Best Lighter for Candles Reviews (2018)

Getting ready for a camping trip?

It’s a good idea to take candles with you on that adventure.

They can be a source of light depending on your destination, or you can surprise your significant other with a romantic setting surrounded by candles.

In either case, the one item that you just cannot do without is a reliable lighter for the candles.

The perfect candle lighter is one that never fails to light, and which is easily portable and easy to store.

Best Lighter for Candles: Quick Roundup

Check out these reliable, high quality lighters for candles to take with you on your next camping adventure:

  1. Bic Multipurpose Lighters, 4 Pack
  2. Homate Candle Lighter, USB Rechargeable
  3. SUPRUS USB Lighter Arc/Rechargeable Flameless Coil Lighter
  4. Ralix Electronic Lighter/Single Arc Flameless Plasma Lighter
  5. 3 Pack Flexible 13″ Utility Lighter Extra Long Bendable

What to look for in a good lighter for candles?

When selecting a candle lighter, you need to consider certain aspects, such as:


The perfect candle lighter is one which is easy to replace if lost. Don’t bother spending on fancy lighters, as your candle lighter is bound to get dirty when out camping.


Strength and durability are two important considerations when selecting a lighter. Camping conditions can get rough and your lighter should be able to withstand these conditions.


A candle lighter should be easy to store and carry. Small candle lighters are the best for traveling.


Ease of handling and comfort while using are two criteria that you need to consider. Does the lighter have a hook to hang it up with? Is the burner large enough to light campfires too? These are some questions that you need to answer.


Designer or non-branded – this is a question that many buyers have. Indeed, this is a personal choice. At the end of the day, you need to choose a brand that you are comfortable with.


A hard-wearing lighter is one that is suitable for all climates and temperatures. Read the product specifications to gauge its durability.

There are hundreds of brands out there claiming to sell the best candle lighter. But it’s difficult to test the veracity of these claims. To help you make a more informed decision, we have shortlisted the top five candle lighters that we recommend for special occasions and daily use:

Bic Multipurpose Lighters, 4 Pack

From lighting candles to heating up your BBQ station, the Bic Multipurpose Lighters are perfect for a wide range of requirements.

The lighters come in a pack of 4 and in varying colors. The candle lighters have a long wand that is great for safe usage by both adults and children.

The lighter has a retractable hook that makes it convenient for storage. The candle flame is adjustable and is ideal for firing up anything from fireplaces to sparklers.

Choose the Bic Multipurpose Lighters for a single solution to all your ‘fire’ needs – check it out!

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Homate Candle Lighter/USB Rechargeable

One of the newest inventions on the market is the arc lighter. Very handy to carry and easy to use, the Homate Candle Lighter is the perfect solution when you’re on-the-go.

The flameless and windproof design allows for quick ignition, ensuring you don’t have to wait for the flame to light. Made of a sturdy ABS material, the lighter is extremely durable.

It has a long neck, making it perfect for lighting deep dish candles. The child-proof safety lock will ensure that your little one doesn’t hurt himself/herself while holding it.

The lighter is USB rechargeable and can be used 300 times per charge. It comes in three colors – white, black, and B-black. Measuring 8.47*1.38*0.98 inches, the lighter has a 12-month warranty.

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SUPRUS USB Lighter Arc/Rechargeable Flameless Coil Lighter

The SUPRUS USB Lighter Arc Lighter comes with rechargeable batteries, ensuring you don’t need to spend on expensive lighter fluid. The lighter is windproof and is designed for immediate ignition.

The candle lighter is also suitable to light a variety of objects, from paper lanterns to gas stoves.

The SUPRUS USB Lighter Arc Lighter is child-proof. The child-resistant slide-out tip design helps conceal the ignition button when not in use.

The USB cord comes included with the product. A single charge of 2-3 hours will allow for 1000 uses. Automatic power-off option ensures that your batteries don’t drain when the lighter is not in use.

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Ralix Electronic Lighter/Single Arc Flameless Plasma Lighter

The one-click Ralix Electronic Lighter is easy to use and built for rough usage. Compact in size and elegantly designed, this sturdy candle lighter is a Zinc alloy construction.

A windproof arc lighter, the Ralix Electronic Lighter comes with a USB cable and rechargeable batteries.

When completely charged, the lighter lasts for an entire week. An automatic blinking light appears, alerting you when the battery is in need of charging.

This particular lighter also comes with a luxury gift box.

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3 Pack Flexible 13″ Utility Lighter Extra Long Bendable

This utility lighter is the perfect companion for camping trips and when on-the-move.

13” when opened and 7” when folded, this candle lighter is extremely compact and designed for high mobility.

The extra-long nozzle is fully bendable and highly flexible, making it perfect to reach places that are out-of-reach for conventional lighters.

From jar candles to gas stoves, this lighter is perfect for various requirements. The Utility Lighter is sturdy, highly durable, and perfect for rough use.

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Liven up your camping trip with candles, and surprise your loved one with a romantic setting in the outdoors with one of these high quality candle lighters!