a deck of forty-four cards, and sixteen Sorry pawns.

The illustrated instructions make it easier for your kids to follow them and learn the game.

Sorry Classic edition board game’s engaging gameplay makes it an ideal entertainment choice for your kids while traveling.

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Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble

If playing with words never bores your kids, tile lock Scrabble is your board game of choice.

The “tile-lock” design ensures that your Scrabble words don’t slide and slip away.

The best part of this game is that you can play it anywhere.

Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble comes with a hundred plastic letter tiles, four plastic tile racks, and one drawstring tile bag.

The easy-to-follow instructions ensure that nobody from your family is left out of the game.

This is perhaps the best family board game to have while traveling.

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Gamie’s Magnetic Board Game Set

Gamie’s Magnetic Board Game Set comes with twelve exciting games that will keep your kids engaged for hours.

Measuring about 5 inches in size, these board games are ideal for travel because you can carry them easily in your luggage or carry-on bag.

Moreover, this board game is made with keeping quality in mind. The board will surely last for years.

The best part of this game is that it sharpens your kids’ thinking abilities.

The game teaches your kids the art of concentration, strategy planning, and spatial reasoning as they dive deeper into it.

Go for this board game if you are looking for an all-family entertainment solution while traveling.

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The best board games for travel are the ones which will keep your family engaged, and not only entertain you all but also build relationships and understanding. They are a super cool addition to your traveling accessories!