Best Hiking Watch Under $100 (For Women And Men) 2018 Reviews

Watches that are designed with special hiking features are becoming increasingly popular among adventure enthusiasts.

These watches are usually a blend of advanced technology and premium design.

Their characteristics and features make them highly durable, reliable and useful to a hiker on a trail.

They usually come with timers, GPS, altitude info and other useful stuff, and have sturdy structure and design to withstand various weather conditions.

Best Hiking Watch Under $100 for Women and Men: Quick Roundup

Check out these excellent hiking watches that come with many useful features that you will appreciate wherever your hiking adventures may take you:

  1. Timex Unisex Expedition Mid-Size Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Watch (Unisex)
  2. Running GPS Waterproof GOLiFE Adventurer Smart Watch (Unisex)
  3. Rookee Smart Watch for Outdoor Sports (Unisex)
  4. eYotto Men’s Sports Wrist Watch (Men)

What to look for in a good hiking watch under $100?

Here are a few important factors to consider when looking for a hiking watch to wear on your outdoor adventure:


Hiking watches are designed to be highly functional. Look for a watch that does more than just show date and time. It should also provide critical information like location, altitude, air pressure etc. so that you can easily plan, navigate and predict weather conditions during your trip.

Wi-Fi Connection

It is definitely a boon if you can connect your watch to your laptop or smartphone because this allows you to transfer data between the devices. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you could upload data like distance, route, and altitude to your smartphone/laptop and get a more comprehensive overview of the adventure.


Although you can find GPS devices designed especially for hiking, having a watch with GPS navigation definitely has its own advantages. In fact, a wrist-watch with GPS is considered to be among the coolest innovations till now.

If you wish to make your hiking adventure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it might be a good idea to get one of these budget-friendly hiking watches:

Timex Unisex Expedition Mid-Size Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Watch

The Timex Unisex Expedition Watch has a cool and casual design, ideal for outdoor activities. It comes with a tough nylon strap and can withstand the wear and tear of hiking trips.

Other useful features of the watch include a countdown timer, alarm, and stopwatch.

The Timex expedition hiking watch has an attractive and functional Indiglo Light-Up watch dial and comes in a lightweight and durable resin case.

The watch is also water-resistant and suitable for activities like snorkeling and swimming (not diving).

It’s a great choice for your outdoor activities – check it out!

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Running GPS Waterproof GOLiFE Adventurer Smart Watch (Unisex)

Get your hands on the GoLife Adventurer Smart Watch to track all activities including hiking, running, swimming, indoor cycling, gym workouts and more!

The Bluetooth Smart Sync feature allows you to easily transfer your exercise data-pace, routes, laps, calories burnt etc. through Bluetooth on your GoFIT app.

You can also choose to automatically share this data on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

The 820i GPS Golife watch is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a scratch-resistant TPU strap.

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Rookee Smart Watch for Outdoor Sports (Unisex)

The Rookee Smart Watch comes with a built-in GPS for tracking important information like your distance, route and pace.

The watch functions independently and does not require a phone connection. The multi-function system of the watch provides a range of critical data including calories burnt, steps, height, mileage and heart rate.

This is a waterproof watch, built to stand the wear and tear of outdoor adventures and activities.

One of the best features of the Rookee Smart Watch is its long battery life; it lasts for over a week under normal use circumstances.

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eYotto Men’s Sports Wrist Watch (Men)

The eYotto Men’s Sports Wrist Watch has a sophisticated black dial and a digital-analog display.

The wrist band is made of soft and flexible PU rubber, ideal for outdoor adventures like hiking, climbing, backpacking, and swimming.

You can easily adjust the date, time and alarm on the smart LED digital display of the watch. The body of the watch is black and contrasted with trendy white stitching.

The eYotto watch is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes in a hard PC case for additional safety.

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The hiking watch is quite a useful accessory for your outdoor adventures, as well as for fitness and other activities. Get the most out of your hiking trip by investing in one of these super functional hiking watches!