5 Best Dog Life Vests for Your Dog (2018): Safe In Water, Fun All Day

Your little pup needs a holiday too. You certainly don’t want such an innocent little creature whimper alone at home while you enjoy yourself on a golden beach.

A water-based holiday sounds fun with your dog as long as you have the necessary gear to protect it in water.

Although in some cases your pooch may not like water, it’s always fun to take it to water for a swim.

However, there’s one thing you simply cannot forget – a dog life vest. You need to ensure that you have the best dog life vest for keeping your dog safe in the water.

Best Dog Life Vest: Quick Roundup

Check out these superb dog life vests, or scroll down for more detailed reviews:

  1. Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket
  2. Ruffwear – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs
  3. Dawson Swim Novice Life Jacket for Dogs
  4. EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device
  5. Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket

What To Look For In the Best Dog Life Vest?

The best dog life vest will provide the necessary comfort and protection to your pooch while swimming. But before you buy one, make sure you keep the following factors in mind:

  • Free movement: A dog life vest whose fabric is above the point where your dog’s shoulder blade meets the upper limbs gives more freedom to move in water and makes swimming easier for your dog.
  • Strap or handle placement: Go for life vests that have a handle between the shoulder blades and a first strap that can be snugged around the front limbs. Such an arrangement allows you to lift your dog out of the water easily in case of an emergency.

Since dog life vests are a lifetime investment, you should pay close attention to their quality and design while buying them.

Check out these five dog life vests for your next holiday with your doggie.

Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Ripstop is a one-of-a-kind dog life jacket that features bright colors for better visibility, easy-to-grab handles, multiple reflective strips, outstation flotation and swift release buckles.

The multi-design handle adds durability and strength to the jackets for lifting your dog out of the water.

The side release buckles ensure that your dog gets the perfect fit. They are easy to carry while traveling because of their ideal dimensions.

The bright colors ensure better visibility while swimming in poorly-lit environments.

This life vest is a great option indeed – check it out!

Ruffwear – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs

If your pup is as adventurous as you are and would freely join you boating, kayaking, rafting and paddle boarding, then Ruffwear – K-9  is ideal for your dog.

These jackets are designed for dogs of all sizes and shapes. They are primarily available in 6 sizes. You can get the accurate size by measuring the girth of your dog.

Featuring a sturdy handle, these life jackets help you pull your dog out of water in case of an emergency.

The reflective trim enhances visibility and helps you keep an eye on your dog even in poor lighting.

These jackets have very low maintenance cost because you can simply detergent wash and air dry them.

You will be sure of your pooch’s safety with these buoyant and reflective life vests.

Dawson Swim Novice Life Jacket for Dogs

These dog life vests from Outward Hound are what you need for your dog’s enjoyment in water.

The Neoprene material of these life jackets ensures comfort and buoyancy. The safety colors and reflective accents ensure that you don’t lose sight of your dog in the dark.

The grab handle makes it easier to lift your pup out of the water after a swim. These life jackets provide the much-needed flexibility and functionality.

They help your dog maintain unmatched flexibility while swimming.

This is perhaps one of the safest travel accessories for your little pooch.

EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device

Innovative design, high-performance materials, and comfortable fit are what make EzyDog Doggy flotation devices incredibly useful for your dog.

The neoprene straps give a secure fit, and the grab handle integrated into the vest allows you to rescue your dog quickly.

The superior construction material of these vests lasts longer, thus making them highly durable canine travel accessory.

They provide the required flexibility and buoyancy to your dog while swimming. Their light weight and dog-friendly size make them ideal for your vacation.

Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket

If the safety factor has always been a concern, the Paws Abroad double designer doggy life jacket should give you some relief.

Available in various sizes, these life jackets come with reflective accents for enhancing visibility even in the dark.

This way you can be sure that your little pooch is not lost somewhere in the dark.

The velcro fastening system secures the jacket to your dog’s neck and belly.

In case of an emergency, you can use the grab handle to lift your dog out of the water.

Rather fancy option of a dog life vest – make sure you check it out! 🙂


With these life jackets, you can enjoy your vacation with your dog without worrying about his/her safety in the water.

It will make your holiday experience richer, more fun and a pleasure for your dog too!