Best Earplugs for Snoring 2018: Sleep Tight, Block The Noise

Are you having trouble getting a few hours of sleep on your travels just because your partner snores like a dysfunctional carburetor?

Tried countless other snoring remedies to no avail?

What you need is one of the models on the list of best earplugs for snoring below to save you from your misery.

Indeed, there is nothing worse than having your dream holiday ruined by the lack of sleep due to snoring from different sources – be it your partner, or a guest in a neighboring room.

Think ahead and don’t let them ruin your dream trip!

Best Earplugs for Snoring: Quick Roundup

Check out these super effective earplugs for snoring, with more detailed reviews below:

  1. Mack’s Snoozers Silicone Putty Earplugs
  2. FOME Noiseproof Earplug
  3. Moldex Sparkplugs Foam Earplugs, 50 Pairs

How to choose the best earplugs for snoring?

Some of the factors you should consider before choosing an earplug for snoring include the material it is made of, its noise reduction rating (NRR), its price, the comfort it accords you, its reusability and durability.

The material determines its comfort and quality while the NRR determines its effectiveness at reducing the noise.

What to look for in good snoring earplugs?

Good snoring earplugs should be easy to insert, remove and clean, have a good Noise Reduction Rating to guarantee snore muffling.

They should also be comfortable for up to 8 hours while in the ear and last long enough to be used more than once. It should also be a perfect fit for your ear canal.

Below is the list of the best earplugs for snoring that can help you enjoy your travels and rest at the same time.

Mack’s Snoozers Silicone Putty Earplugs

Mack’s Snoozers earplugs are popular for their comfortable design, snore muffling ability, usability, and longevity during usage.

Their 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating enables them to effectively keep out loud snores while letting you hear alarms and other necessary sounds.

They are made of moldable silicone putty, which is soft and comfortable and expands easily to fill the ear canal after insertion. These earplugs also stay in the ear throughout the night due to their perfect fitting, without causing morning pain or affecting your eardrum.

Unlike many other models, they also don’t collect dust and can be used for up to 6 days with proper cleaning and handling before requiring replacement.

They are also adjustable i.e. you can use one-half of each ear bud if you require less blocking of sound. They might make your ears warm after initial use but will feel comfortable over time as you get used to them.

FOME Noiseproof Earplug

The FOME earplug model is easily one of the best earplugs for snoring on the market with its commendable noise filtration capacity that shuts out snores, and with its lightweight size.

Their material renders them easy to mold and insert into the ear canal before sleeping. They come complete with a smooth surface that is dirt resistant and easy to keep clean.

For proper usage and maintenance, their packaging comes with a clear set of instructions that you can follow during insertion and cleaning. Their simple design and smooth surface also enhance comfort during long hours of usage (sleep).

Additionally, the FOME Noiseproof earplugs come well wrapped in a handy pack for easy transport while their small light size renders them easy to carry along. You can also reuse them for longer as long as they are cleaned properly.

Moldex Sparkplugs Foam Earplugs, 50 Pairs

Along with their high noise reduction rating that keeps out the loudest snore, the Moldex Foam earplugs are also noted for their comfort and ease of usage.

They are made of extra-soft foam that easily rolls and expands in your ear area after insertion, while their tapered design enables them to fill your ear canal perfectly.

Their Noise Reduction Rating is 33dB, enabling them to give you longer hours of sleep by muffling the loudest of snores to a large degree. They also sport a small, comfortable design that can fit in smaller ear canals for longer hours of sleep.

Comfort-wise, the Moldex Sparkplugs are a good pick, keeping you comfortable without irritating the inside of your ear canal.

They are also reusable with proper washing, storage, and handling, and come with a pocket pack for easy handling during travel. Their NRR completely blocks out sounds including alarms too.


As you look for the best earplugs for snoring, the Moldex Sparkplugs Foam Earplugs stand out on the NRR parameter with a 33db rating. You won’t go wrong with any of these as they do the job of protecting your sleep on your travels well – and that’s what’s most important! 🙂