Best Butane Fuel For Torch (2018 Reviews)

Torches used for camping often require re-filling and it is best to use good quality butane fuel for optimum performance.

Cooking torches are a great gadget to spice up the camping party with some delicious meals in wonderful surroundings.

Good-quality butane fuel will be cleaner and more refined than the traditional options.

It’s a good idea to stock up on this fuel as nothing stops the party as the lack of good food (followed by a drink or two).

Best Butane Fuel For Torch: Quick Roundup

Check out these sets of butane fuel for torch that can be very handy when camping:

  1. Zippo Premium Butane Fuel
  2. Fasfil 5 Times Refined Butane Fuel
  3. Ronson 99146 2 Large Lighter Butane Refill
  4. Iwatani Butane Canister
  5. Neon 5x Ultra Refined Butane Fuel Lighter Refill Gas

What to look for in a good butane fuel for torch?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying and refilling butane fuel in torches:

Refining Makes A Difference

The best quality butane will always burn clean. Also, the jets will stay in optimum working condition with high-grade fuel. Try and look for butane which has undergone refining at least 5 times. Triple-refined butane is also acceptable.

Drain Fuel Before Refilling

Begin the process of refilling by locating the torch nozzle and the flame modification screw. Drain out the existing fuel with the help of a pen or a small screwdriver. This can be done by pressing down the refill nozzle.

Refilling Takes Some Time

When the refill nozzle is on the lighter, press the fuel can straight down (in the direction of the nozzle). You need to be patient as the lighter will likely take a while to be refilled.


Allow the lighter to rest so that it reaches normal room temperature.

If you’re looking for high-quality butane gas refill for your torch, here is a list of the five best options:

Zippo Premium Butane Fuel

Zippo is among the most well known brands in the market.

This particular manufacturer offers a range of premium lighters along with high-quality butane fuel for refilling purposes.

You can get three cans of the Zippo Blu Butane (1.48 oz each). The cans have a versatile filling spout which can fit most butane lighters.

The gradations are clearly marked on it too (smallest one on the top).

Great option for you camping trips – check it out!

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Fasfil 5 Times Refined Butane Fuel

FasFil is yet another popular butane fuel can to purchase for torches. The cap of the can has six distinct tip sizes and can be used for refilling  any torch.

This is an excellent refilling option for those who have a variety of different dab torches (different sizes).

The unique feature of the FasFil butane fuel is that it undergoes refining 5 times, making it one of the best and cleanest torch fuels in the market. Users can get plenty of torch fuel at a reasonable price.

This can comes in a size of 10.15 oz.

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Ronson 99146 2 Large Lighter Butane Refill

This pack has two cans of the Ronson Lighter Butane Refill, 2.75 oz each.

This is an ultra-pure butane fuel option for refilling dab torches.

It can be used to fill most standard torches as it does not come with a variety of tips to use with different types of torches.


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Iwatani Butane Canister

The Iwatani Butane Canister is a UL approved butane fuel for torches and is known for its long shelf-life.

It works on a unique rim-vent release mechanism and works extremely well in Iwatani torches and butane stoves.

Each butane canister weighs 8 ounces. The product is available in a pack of three.

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Neon 5x Ultra Refined Butane Fuel Lighter Refill Gas

The Neon 5x Ultra Refined Butane Fuel Lighter Refill Gas comes in 300 ml cans and undergoes refining 5 times to make it ultra-pure and clean.

Each butane fuel can comes with five adapters and is perfect for torch lighters and outdoor adventures like camping and hiking.

The Neon Butane Fuel Lighter Refill Gas is among the top-selling butane fuels in the market.

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Make sure you get the best butane fuel for torch when planning your camping trip. You can fuel the party with ribs and steaks, and top it off with some marshmallows as dessert!