Best Eye Mask for Sleeping (2018): Arrive Fresh and Ready For Fun

Sleeping in complete darkness has a lot of benefits for our bodies, due to an increase in the melatonin level, the one that makes our body ready for sleeping.

That’s where the best eye mask for sleeping helps greatly – it provides the right environment just for that.

In a world filled with electronics and night lights which harm our bodies without us even realizing it, it is really important to remember that avoiding any light before going to bed will make us wake up more rested, ready to face the new day.

Best Eye Mask for Sleeping: Quick Roundup

Check out these 4 best eye masks for sleeping, with more detailed reviews below:

  1. Happy Wraps Hot Cold Lavender Eye Pillow with Eye Mask for Sleep, Amethyst
  2. KAO Megurhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask, Lavender Sage
  3. Infinity Sleep Eye Mask
  4. Lisli Comfort Silk Eye Mask for Sleep or Travel Lace Mask (Pink)

How to choose the best eye mask for sleeping?

Before doing your market research, you need to think about your needs. Depending on your lifestyle and your sleep habits, you have to choose an eye mask that has the right features in order to really help you get the sleep you deserve.

Among the most important aspects you should take into consideration when buying an eye mask is comfort. You will wear it a serious number of hours so make sure the material feels nice to the touch and it doesn’t get heated up or itchy. Also, find one that fits on your head nicely, without being too loose or too tight.

Happy Wraps Hot Cold Lavender Eye Pillow with Eye Mask for Sleep, Amethyst

The Happy Wraps Eye Pillow provides total relaxation and stress relief with calming aromatherapy.

Beautiful silk fabric is filled with organic seeds that provide a light acupressure, much needed for your well-being. The added natural lavender flowers are the luxury touch needed to refresh your scent while your tired eyes are healed. Gently press on the pillow to bring out the fresh aroma.

You can use the mask both cold and warm. For a headache relief, soothing of tired eyes or just relieving stress, just chill it in the freezer for some time. In case of sinus pain or an urgent need of moist therapy for dry eyes, sprinkle some water on the eye pillow and heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave.

At the end of your hard, long day, just forget about everything that’s bothering you and have the ultimate relaxation time at home.

KAO Megurhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask, Lavender Sage

This Megurhythm hot eye mask is exactly what you need after a long day, having an amazing system that heats the mask up in order to relax your eye area. For 10 minutes, the warmth is dissolving all the day’s stress away.

You get 14 masks individually packed in boxes, all having their unique features. You can spoil your senses with all the different scents such as lavender and a number of others. There are different masks for different types of stress, in order to relax the eyes better. For preserving them better, do not store them in high temperature areas or direct sunlight.

You must be careful with it and react instantly if the mask does not fit your skin. If the temperature feels uncomfortable, or you notice itches or redness around your eyes, stop using it and try choosing a simple eye mask. But if there are no such effects you will enjoy the stress relief it offers and fall asleep nicely.

Infinity Sleep Eye Mask

Ideal for travel, shift work, and meditation, this comfortable mask has a contoured 3D shape covered with a quality satin in order to provide a luxurious experience. The black satin material is really soft, feeling great on your skin.

The mask is lightweight, providing complete comfort while you sleep. Made of with an adjustable headband, you will never be bothered when wearing this eye pillow. The contoured design puts no pressure on your eyes, so you can blink at all times and even opening your eyes freely during your sleep.

This mask blocks the light entirely, providing restful and uninterrupted deep and sweet sleep.

In order to preserve it for a longer period of time, try to wipe it with a cloth or an antibacterial wipe, and avoid putting it under water. It will never lose its shape, so pack it as a travel accessory or just in your everyday purse. You will finally sleep deeply in complete darkness.

Lisli Comfort Silk Eye Mask for Sleep or Travel Lace Mask (Pink)

For the ones who like the simple things and prefer functionality to other features, this eye mask is the right pick. Extremely comfortable for sleeping anywhere and anytime, the mask provides the darkness needed for your body to prepare for a recharge without you noticing you’re even wearing something on your head.

The material is made of soft silk, filled with organic cotton that feels great on the skin. You can wash it several times without damaging its shape. Also, being so versatile, you can carry it in your purse or handbag for using it at work or in your beach bag when you go traveling.

Available in pink, purple, blue or leopard print, you will sleep better than ever. Use this while traveling or during a longer break at your shift-based job, without thinking that the headband will ruin your looks. Designed for you to get some peace and fall asleep in complete darkness.


Eye mask for sleeping is an essential companion for your travels. Sleep on the plane, car, train or aboard a ship, and arrive to your destination fresh and ready for fun.

Enjoy while your eye mask is giving you the peaceful sleeping you’ve always dreamed of.