Best Lighted Travel Magnifying Mirror 2018: Stay Beautiful On Your Travels

If you are particular about your makeup even while traveling, a lighted travel magnifying mirror is what you need to ensure that you look great as always.

If you love traveling, but hate compromising with your looks, you would find a lighted magnifying mirror quite useful because it solves a lot of problems.

You no longer have to carry bulky mirrors or struggle for visibility in the dark.

It’s a practical, easy to carry, handy travel companion which you can take with you wherever you go.

Best Lighted Travel Magnifying Mirror: Quick Roundup

Check out these handy lighted travel magnifying mirrors that can help you maintain your good looks on the go:

  1. Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror
  2. Floxite Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror
  3. Sanheshun 10X Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror
  4. iLuminate Folding Travel Mirror with Light
  5. YourDailyRituals Lighted Magnifying Mirror

What to look for in a good travel magnifying mirror with light?

The marketplace is flooded with different kinds of magnifying mirror, but that doesn’t mean you should settle on just any cheap one. Before you buy a travel magnifying mirror, make sure you keep in mind the following factors:

  • Size – There are magnifying mirrors that can be hung on the wall or placed on a desktop. Make sure the mirror has a travel-friendly size which you can carry with you easily.
  • Magnification – Go for mirrors that have at least 3x-5x magnification power, which is perfect for people with normal vision.
  • Lighting – The lighted magnifying mirrors are good because you can use them even in the dark. However, you should ensure that the lighting can be adjusted according to your needs.

Explore these 5 best lighted travel magnifying mirrors below – hope it helps you in your quest for the right one for you.

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fancii’s magnifying makeup mirror provides a 10x magnification power that allows you to focus on specific facial sections while applying makeup.

The daylight LED light brightens up your face and makes it possible for people of all age groups to use these mirrors.

These mirrors have an innovative locking system, which allows you to attach these mirrors on other mirrors or flat surfaces. You can ensure greater security with the airtight seal suction cup.

The battery-operated and compact design of these mirrors makes them an ideal travel companion for people who want to keep their good looks on their travels.

This mirror is a great option indeed – check it out!

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Floxite Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror

The folding vanity and travel mirror from Floxite has a 12x magnification power, which provides unmatched clarity and visibility while applying makeup to your face.

The lighted mirror with LED lights operates on AC adapters or batteries and ensures maximum efficiency while traveling.

These mirrors also feature a 5¼ inch distortion-free glass for providing much-needed clarity.

The foldable design of these mirrors makes them suitable for all kinds of travel.

Go for these mirrors if you want an easy-to-use solution for your makeup needs.

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Sanheshun 10X Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

The 10x magnification power of Sanheshun’s travel makeup mirror is what you need for unmatched clarity and visibility.

The mirror is illuminated with bright and warm LED which ensures precision while applying makeup.

The LED of these mirrors can produce 475 lux light for up to 10,000 hours.

The flexible 360-degree swivel and powerful locking suction allow you to use these mirrors anywhere at different angles.

These mirrors are extremely easy to use and come with adjustable brightness features.

Go for this mirror if you want a protected and clear accessory for decking up while traveling.

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iLuminate Folding Travel Mirror with Light

The lighted folding travel mirror from iLuminate is an extremely travel-friendly makeup accessory for on-the-go travelers.

These lightweight mirrors can easily fit in your backpack, handbag or purse, thus saving you the hassle of managing space.

Don’t worry if you have problems applying makeup without your glasses. The 1x and the 5x magnification power of these mirrors can be used collectively for flawless makeup application.

These mirrors have distortion-free glasses, which shows each and every facial detail clearly, thus making it possible for you to apply makeup even at night.

You can also adjust the height and angles for getting different views. The long-lasting LED bulbs and durable design make them an ideal travel companion.

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YourDailyRituals Lighted Magnifying Mirror

If badly lit bathrooms have prevented you from looking your best, the lighted magnifying mirror from YourDailyRituals is what you need.

These mirrors have 10x magnification power, which allows you to apply makeup with precision.

The foldable and lightweight design of these mirrors allows you to store or carry them without occupying much space.

The wireless and battery-operated technology of these mirrors also empower them to a great extent. The lights ensure that you get a flawless look even when applying makeup without glasses.

Go for this mirror if you want a versatile and easy-to-use solution for looking the best.

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Travel magnifying mirrors with light are a great solution for maintaining your great looks while traveling. They are small, easy to store and carry, and help you apply makeup in low light – perfect for your next travel adventure!