Best Internal Frame Backpack Under $100 (2018 Reviews and Top Picks)

Traveling can be super fun when there is a reliable and comfortable backpack to carry your stuff with you.

And a tired and sore back is the last thing you want to end your trip with.

This is where the backpack with a good internal frame comes into play.

An internal frame will retain the shape of your backpack and also make it feel lighter during heavy load transport and longer trips.

It’s designed in such a way to redistribute the load while you carrying it, making the trip (almost) painless.

Best Internal Frame Backpack Under $100: Quick Roundup

These internal frame backpacks will be your trusty, comfortable companions on your trips:

  1. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack
  2. Wasing 55L Internal Frame Backpack
  3. Mountaintop 50+5 Liter Internal Frame Backpack
  4. Gonex Military Molle Backpack
  5. One Pack Hiking Backpack/Internal Frame Backpack

What to look for in a good internal frame backpack?

Here are a few important facts to consider when choosing an internal frame backpack:

Strength and durability

The strength and durability of an internal frame backpack need to be taken into consideration because different frames are designed for different usage. Besides durability, the bag also needs to be user-friendly and comfortable.

Carrying capacity

It is a good idea to assess the backpacks carrying capacity. You don’t want to end up with additional baggage that is a pain to carry around. Also, check a model for extra features that add to its efficiency and functionality. These may include additional loops or pockets on the sides or front.


If you’re on the lookout for a high performance internal frame backpack, be prepared to carry a little extra weight because these backpacks are slightly heavier.

Are you planning your next adventure in the great outdoors? Pack your essentials in one these five best internal frame backpacks available under $100!

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

The Teton Sports Scout Internal Frame Backpack is ideal for both children and adults and designed especially for light hiking/backpacking adventures (2-4 days).

The bag weighs about 4.5 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 55 L.

It features multi-position torso adjustments and can fit people of almost all sizes.

The Teton internal frame backpack comes with an open-cell foam back pad as well as molded channels for maximum airflow and comfort.

It includes a large sleeping bag pocket and compression straps in addition to multiple other pockets and compartments for easy packing.

This internal frame backpack is a great choice – check it out!

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Wasing 55L Internal Frame Backpack

The Wasing Internal Frame Backpack is designed with man-made material and features a bottom compartment and a zippered divider on the inside.

It is made of waterproof rip-stop polyester and can easily wick away moisture, keeping the bag dry at all times.

The Wasing internal frame backpack has a carrying capacity of 55 L and features a molded foam lumbar panel equipped with special airflow channels.

The panel does an excellent job of keeping your back comfortable and dry, even when hiking in rough weather conditions.

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Mountaintop 50+5 Liter Internal Frame Backpack

The Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack has a 55 L capacity (50+5).

The “+5” comes with a unique drawstring extension collar which can be used for expanding the backpack and increasing the size of its main compartment by an additional 5 liters.

This Mountaintop backpack has a large front zippered pocket that reaches down to its bottom.

There is also a provision of six compression straps in the backpack for tying to the tent, sleeping bag, hammock and any other outdoor gear.

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Gonex Military Molle Backpack

The Gonex Military Molle Backpack measures 34×80 X 22 cm, weighing 2.5 kg and has a carrying capacity of 70 L.

It is made with durable, anti-scratch and waterproof 900D Oxford.

It also has an attached rain cover at the bottom which can be extracted whenever needed.

The Gonex backpack has a unique carrying system which can be adjusted for three different sizes.

It features a highly elastic sponge and airflow channels for promoting maximum back comfort during usage.

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One Pack Hiking Backpack/Internal Frame Backpack

The One Pack Internal Frame Backpack is made of lightweight rip-stop nylon fabric that is extremely durable and does not add any extra weight to the bag.

It comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps as well as mesh ventilation to offer a comfortable, snug fit.

The ergonomic design of the backpack is one of its best-rated features; it has airflow channels and a highly elastic sponge for maximum dryness and comfort.

The backpack also has a special waterproof rain pocket to keep your essentials safe and dry at all times.

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Get yourself one of these pocket-friendly internal frame backpacks and make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable!