Best Handbags for Travel (2018): Take Your Travels To the next Level

Browsing through the best handbags for travel across the web, and getting lost in the myriad of choices?

Indeed, the right travel handbag can make all the difference, from arriving at your destination with a bruised shoulder and lost passport in the mess inside, to a smooth ride and organized items in stylish pockets.

Best Handbags for Travel: Quick Roundup

Check these out and take your travels to the next level with ease:

  1. Snugg Weekender Bag, Haular Overnight Travel Carry On Holdall Bag
  2. Mfeo Women Weekend Travel Shopping Canvas Big Bag
  3. CuteNephew Large Capacity Canvas Unisex Travel Duffel Bag

What to look for in a good handbag for travel?

No matter what you are purchasing, you want to be sure that you are getting what you paid for. In the instance of the best handbags for travel, you want them to be comfortable on your arm or shoulder, perhaps even having multiple carrying options.

Another important asset is storage compartments. A bag should be easy to organize and keep organized.

A final consideration is whether or not your bag looks good. You want to like your bag on top of appreciating its functionality.

How to choose the best handbag for travel?

The easiest first step to make is to choose a style or color that you prefer. After you have decided on the aesthetics, you can then start looking into its features and functionality.

You should consider which features you need most. If you have difficulty carrying items for long periods you should definitely consider a handbag that has a very comfortable strap.

Of course, durability is another consideration. If your bag will only last through one trip, it is not worth the price you paid for it, no matter how cheap it was. You want a handbag that is durable so that you do not have to invest in another travel bag for a very long time.

Snugg Weekender Bag, Haular Overnight Travel Carry On Holdall Bag

This bag is made of PU leather which means it is made of real leather covered with a layer of polyurethane for protection.

Another stylistic accent are the vintage brass additions to the bag, as well as the Haular logo printed on the front. The interior is covered in beautiful cotton fabric that provides a stylish color contrast inside its black leather exterior.

This bag includes handles with an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. It is guaranteed to fit into even the most strict of airline carry on guidelines, and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It has a total of 7 pockets which make organization easy. Its stylish, classy look is nicely complemented with its functionality and hand-crafted design. Well worth a look!

Mfeo Women Weekend Travel Shopping Canvas Big Bag

Mfeo Women Weekend Travel Shopping Canvas Big Bag is durable, roomy and stylish – an excellent starting choice. It is made of canvas and has metal zippers, which typically last much longer than plastic zippers.

For convenience and ease of use, the shoulder strap of this bag is easily adjustable so you can alter how it fits your body at any time without much effort.

A nice feature of this bag is that it comes in various colors: blue, coffee, gray, black and white. This means that it will fit any stylistic preference.

A deep center pocket is roomy enough to fit larger items and objects that you may need to store. However, this bag will do more than just hold your stuff. Because there are smaller pockets along the sides of the interior of the bag you can stay organized and easily find whatever you need at any time.

Great choice for a travel handbag – check it out!

CuteNephew Large Capacity Canvas Unisex Travel Duffel Bag

Another bag that you can consider is the Large Capacity Canvas Unisex Travel Duffel Bag.

This bag is slightly larger than the previous one, however it will also be heavier if it is filled with stuff. Which one you prefer will depend on your specific needs.

This bag has many pockets, some of which are accessed from the outside, so that you can easily find whatever you might need quickly without having to dig through your belongings. There are also pockets within the main, larger pocket to keep even the largest of spaces in order.

Because this bag is unisex, it is convenient because it can be carried by either a man or a woman. This means that your whole family can use it from time to time, depending on who is traveling.

This bag comes in two different colors: black and coffee. It’s roomy, durable and functional – great option to consider for your travels.


You should explore these best handbags for travel having in mind what your own personal needs are. However, you should also consider price and the quality of your bag. You want it to last so that you are sure you have gotten the best purchase for your money.

Happy travels!