Best Earplugs for Sleeping 2018: Relax Fully While Traveling

Is there anything worse than having your dream travel experience ruined by a lack of sleep?

Here we’ll review the best earplugs for sleeping to save your sanity and preserve the lovely memories from your dream trip.

They come in different shapes and built from different materials, but all of them have high decibel level blocking feature.

It’s important to use the ones which will not damage your ear and are portable as well for your travels, and which allow for easy cleaning and reuse during your trip.

Best Earplugs for Sleeping: Quick Roundup

Check out these super effective earplugs for sleeping – you can scroll down and check out the reviews of each of these products below:

How Can Earplugs Help You Get Great Sleep?

The reasons for poor sleep on your travels could be various: you may be a light sleeper, have a snoring partner, your cutest noisy neighbor in a travel crib next to you or just staying in a hotel in a cheerful street. 🙂

Irrespective of the reasons, not getting enough sleep can affect your physical and mental well-being. Using earplugs while sleeping can help you get comfortable and noise-free sleep. Now the question arises, which earplugs are the best for sleeping? Here are some of the factors to consider before choosing an earplug:

  • Their ability to block sound
  • Are they of an appropriate length according to user’s requirements?
  • The level of comfort they provide

The key consideration here is the material they are made of.

Some earplugs may have perforations in them, which allow some of the sound to reach into your ears. The best earplugs are the ones which can be squeezed together quite easily and take some time to expand. Similarly, very short earplugs, once inserted, will be difficult to remove, while extra-long earplugs may put uncomfortable pressure inside your ear during sleep.

Many of the earplugs currently available in the market are obviously overrated. They don’t even block out the sound of crickets calling their mates at night, let alone the heavy snoring sounds of a person sleeping next to you.

However, there’s hope. There are some really good earplugs that actually do what manufacturers’ claim. Below is a list of our best picks.

Moldex Drift to Sleep Ear Plugs

These are one of the America’s original and best selling, moldable earplugs, providing protection up to 33 decibels. These are shaped in such a way that they can be molded to the unique curves of your ears.

Apart from being used as a noise-reduction medium, these earplugs are waterproof and help the swimmers against infections as well. Moreover, if you feel you need some sleep during a noisy air flight, these earplugs can help you drift into dreamland quickly.

Drift to Sleep Ear Plugs Moldex earplugs usually come in a packing of 20 pairs in purple color and a carrying case. To properly wear this earplug, just roll it in the form of a ball and place it over the outer ear canal. But do not insert the ear plug into the canal and just cover the outer ear. To loosen and remove the earplug, simply press behind the ear, grab the earplug and remove.

Flents Super Sleep Comfort Foam Ear Plugs

As the name suggests, these earplugs are super comfortable and made of soft polyurethane foam material, which can be compressed easily. Flents earplugs are specifically designed for side sleepers by keeping their length comparatively shorter so that lesser part of the plug sticks out of the ear canal.

Two of the best features of these earplugs are the amount of noise they block and the level of comfort they provide. These super sleep earplugs can reduce the noise up to 29 decibels (NRR29).

Similarly, the foam material of these plugs sits comfortably in your ear and can be squeezed together for easy insertion. The product comes in a handy packaging of 10 pairs along with a carrying case for traveling and storage.

Quiet Dreams Comfort Foam Ear Plugs

These earplugs are also from Flents super sleep series and are made up of super soft foam material. Quiet Dreams comfort foam earplugs are particularly suitable for a good night’s sleep because they can reduce the noise of up to 32 decibels (NRR32).

Using these foam earplugs, you won’t even hear the sound of your snoring spouse or the loud music in a neighboring party. These earplugs can actually let you have a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams.

Like other super sleep series, these earplugs also come in relatively shorter length for side sleepers. Each earplug measures approximately ¾ inches in length and is easily adjustable according to unique contours of your ears. Another major feature of these earplugs is that they do not leave your ear sore after wearing them.

PQ Earplugs

These earplugs are primarily used for sleeping, of course. However, if you are working in a factory, a mine, a subway station or anywhere else with high levels of noise pollution, PQ earplugs are the solution.

These earplugs are very economical and cost effective way of blocking unnecessary sounds and avoiding your ears from permanent damage. They are transparent and are generally invisible, so no one at work would know that you have an earplug. Now you can focus on your work or study without any disturbance.

These earplugs are conical in shape, which allow you to insert them into your ears quite easily. Their material also takes some time before expanding so that you can adjust them according to your comfort level.

These earplugs come in a waterproof case with cords attached at one end. You can fasten them with these cords after use.

OTICMED Foam Ear Plugs

These earplugs are ergonomically designed and feature a tapered tip. They fit the canal of the ear without causing discomfort or any undue pressure.

Geared towards the casual sleeper, these are extra soft and made of memory foam – a special type of foam that remembers the contours of pressure points, effectively being more comfortable than normal foam thanks to not pressurizing the bumps inside the ear.

OTICMED Foam Ear Plugs have no latex component, giving the wearer a comfortable sleep while blocking out unwanted noises like snoring, roommates working around the place and children playing.

These earplugs come with a travel case and are a good companion for noisy hotels while on the move.


If you want to save your travels from ruin because you have difficulty sleeping due to extra noise around you, be sure to try out one of our recommended best earplugs for sleeping.

While everyone has their own preferences with such things, we are sure that one of these products is right for you or your family. Each of these earplugs comes with their unique features, and before you try any of them out, you should prepare a list of what you want.

However, they all provide one common and most important benefit, which is blocking out unwanted noise and helping you have a true rest on your travels.