Best Cigar Carrying Case 2018: Enjoy Your “Cigar Moment” On Your Travels

The market nowadays is flooded with amazing accessories for smokers. Keeping your cigars safe while traveling isn’t always easy.

Some airlines don’t allow them in cabin luggage and require you to put them in your check-in luggage.

There’s no guarantee that your cigars will reach the destination in the same shape when slipped into your luggage.

But if you are amongst smokers who wish to keep their cigars safe while traveling, you surely need a cigar carrying case.

A cigar carrying case not only prevents cigars from breaking but also adds a debonair touch to people’s personality.

After all, a classy cigar case is any day better than the original paper package. 🙂

Best Cigar Carrying Case: Quick Roundup

Check out these cool, practical and stylish cigar carrying cases, and enjoy that fine moment on your travels:

  1. Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case
  2. Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case
  3. Visol VCASE706 Caldwell Brown Leather Cigar Case
  4. Cigar Caddy® 3400
  5. Scotte Travel Cigar Humidor Case

What to look for in a good cigar carrying case?

When looking for a cigar carrying case, you should be considering the following factors:

  • Type – You can choose between telescoping finger and fingered cigar cases. Go for telescoping finger cases because they can hold cigars with different ring sizes.
  • Design – Go for cigar cases that slide open easily and have a smooth interior. You can also go for cases with humidifiers for keeping your cigars fresh for long.
  • Size – Go for cases that can fit easily into your briefcase or carry-on luggage without occupying much space.

Read on and explore these 5 best cigar carrying cases for your next enjoyable journey.

Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case

Mantello’s Leather Cigar Case comes with an interior cedar lining that keeps your cigars fresh while traveling for long.

The roomy interior of these cases measuring 6.8 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches can accommodate three large gauge cigars.

The best part is you can adjust the length of these cases depending on the length of your cigars.

Made of genuine leather, these cigar cases are crush-proof and keep your cigars safe even when kept in the main luggage.

The stainless steel gives a unique appeal to their overall design.

The black color and brushed finishing of these cigar cases allow smokers to travel in style and class.

Superb option for your next journey – check it out!

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Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case

Xikar’s Cigar Travel Carrying Cases are perhaps one of the most durable and versatile products in the market.

Constructed with uber-strong ABS molded plastic, these cigar carrying cases will accompany you on all your trips.

The watertight and airtight cell foam protects your cigars from moisture and keeps them fresh for long.

These cigar carrying cases also feature a high-density urethane foam, which provides extra protection to your cigars.

Moreover, the stainless steel hinges and black body give these cases a classy and appealing look. Go for these cigar cases if you are looking for something long-lasting.

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Visol VCASE706 Caldwell Brown Leather Cigar Case

Visol’s Caldwell Leather Cigar Case is crisply designed to hold cigars without any damage.

The cedar inner lining ensures that your cigars remain fresh throughout your trip. Made of authentic leather, these cases are scratch-proof and long-lasting.

The unique feature of these cigar cases is the cutter. These cases are ideal for travel because they are sized for all kinds of luggage.

Moreover, the fine leather exterior looks classy and the added cutter helps you enjoy a cigar moment when you want. Go for these cigar cases if you want something stylish and prestigious.

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Cigar Caddy® 3400

Another highly functional and travel-friendly cigar case is Cigar Caddy® 3400. Measuring 8 x 4 x 1.2 inches in size, these cigar cases can hold up to five cigars.

The super-strong ABS molded plastic construction of these cases ensures that they last long.

You don’t have to worry about carrying them on your beach vacation because they are waterproof and airtight.

The lightweight plastic construction makes these cases floatable in water.

When it comes to functionality, these cases feature two removable locking clasps and stainless steel hinges. Moreover, the lid features a humidifier that keeps your cigars fresh throughout the trip.

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Scotte Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Scotte’s Cigar Cases have a portable design, which makes them extremely travel-friendly.

Made of 100% genuine leather, these cigar cases ensure both durability and superior craftsmanship.

The cedar lining, along with precise manufacturing, gives these cigar cases a distinct appeal.

Measuring 195 x 120 x 58 millimeters, these cigar cases are convenient and suitable for all kinds of travel.

With room for four cigars, a cigar cutter, and a long strip humidor, these cigar cases are ideal for keeping cigars safe while traveling.

Go for these cases if you want to save time cutting and toasting cigars while traveling.

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Cigar carrying case is a stylish addition to your travel accessories, and it helps you enjoy the special moments on your journeys. It will take your travel to the next level and help you enjoy those cool cigar moments!