Best Kids Suitcase (2018): Fun and Space On Your Travels

You might think that the best kids suitcase is the one that isn’t too big, that is affordable and durable.

But you might be surprised that the key factor is the “fall in love with me” appeal.

If your kids don’t fall in love with it, if they don’t find it interesting, cool, shiny and fun, you’re going to find yourself pulling it around airports instead of them. 🙂

Best Kids Suitcase: Quick Roundup

Check out these fun, colorful, cute kids suitcases below:

  1. Goplus® 2Pc 12″ 16″ Kids Luggage Set Suitcase
  2. American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard Side
  3. Cabin Max Bear Children’s Carry on Trolley Suitcase
  4. Disney Parks Authentic Minnie Mouse Child Size Rolling Suitcase

How to choose the best kids suitcase?

When choosing suitcase for kids you have to think about the aesthetics, the ease of maneuverability and the weight. You don’t want to choose suitcases that are too heavy – they should be easy to pull, push or carry for your young one. As stated above, yYou also want something that will be appealing to your child or otherwise you will be left to carry it along with your own luggage.

What to look for in a good kids suitcase?

A good kids suitcase should be made of durable and lightweight material. It should be visually appealing to your child so they will accept the ownership of their luggage for their entire journey. Luggage that they can sit on is also a good option for younger children who may get tired walking through large airports.

Goplus® 2Pc 12″ 16″ Kids Luggage Set Suitcase

This two-piece luggage set from Goplus features a suitcase style bag and a backpack style bag. They are both built with high quality and highly durable polycarbonate ABS material and nylon.

These materials make the set durable and lightweight. The large case is a 16-inch trolley which meets the requirements for carry on luggage.

The smaller backpack is a 12-inch bag that can fit under the seat in front of your kid.

The design of this set is definitely kid friendly and the matching backpack ensures they have all their items for travel.

The suitcase is easy to maneuver thanks to its multi directional wheels that rotate a full 360 degrees. It is ergonomically designed so that your little one can move them with ease and comfort.

The set is easy to assemble and easy to clean and is great for all kinds of travel and outdoor activities that your young one needs to pack for.

Great option – check it out!

American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard Side

This hard-sided suitcase is made of ABS plastic and is perfect for all the little Disney fans out there. It features a nylon lining along with a zipper closure and is just 9 inches high making it perfect for kids.

It is the perfect carry on size and measures less than the maximum measurements set for IATA flight regulations concerning carry on luggage that will fit in an overhead compartment. It can also be considered a personal item as it will fit under the seat.

This suitcase features skate wheels that are side mounted so that the case can be easily maneuvered. It also features a pull handle in the mono tube style making it easy for little hands to grasp.

On the back panel of the case you will find a matching color logo as well as the official American Tourister branding. The zipper pulls on this case are Disney branded to complete the well known Disney look. Inside you will find one large mesh pocket and cross straps to keep items secure.

Your little will definitely go crazy about it – make sure you check this one out. 🙂

Cabin Max Bear Children’s Carry on Trolley Suitcase

The Cabin Max Bear suitcase is perfect for the child who insists to bring their bear or doll along for a ride. 🙂

If your kid refuses to pack their doll or teddy bear and is adamant that they travel like the rest of the family, this is the perfect little suitcase.

It allows teddy or dolly to be harnessed to the luggage safely so they too can enjoy all the exciting scenes as they travel.

This suitcase is perfect for children aged 3 and upwards who will find it easy to pull. It has a 34-liter capacity and so it can fit all their clothes for up to a week-long trip.

The area for teddy/dolly is adjustable so that they can strap in their favorite toy as tight as possible so they don’t lose them on their trip.

On the outside, there is a bottle holder pocket so that they can have their juice or water with them within close reach at all times.

Cute and practical option indeed.

Disney Parks Authentic Minnie Mouse Child Size Rolling Suitcase

If your little one is a Disney fan you both will love this Disney exclusive. This child-sized suitcase is great for all the little girls that are fans of Minnie mouse and glitter.

The case is made of vinyl that has been infused with glitter and with a Minnie Mouse applique and polka dot pattern. The frame is very sturdy and the zipper is heavy duty so you know you have a durable product that is also the dream luggage of every little princess.

The case features a zipper closure, a top carry strap and two pulls. It also features a retractable handle and has rear wheels.

It is perfectly sized for your little one’s overnight trips as well as a carry-on or personal item for flights with the ability to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.


The best kids suitcase is one that your child will enjoy carrying whenever they travel, whether it is just for an overnight trip to grandma or for a week at the Mediterranean in the summer. Choose a fun case that is made of durable materials that your kids will love.