Best Budget 4 Season Tent Reviews (2018): Travel Anywhere, Anytime

A camping tent should be spacious, feature-rich and user-friendly.

However, to be able to travel anywhere, anytime, it’s a good idea to consider a 4-season tent.

The key difference between 3 season tents and 4 season tents is that the latter can withstand all weather conditions, wherever your travels can take you.

It’s a cool feeling, knowing that you can embark on an adventure when you feel like it, and not when the elements allow.

Best Budget 4 Season Tent: Quick Roundup

Check out these awesome budget 4 season tents, and enjoy your adventures whenever you please:

  1. GEERTOP 4-Season Backpacking Tent
  2. Argus Le Automatic Camping Tent
  3. WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent
  4. Riorand Double Layer 4 Season Aluminium Rod Outdoor Camping Tent
  5. Rainbow Houses 2-3 Person Instant Setup Camping Tent

What to look for in good budget 4 season tent?

 Camping gear experts use some of the following criteria to assess the durability, functionality and comfort of a budget 4 season tent:

Tent design

Assess factors like the volume, floor dimensions, height, wall shape and room layout. You need a sturdy, roomy, easy-up, dependable tent, so assess its design features carefully.

Tent weight

Are you going to drive to your destination and put up a tent, or you are going on a hiking trip with an overnight stay in the nature? If latter is the case, then you need a lightweight tent for such a trip.


Look for high-denier materials which enhance weather-proofing and durability function. You want a tent that you can depend on when you find yourself in a more adventurous setting.

Tent size

You need to know the number of people that need to fit into the tent. Most camping tents can accommodate anywhere between 2 to 4 people. Make sure to plan your trip in advance and consider the tent size accordingly.

Ventilation and insulation function are some of the other important factors to consider when purchasing a camping tent. Especially during hot summer weather the ventilation features are life savers, with sufficient space or accessible bars for a portable fan for tents.

Check out these five best budget 4 season tents for your traveling adventures:

 GEERTOP 4-Season Backpacking Tent

The Geertop 4-Season Backpacking Tent is designed for use in every season. It comes with a unique internal snow skirt that is excellent for the cold and snowy weather.

The inside of the tent also has two huge panels of mesh to facilitate ventilation.

The tent can be easily set up by one person within minutes and the high quality construction materials make this tent absolutely rain-proof and still very light.

In fact, the Geertop 4-Season tent weighs only about 5.7 lbs. Another excellent feature of the tent is the double-stitched seams, which are well-sealed and allow for 100 percent waterproofing.

This  season tent is a superb option – check it out!

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Argus Le Automatic Camping Tent

The Argus Le Automatic Camping Tent weighs just about 8.15 lbs with layers made of high-quality breathable polyester.

The floor is built with 210D Oxford and comes with 100% taped seam. The premium materials used for constructing the tent offer unmatched protection against the sun and rain.

The Argus Le Automatic tent is also equipped with fiber-glass poles (7.9 mm and 8.5 mm), guy ropes and steel stakes.

These accessories allow the tent to remain steady even during heavy winds.

The mesh panels at the rear, along with the mesh vents on the side walls, offer excellent view and ventilation.

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WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent

The WEANAS 4 Seasons backpacking tent (co-branded by Naturehike) is an ultra-light camping tent that will keep you absolutely dry during snowy or rainy weather.

The tent is easy to set up and bring down and its light weight makes it ideal for backpacking trips.

This large-sized tent is waterproof and can withstand heavy weather.

The unique pole system of the WEANAS backpacking tent allows for increased interior space and steeper walls. And all this, without any increase in weight!

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Riorand Double Layer 4 Season Aluminium Rod Outdoor Camping Tent

The RioRand Aluminium Rod camping tent is available in a small-sized, ultra-light package and is extremely easy to carry and store.

The layers of the tent are made of 210D Oxford (waterproof) and the outer and inner tent are designed to superpose together.

The waterproof, breathable, anti-tear, moisture-proof and wear-proof tent is ideal for activities like camping, road trips, hiking, fishing and beach trips with family or friends.

Setting up and taking down the RioRand tent is quick and simple!

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Rainbows Houses 2-3 Person Instant Setup Camping Tent

The Instant Setup Camping Tent by Rainbows Houses works on a unique ‘hydraulic pressure’ system that allows for automatic setting up and disintegration of the tent.

This means that you are absolutely free from any kind of labor work, as is required in setting up a regular camping tent.

The outer and inner tents are designed to superpose together, making it ideal for camping in the rainy days.

You can use the sun shelter independently too. The Rainbows Houses Instant Setup Camping Tent can easily accommodate up to three people.

It comes equipped with a rain-fly, which can be utilized with fishing awning, groundsheet and canopy at any wayside pavilion.

The tent is constructed with durable 190 PU fabric and the floor is made of 210D Oxford. It also comes with 100 percent taped seams.

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Best Budget 4 Season Tent

With an additional, internal snow skirt for colder weather, mesh ventilation panels, lightweight and waterproof design, and ease of setup - GEERTOP 4-Season Backpacking Tent is your best budget 4 season tent for your adventures.

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It’s a great feeling knowing that you can venture anywhere with a tent that is built for all 4 seasons. So go on and explore the world, anytime, anywhere!