Best Compression Packing Bags 2018: Your Wardrobe Travels With You!

A major concern for most travelers is luggage space.

While most of us are tempted to carry our world with us wherever we go, we also wish to have minimum luggage with the least number of bags to haul or schlep on our backs.

A great strategy for using up the space in your bags to the maximum capacity and keeping your hands free is making use of compression packing bags for your clothes.

These compression bags squeeze in your garments to their most compact folds. They also keep them organized and safe from moisture or mildew. These facts make them a quintessential must have for the avid traveler.

Best Compression Packing Bags: Quick Roundup

Check out these super handy compression packing bags – you won’t believe what you can take with you on your journey:

  1. New Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags
  2. RoomierLife Travel Space Saver Bags
  3. Samsonite Luggage Compression Bag Kit
  4. Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags
  5. Minty Home Travel Vacuum Space Saver Bags

What to look for in good compression packing bags?

Some of the features that you must look for when buying compression packing bags for traveling include:

  • Ease of handling (that is, without the use of a hand pump or vacuum cleaner)
  • Air and water tight for maximum protection of the contents
  • Durability of the structural material
  • Availability of zippers or sealing clips
  • Availability of assorted sizes

Here is our list of the five best compression packing bags that you might want to consider before going on your next trip.

New Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags

Make the most of your luggage space with these super convenient compression bags from New Acrodo and have a light and hassle free vacation!

Made from robust 70-micron plastic for higher durability, these compression bags are perfect for condensing your clothes, towels, pillows, blankets and more!

The valve suction technology enables you to achieve tight compression packing of your personal belongings without having to employ the use of any equipment such as vacuum cleaner or hand pump.

Apart from saving you a ton load of space, the airtight and waterproof compression bags will also keep your belongings protected against dust, bacteria, and mildew.

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RoomierLife Travel Space Saver Bags

Available in a pack of eight, these travel space saver Bags from the house of RoomierLife can save you up to 3 times more space than the conventional packing techniques.

Specially designed for travel purposes, these space saver bags do not require any equipment to put them to use.

All you need to do is pack your items in the bag, zip it up and roll!

The TSA-approved see-through packaging allows you speedy security checks at the airport and saves time.

The sealing clips and double zipper ensure a secure seal and maximum compression to make the package air and water tight and save it from germs, mold, fungi or mildew.

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Samsonite Luggage Compression Bag Kit

Made of 100% high-quality plastic, the Samsonite Compression Bags are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to enable convenient packaging of your small and large personal items.

The best part about these travel-friendly compression bags is that you do not need a vacuum cleaner or a hand pump to pack your clothes in them.

Apart from saving you a lot of space in your briefcases, air bags and duffels, these compression bags also keep away dust and moisture.

Moreover, they protect your clothes against the accumulation of bacteria, mold or mildew.

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Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags

Fit in up to 3x more in your vacation luggage with these space saver bags from Travis.

The Roll Up compression valve allows you to use your own weight to compress the air out of the package without having to use any other mechanical equipment.

Once you zip up the package and begin rolling it, the air automatically exits from the bottom of the bag.

Given the superior quality technology and design, the compression bags stay adequately vacuumed for as long as the zipper is secured properly.

Apart from saving you a lot of space, these bags also help you organize your stuff and stay in control of your travel luggage.

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Minty Home Travel Vacuum Space Saver Bags

Designed from high-quality plastic for prolonged durability, these space saver bags save up to three times more space in your travel luggage.

They are ideal for packing your jackets, shirts, dresses, towels, blankets, pillows and what not!

You don’t need an equipment to compress these space saver bags. Just pack, zip and roll! And that’s not all!

You also get a free vacuum wine stopper as a bonus to preserve the exotic flavors of your favorite wine in the half used bottle! Super cool. 🙂

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Best Compression Packing SBags

Made of durable, robust 70-micron plastic, with valve suction technology removing the need for any other equipment, and wit airtight and waterproof design - New Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags are the best compression packing bags for your travels.

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Compression packing bags are literally a blessing for people who love to carry their world along with them on the go.

So, if you are planning to leave on a vacation or a business trip, it might be a good idea to check out the these compression bags and travel light. Happy traveling!