Best Camping Windbreak Reviews (2018)

If you’re planning a camping trip at a place that’s known to be as windy as it is beautiful, then a windbreak is something that you should consider carrying with you.

When it comes to essentials of camping gear, a windbreak definitely falls within the top ranks of the list.

It will provide you a shelter and protect your stuff, making your camping trip enjoyable even in windy or rainy conditions.

Best Camping Windbreak: Quick Roundup

Check out these easy-up, useful camping windbreaks and have fun camping in the wind:

  1. Wenzel Smartshade Sun Screen Canopy Wall
  2. The WallUp Instant Outdoor Privacy Screen
  3. Beach Windscreen Privacy Windbreak
  4. Nylon Windscreen 30×15

What to look for in a good camping windbreak?

There are various types of windbreaks available in the market these days. Here are some considerations that you can use to weigh your options:


The greater the number of poles, the larger is the windbreak. This is a general rule that you need to remember while selecting a windbreak for your camping trip.

There are various sizing options available when it comes to windbreaks. It’s best to take a look at the product specifications to decide.

Number Of Poles

From small 4-pole windbreaks to large 10-pole ones, you’ll find multiple options available. The greatest advantage with higher number of poles is the size and area coverage. Simple 4, 5 and 6 pole windbreaks are ideal for small groups. 10-pole ones are great for large parties.

A disadvantage of a higher number of poles is the transport and set-up. You’ll need many pairs of hands to set up large windbreaks.

Privacy vs. View

Some windbreaks are made of transparent material. The idea is to not obstruct the view outside. These windbreaks come with windows and are perfect when you wish to look out onto your campsite or the landscape in front of you.

However, privacy is compromised in transparent windbreaks. If you’d like a more private option, choose ones which are made of opaque materials.

Canopy coverage

Traditional windbreaks don’t come with a canopy. They only have the 3 walls and maybe a few windows in the case of transparent windbreaks. A beach windbreak, on the other hand, is dome-shaped and looks like a tent. This type of windbreak is perfect if your campsite is at the mercy of the elements, necessitating a canopy.

Weather-proof features

Some windbreaks are designed only for calm weather. Others are heavy-duty and hard-wearing. Choose a windbreak based on your long-term travel plans. It’s best to purchase a sturdy windbreak which will protect you from wind, sand, dust and grime. Choose one with UV protection as it is best for sunny days at camp.


Windbreaks are large and can pose problems in transportation. Always choose windbreaks that come in carry bags. You can also look for ones which come with poles, pegs and sand bags.

Here are the best camping windbreaks that you can explore for your next camping trip:

Wenzel Smartshade Sun Screen Canopy Wall

This hard-wearing windbreak made of 210d polyester fabric is both water-repellent and wind-resistant.

TheWenzel Smartshade Sun Screen Canopy Wall comes with 3 walls and a 10’ Smartshade canopy roof, ensuring sun protection and UV protection.

Hooks, loops and fasteners are provided along with the windbreak, allowing easy set-up. This canopy wall comes with a 10 Year Wenzel Limited Warranty.

This is a great option for your camping needs – check it out!

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The WallUp Instant Outdoor Privacy Screen

6-feet high by 12-feet wide, this privacy screen by Kittrich Corporation is perfect for campgrounds and picnics.

A sturdy windscreen, it is also designed to double as a changing/storage room.

Additional grommets and anchor-stake set up provide enhanced support and stability, making it perfect for rough terrains.

This windbreak is perfect for hiking trips and camping. It comes in 5 different colors.

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Beach Windscreen Privacy Windbreak

Measuring 16 ft long and 30 inches high, this windscreen by Frost Hatsis made of tough, superior-quality microfiber is designed to withstand extreme conditions and terrains.

5 pine poles each measuring 40 inches are provided to set-up the windscreen.

This particular windbreak comes in funky colors and designs that you are sure to love.

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Nylon Windscreen 30×15

Nylon, with its sturdy and durable microfiber is one of the best materials for windbreaks.

This windscreen by Beachtime Products measures 30″ x 15′ and is designed to prevent dirt, gravel, sand, dust and wind from inconveniencing you on your camping trip.

An opaque windbreak, this product provides you the privacy you need.

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The camping windbreak will prove very handy and useful when you’re heading into windy locations on your camping adventures. It will provide the privacy and the protection from wind you need to enjoy your camping trip with friends or family!