Best Mosquito Nets For Camping Reviews 2018

Campsites, especially those in the woods, are inundated with mosquitoes, flies, insects and bugs.

While bug sprays and gels do help to an extent, they certainly don’t keep the pestering pests at bay.

Using a mosquito net can keep mosquitoes, flies and bugs away, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

Read on to discover the best mosquito nets for your next camping trip.

Best Mosquito Nets For Camping: Quick Roundup

Check out these high quality, effective mosquito nets for your next camping or hiking adventure:

  1. Coghlan’s Mosquito Net
  2. The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy for Single Camping Bed
  3. Gloryfire Camping Mosquito Net
  4. Naturo Premium Mosquito Net for Double Bed
  5. SansBug 1-Person Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net

What to look for in a good mosquito nets for camping?

Mosquito nets come in various styles. Here are some factors which you can use to evaluate when looking for one for your next outdoor adventure:

Material Of The Netting

Polyester nets are a perfect choice as they are water-resistant and weather-proof. They also don’t require much maintenance and are easy to use.

Style Of The Bed Net

Bed nets come in a variety of shapes – wedge, bell, box and compact. Wedge nets and compact nets are small and light-weight and are perfect for solo travelers. They are also easy to assemble.

Box and bell-shaped nets offer more space and comfort to users. They are perfect for families and large groups.

Chemical Treatment

Certain mosquito net varieties come pre-treated with insecticides. These chemicals kill insects right on contact. Some are even anti-malarial and offer great protection to users. While these are highly effective in areas that have high mosquito infestation, they aren’t great for the skin and the environment.

Type Of Support

Some mosquito nets come with tent pegs, suction cups, wall mounting apparatus and ropes. These aren’t ideal for solo travelers and for travelers who want a hassle-free assembly. In these cases, it is best to choose self-supporting nets.

Self-supporting nets come in different shapes and styles. Mosinets are perfect for large beds, but they are difficult to fold and carry. Small pop-up dome nets are a better option when out on the trail.

Portability And Quality

Carrying a mosquito net that doesn’t come in a bag is a cumbersome task. Always choose a product that comes in a bag or a cover.

Additionally, make sure your tent is thick and has a higher number of holes on the surface. The greater the number of holes in the mesh per square foot of surface area, the thicker and more effective is the net.

Check out these 5 best mosquito nets for camping you should take with you on your next trip:

 Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

Measuring 78×63×59 inches (LxWxH), this mosquito net made of 180-mesh polyester is a light and durable option for your camping trips.

This rectangular double-wide mosquito net has six metal tie tabs at the corners and the sides.

You can either anchor it to the ground or hang it from a tree or post.

The polyester netting is mildew resistant and remains dry through the night.

This mosquito net is a great option – check it out!

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The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy for Single Camping Bed

A very tightly woven mesh net with over 225 holes per square inch, this mosquito net won’t let a single insect into your sleeping area. 220×120×100 cm in dimension, the net is perfect for a couple.

The net is also adjustable and can easily be fitted to a single camping bed. The floor of the net is thick and made of the same mesh material, ensuring protection from all sides.

The net comes packed in a handy bag. The seller provides a lifetime warranty.

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Gloryfire Camping Mosquito Net

If space and comfort are what you seek, choose the mosquito net by Gloryfire. Measuring 82.75″ X 39.5″ X 68.75″, this net is extremely spacious.

Made from high-density, soft, elastic mesh, the net is breathable and allows for proper ventilation.

The net has four reinforced hanging corners which allow you to tie it to trees and posts. The product comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

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Naturo Premium Mosquito Net for Double Bed

Completely eco-friendly and DEET-free, this mosquito net is untreated by chemicals, making it safe for people and the environment alike.

Measuring W 63”x L 80”x H 75”, this net is perfect for beds of all sizes. The durable double fabric bottom is designed to provide an extra layer of protection that you are sure to benefit from.

The product comes with mosquito repellent bracelets, wall mounts and suction cups.

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SansBug 1-Person Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net

Made of 100% polyester mesh and delivered with fiberglass poles, this mosquito net is extremely hard-wearing and durable.

This pop-up tent is easy to use and requires no assembly, and is perfect for long distance travel.

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Mosquito net is an indispensable item for your camping and hiking trips. Get yourself one of these and you’re sure to enjoy a more comfortable travels!