Best Lighter For Backpacking (2018) Reviews

Whether it’s for lighting candles or it’s for lighting camp-fires, having a lighter on your person is essential when out hiking and camping.

Such lighters come in various shapes and sizes, and with different recharging options (USB or lighter fluid).

Best lighter for backpacking is durable, reliable, windproof, and is easy to pack and store in your backpack.

Read on to find out which options are the best for your next backpacking adventure.

Best Lighter For Backpacking: Quick Roundup

Check out these high quality, reliable lighters to take with you into the great outdoors:

  1. Tacklife ELY01 Advanced Electric-Arc Lighter
  2. Zippo All-In-One Kit
  3. UST Brands TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter
  4. YUFENG 920 Camping Gas Torch
  5. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

What to look for in a good lighter for backpacking?

Lighters are sold absolutely everywhere. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed out a few factors that you need to consider when considering a lighter for backpacking:


It’s never advisable to buy a lighter that is too expensive when going backpacking. The perfect lighter for travel is one that is easily replaceable if lost or broken.


From hard-wearing brass to flimsy fire-resistant plastic, lighters are made from a variety of materials. Choose a lighter that is durable and which can withstand rough use.

Lighter fluid

Butane, with its low volatility and high viscosity, is the best option for lighter fluid. Additionally, your butane lighter will give out a distinct smell which will help you recognize that it’s being used.

Fluids made fromhydrocarbon mixtures such as Naphtha are extremely flammable and unsafe. Using lighters which are powered through butane is a much safer option when out traveling with children.

Flame type

Single, double and triple flames are three choices that you’ll have in lighters. With lighters, there’s one rule – the greater the number of flames, the larger the surface area that can be lit. If you’re purchasing a lighter for your next trek in the wilderness, a three-flame lighter will meet your needs the best.

You’ll also get spark lighters which are battery powered and which don’t produce active flames. These are super safe for traveling out with little ones.


A good-quality lighter will light immediately and will not get damaged in rain showers. Choose lighters which have weather-resistant properties. Survival lighters are a great option. They will be worth their weight in gold on your backpacking trips.


Small, light, and easy to store are a few considerations that make a lighter great. Hands-free lighters are best if you want to light kindling at camp. You can also choose lighters that are refillable and which have direct flames.

here are the five best lighters for backpacking to consider taking on your next backpacking adventure:

Tacklife ELY01 Advanced Electric-Arc Lighter

This USB rechargeable spark lighter by Tacklife is perfect for backpacking. Thin and light, it is super portable.

The lighter contains a 2600mAh built-in Lithium-ion battery which powers the lighter for over 1000 uses. Automatic on-off option helps you save battery power.

With a long handle, strong-grip surface and a flexible 360 degrees rotatable front section, this lighter is ergonomically designed.

This water-resistant lighter comes with a 24-months warranty from the seller.

It’s a great option for your travels – check it out!

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Zippo All-In-One Kit

Zippo’s highly durable steel chrome lighter comes with 6 genuine flints and a top-quality flint dispenser.

The compact lighter is accompanied by a small 4 ounce can of premium lighter fluid that is refillable.

Windproof and with a click-lock, this lighter is the ideal choice for hikes and treks.

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UST Brands TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter

A lighter that is fueled by electricity and not lighter fluid, the UST fuel-free lighter is perfect for outdoor use and when with children.

Measuring 3×1.5×0.8 inches (HxWxD), this lighter is compact to fit in a pocket. A built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a long life, with no fear of altitude adjustments.

Charging is through the in-built USB port. The lighter comes in a rubberized case with a wrist lanyard, which provides a great grip. The seller offers a 2-year limited warranty.

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YUFENG 920 Camping Gas Torch

The lighter by YUFENG has a temperature adjustable flame that can be brought up to 135 degree Celsius.

The lighter has an automatic ignition button which affords greater safety.

The lighter uses up to 50 g to 140 g of gas/hour and the Cassette butane tank can easily be replaced.

This flame gun is safe and environmentally friendly.

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Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

This lighter by Zippo comes with lightweight paraffin wax-coated cotton spark tinder which helps with the quick and easy ignition.

The flame when lit burns continuously for up to 5 minutes. Water-resistant, this lighter floats and is designed for the most trying conditions.

A textured grip and a molded lanyard hole make it ideal for use when backpacking.

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It’s a good idea to consider getting the best lighter for backpacking you can find, as it will be prove to be a very useful and versatile companion on your adventures.