Best Fan For Tent Camping Reviews (2018)

Summer is the most preferred time for camping trips.

While the weather is definitely conducive for fun and games, the heat and humidity at your campsite can ruin your camping experience.

Inside a tent it can be quite hot, and the air seems to be standing still most of the time. Having a fan at hand will ensure that your days in your tent are cool and enjoyable.

Such fans come with a variety of features, such as an additional lighting source or a built-in speaker.

Best Fan For Tent Camping: Quick Roundup

Check out these cool tent camping fans that be true life savers in hot weather:

  1. Image Portable LED Camping Lantern With Ceiling Fan
  2. Kinden Camping Lantern And Fan
  3. Clip-On USB Fan Wuudi Battery Operated Mini Desk Fan
  4. Stansport Camping LED Camping Lantern With Fan
  5. Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan

What to look for in a good fan for tent camping?

Today, there are various brands that manufacture fans for tent camping. To help you with your options, we have listed out the key factors which you need to consider when considering one of these:

Size And Weight

You may need to carry a lot of gear on your camping trip, some of which may be quite heavy or large. One easy way to unencumber yourself is to choose a fan which is small in size and which can be carried with ease. There are some tent fans which are small enough to fit into a backpack. Choose these for easy transport and handling.

Weight is another factor. Look for a fan which is made of lightweight materials so it doesn’t create an unnecessary burden for you.


Always choose a fan which comes either in a bag or has a handle to hold it with. This will make transportation and handling much easier.

Another aspect to consider is the attached wires and plugs that some fans may have. Some fans which operate on electricity are unsuitable for long travel. As a rule always choose battery operated fans for camping and hiking.

Battery Life

From a few days to a few weeks, battery backup for tent fans can vary. It’s important to choose a fan which has a long battery life. These fans may cost more, but they will be worth their weight in gold when it comes to longevity and performance.

Some brands also provide additional batteries along with the fan, ensuring that you’re never without a handy battery.

Additional Features

Some tent fans come with LED lights and USB cables which can be used to power the batteries. These additional features are very useful during camping and hiking trips. It’s always a better option to choose fans which come with additional features, as they can be used for multiple purposes, other than just keeping the tent cool.

Check out these five best fans for tent camping and enjoy the hot days and nights under the stars:

Image Portable LED Camping Lantern With Ceiling Fan

Measung 20.5”x4”, this fan by Image comes with 18 small, ultra-bright LED lights.

Completely adjustable, the fan can be turned in multiple directions with ease. An attached handle allows users to carry the fan around without any hassle.

The 2D batteries used can power the fan on high intensity for over 5 hours and in low-to-medium intensity for 15-20 hours.

The LED lights function perfectly for over 37 hours continuously.

This is a great fan+light combo option – check it out!

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Kinden Camping Lantern And Fan

This outdoor fan by Kinden comes with three levels of adjustment. There are two LED lights attached to the fan, which work with varying degrees of brightness.

The fan is small and easily portable, perfect for moving around the campsite.

A built-in speaker allows users to stream radio live through the fan. A secure hook allows you to attach the fan safely to any surface.

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Clip-On USB Fan Wuudi Battery Operated Mini Desk Fan

This clip-on portable USB fan has 3 different adjustable speeds and is perfect little gadget for a camping tent.

The batteries of this fan can be charged using laptops, computers and other sources using a USB output.

This fan by Wuudi is completely adjustable and can be moved 360° in all directions.

A rechargeable 18650 battery powers the fan for over 6 hours, and it comes with 2 replacement batteries.

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Stansport Camping LED Camping Lantern With Fan

Measuring 6.25″ X 6.25″ X 7.25″, this tent fan is small and perfect when out traveling.

18 small LED lights provide light for over 37 hours. When powered with 2D batteries the fan works for over 50 hours at a stretch.

When used together, the fan and light work for approximately 16 hours. Superb solution for a small tent.

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Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan

The Coleman portable tent fan is compatible with the state-of-the-art CPX® technology.

A built-in stand, magnetic plate and carabiner clip come included, which help in attaching the fan to various surfaces.

5-mm LED lights give out both white light and nightlight at 99 lumens of brightness.

The fan comes with a battery cartridge, which powers the two adjustable speeds of the fan. This freestanding fan is perfect for all tent sizes.

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A portable, powerful fan is a great addition for tent camping. It will prove a true life saver in hot weather conditions, and will help you enjoy your camping experience in full.