Best Instant Coffee For Backpacking (Most Popular of 2018)

Mornings just don’t feel the same without a cup of piping hot coffee.

While it’s easy to brew coffee fresh at home, it isn’t feasible to carry your coffee maker with you when you’re out backpacking.

Instant coffees are a very handy (and tasty) solution for anyone who doesn’t wish to miss out on their morning cup o’ joe.

There are quite a few brands that make such types of coffee, and all that you need would be a few pieces of backpacking gear to make yourself a great cup whenever you feel like it.

Best Instant Coffee For Backpacking: Quick Roundup

Check out these superb brands which will make your backpacking adventures all the more enjoyable:

  1. Jiva Premium Pre-Sweetened Instant Colombian Coffee Cubes
  2. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee
  3. Starbucks Via Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee
  4. Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee
  5. Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee Freeze Dried

What to look for in good instant coffee for backpacking?

There are various types of instant coffees available. From the beans used, to the method of freezing, there are quite a few aspects that you’ll need to consider when selecting instant coffee.

Some of the factors that you need to evaluate are:

Type Of Coffee

Even in instant coffee, you’ll find multiple varieties. Powdered instant coffee, granulated coffee and freeze-dried instant coffee are options that you can choose from. For hiking and backpacking trips, choose freeze-dried instant coffee as it retains the aroma and flavor for longer periods than other types.

Size Of The Grains

Some instant coffees have small granules, while others have large ones. Smaller granules will provide a stronger flavor to the coffee, but are difficult to sieve out even when using coffee filters. Bigger grains, on the other hand, can be brewed with ease. However, they don’t provide the same strong flavor that smaller grains do.


Instant coffees come packaged in glass bottles or plastic pouches. For backpacking and traveling, it’s important to choose compact packets which have zippers. The zippers will help you retain the flavor and freshness of the coffee for days, which non-zippered pouches don’t allow. You can also choose packets made of aluminum foil.


A good instant coffee is one that dissolves instantly (no surprise there 🙂 ). Choose coffees that dissolve immediately and which leave no coffee particles at the bottom of your cup. A thing to note is that some instant coffees dissolve in cold water as well. Be sure to check the specifications and choose as per your requirements.

Caffeine Content

A not so well-known fact about coffee is that dark roasts actually have lower caffeine content when compared to lighter roasts. This is important to remember when choosing coffee for your backpacking trip.

Choose high caffeinated roasts if your plan involves a lot of physical exertion. The caffeine will keep you powered up for longer. Stick to low caffeinated roasts if you don’t want to experience caffeine high while traveling.


If you like earthy and spicy flavors, choose Asian coffees. However, if it’s something chocolaty that you want, a Central American brew is your answer. African and Arabian coffees have a fruity flavor, while Colombian coffees are known for their floral essence. Try a few samples out and pick what you’re most comfortable with.

Here are the five best coffees for your next backpacking adventure:

Jiva Premium Pre-Sweetened Instant Colombian Coffee Cubes

Are you in search of a non-gluten, kosher, vegan and non-GMO coffee?

If yes, then Jiva’s Colombian Coffee Cubes is the answer to your quest.

A strong Colombian coffee made from the highest quality beans and molded into easy-to-use coffee cubes, this instant coffee is ideal for a backpacking trip.

The pack comes with 24 cubes that weigh 8-10 oz. each.

That means plenty of coffee for you and your backpacking companions as well.
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Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

Made of 100% Highland Arabica Coffee Beans, the Mount Hagen Organic is an instant coffee that you have to try if you’re looking for organic options.

Strong, flavorful and easy-to-make, this is the ideal instant coffee for when you’re on the move.

The box comes with 25 single serve packets, allowing for plenty cups for you and your friends as well.

This coffee is a great choice for your backpacking trips – check it out!

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Starbucks Via Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee

With the Starbucks Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee you no longer have to wait to finish your backpacking trip to get your hands on America’s favorite coffee.

This pack of instant coffee comes with 12 packets of freshly ground 100% Arabica coffee.

Arabica means that the taste and the flavor are stronger, and the coffee easily dissolves in the water as it is finely ground to a powder.

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Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Made of 100% Arabica coffee from Columbia, this instant coffee has the right dose of flavor and aroma.

8 packets of freshly ground instant coffee make up this pack.

The packets are small and compact, allowing ease of portability.

The flavor is nice and stronger, just the right measure for the active backpacking trip.

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Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee Freeze Dried

If you are a Hawaiian Kona coffee lover, then this is the choice for you.

This freeze dried instant coffee works great with both hot and cold water, flexible for all tastes and preferences.

This gourmet roast is made in Hawaii, and it showcases the famous Kona flavors.

The 12 instant packs offer plenty of coffee on your backpacking or camping trip.

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Backpacking trips should not be all just action and perspiration. 🙂 You should take those much needed breaks in nature, make yourself a cup of great coffee and enjoy the views!