Best Ice Substitute For Coolers (2018 Reviews)

Taking your cooler on your camping trip will ensure that your food and beverages are fresh and cold.

While coolers are designed to retain the temperature of your cold treats, they won’t be as effective without the help of ice.

But, ice isn’t feasible when going out hiking. A freeze pack is the best substitute for ice.

There’s a wide variety to choose from, and the best ones keep their cool for long and help you complement a great trip with nice food and cold drinks.

Best Ice Substitute For Coolers: Quick Roundup

Check out these handy and effective ice substitutes that you can take anywhere with you and have a party:

  1. Cooler Shock Zero°F Cooler Reusable Freeze Packs
  2. Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Series Reusable Cooler Pack
  3. Rubbermaid – Blue Ice Brand Weekender Reusable Pack
  4. Coleman Chillers Ice Substitute
  5. 4 Pack EverCool Reusable Freeze Packs By Cooler Shock

What to look for in a good ice substitute for coolers?

Ice packs are easy-to-carry and easy-to-use. Just pack your cooler with ice packs and watch as your food and beverages remain at their ideal temperatures till the time you take them out. While choosing freeze packs, there are some aspects that you need to consider. These include:


Compact freeze packs are ideal for coolers of all sizes. If you have a small cooler, choose a pack that comes in a plastic pouch. They take up less space and are easy to store. For larger coolers, bottles with refrigerant liquid will do just fine.


Design is extremely important to ensure comfort during packing. A slim and compact ice pack will allow you to efficiently utilize the space in your cooler. If you choose chunky ice packs, chances are you won’t be able to pack as much food and beverage as you planned.


A good quality ice pack will last at least a few days. A superior-quality freeze pack ensures that your food and beverages remain cool and fresh for the entire duration of your trip. Choose an ice pack that can be used multiple times. Good quality ice packs are affordable and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping your cooler cold.


Ice packs are made from refrigerants and petroleum-based coolants. These can poison the food and beverages stored in the cooler, if the packing is flimsy or damaged. Choose only those ice packs that are made from hard-wearing and non-toxic packaging materials.

Toxicity Of Coolants

As a rule of thumb, always select ice packs where the coolants are non-toxic or have low toxicity. On the off-chance that the pack breaks, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your food and beverages haven’t been contaminated.

These are the five best ice substitutes for coolers that you can take with you and enhance your camping adventures:

Cooler Shock Zero°F Cooler Reusable Freeze Packs

Tired of using ice to keep your cooler cold on backpacking trips? It’s time to switch over to ice packs.

The ice pack by Cooler Shock freezes at 18 ℉ and contains non-toxic cooling gel.

Made in the USA, this freeze pack has been voted #1 in the Wiki EzVid Cooler Ice Pack competition, 2017.

The outer packaging is extremely hard-wearing and is made of flexible 3 layer foil & nylon pack.

This ice substitute is a great choice for your trips – check it out!

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Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Series Reusable Cooler Pack

If you’re looking for a freeze pack that is made from naturally-derived, pure vegetable oils, then the ice pack by Arctic Ice is your answer.

Measuring 10.925″X8.661″X1.85″, this ice pack can be reused thousands of times.

The Arctic Ice ice pack freezes at 28℉  and comes in 14 different colors.

It’s a very useful addition to your travel arsenal to create special moments in wonderful landscapes.

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Rubbermaid – Blue Ice Brand Weekender Reusable Pack

This ice pack by Rubbermaid is made of non-toxic plastic and contains a non-hazardous freezing liquid.

Measuring 7″ x1.63″ x 6.75, this ice pack will fit perfectly within your cooler and will keep your food and beverages cool and fresh.

Once done with your trip, just freeze the ice pack until its next use. This freeze pack comes in a pack of 3.

It is designed to reduce the necessity of using ice during hiking and backpacking trips.

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Coleman Chillers Ice Substitute

Measuring 6” X 6” X 1.5”, this ice pack by Coleman is extremely soft and ergonomically designed to fit into everything from small lunch boxes to large coolers.

The pack comes with 18 reusable ice substitutes and is perfect for carrying on a camping trip.

This freeze pack sits lightly on food and beverage boxes, without damaging anything within the box or cooler.

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4 Pack EverCool Reusable Freeze Packs By Cooler Shock

With a cooling temperature of 26℉, this ice pack made of cooling gel is perfect for small coolers.

Extremely pocket-friendly, this freeze pack is non-hazardous and child-safe.

The box comes with 4 reusable ice packs filled with non-toxic refrigerant gel.

The HDPE pack measures 7 mil thick and has 3 layers of foil to keep the gel away from your food.

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If you want to enhance your camping and hiking trips, ice substitutes for coolers are a must. You can enjoy delicious food and cold drinks in wonderful surroundings – very much worth it!