Best Photographers’ Vests 2018: A Must-Have for Travel Photographers

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer who always makes it a point to capture the best of what you see on your travels, you’ll agree that the next most important equipment after your camera and accessories is a quality vest.

When you’re wading into the water, perched atop a tree or on the highest point of a rocky mountain, everything you need to take that perfect shot must be on your person.

A pocketed vest is the most practical design for the serious photographer, offering immediate access while securing the required items within zippered enclosures.

Best Photographers’ Vests: Quick Roundup

Check out these super useful versatile vests and chase that perfect shot with everything you need on you:

  1. Weekender Traveler Air Vest
  2. Mright Mens Oversize Pockets Travel Sports Vest
  3. Uncle Milty Rothco Vest – Khaki
  4. Photography, Fly Fishing and Climbing Vest with 16 Pockets
  5. HUMVEE Cotton Safari Vest with Extra Pockets

What to look for in good photographer’s vest?

When looking for a photographer’s vest, keep these points in mind:

  • Fit An ill-fitting, uncomfortable vest will surely prevent you from focusing on magic moments. The vest should fit your shape without being too loose or too snug.
  • Multiple pockets Do you plan to carry your lens, memory cards, filters, extra batteries, sunscreen and bug spray to the field? Then you want to make sure that the vest has a number of standard pockets.
  • Fabric – Though a lightweight jacket made from breathable material will offer good air ventilation and keep you comfortable, especially on long, hot days, you should consider a thicker lined jacket if you plan to shoot in cold conditions.
  • Zippers versus velcro – While zippers are very common, velcro pocketed vests are also available. If you prefer one over the other, check for this feature prior to making your purchase.

Explore these five of the best photographers’ vests that are a great solution for your travel needs:

Weekender Traveler Air Vest

This purpose-built vest is made of NyLite™ Nylon, a proprietary blend that offers high strength, reduced weight and good scratch and stain resistance.

Shoulder pads help in balancing some of the downward weight from camera accessories and other items housed in the pockets.

When you slip it on, the feeling is distinctly lightweight and comfortable.

The fabric is also durable, providing reliable service on all your trips.

The pockets are sized to hold a number of items, from your phone and water bottle to maps, passport and camera accessories.

As the jacket resists moisture and dries quickly, it is ideal for wildlife photography.

This vest is a great choice – check it out!

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Mright Mens Oversize Pockets Travel Sports Vest

If you’re looking for a denim vest, you’ll like the minimalist, refined look of Mright’s outdoor travel vest.

You have a choice of thick and thin styles to suit the outdoor conditions where you expect to capture nature’s beauty and splendor.

The pockets have quality zippers and an attractive decorative design.

The pockets are zippered on the left for ease of access and practicality on your outdoor photography adventures.

There are two velcro chest pockets for your phone. The zippers are solid, opening and closing smoothly.

Depending on the size you choose, you can expect a comfortable, lightweight fit. If you don’t plan to haul along many weighty items, this vest is a good choice.

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Uncle Milty Rothco Vest – Khaki

There’s something romantic and classic about a khaki photographer’s vest.

Rothco Uncle Milty Vest is one of the most stylish vests you can flaunt if you care about how you look on your photography adventures.

It is also one of the most practical vests that the money can buy, with a whopping 17 pockets for all your accoutrements.

The vest comes with both inside and back pockets to secure your items as needed.

If you anticipate a long day in the field and don’t want to carry more than one bag, this is a good vest to consider.

A belt loop, zippered front and snap closure add variety and style to the vest.

It is made of polyester and cotton, which balance comfort, breathability and ventilation with durability and wrinkle resistance.

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Photography, Fly Fishing and Climbing Vest with 16 Pockets

A versatile, creative vest, this one is ideal for a number of adventure and sports activities in warm or hot conditions.

The material offers a comfortable, lightweight feel. Its mesh construction on the sides and back also contribute to this feel.

If temperatures are rising and you want to avoid a sweaty back, just fold the back outer shell into a pocket for better airflow.

The vest is water resistant and dries quickly. Its padded shoulders help the vest maintain an easy balance even under the weight of several items of carry.

You get 16 pockets , some zippered and some with velcro action to secure your camera, small electronics and small travel accessories.

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HUMVEE Cotton Safari Vest with Extra Pockets

Available in black and khaki, the Humvee photographer’s vest has 21 pockets, which is great if you expect to carry a bunch of different items along on your trip.

The larger sizes in the range offer bigger pockets to store more of your stuff on a single trip.

However, as this will increase the weight of the jacket on your person, it is best to opt for a smaller size if you don’t need to fill up all the pockets.

The cotton construction delivers top comfort and breathability.

A mix of zippered and hasp pockets – including a mesh pocket – offer a variety of storage options.

Nylon lining offers an added layer of protection.

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Make sure you check the size chart to determine the most appropriate size for your height and specific requirements. If that perfect vest comes along, it’s wise not to be nitpicky about the features and just go for it.

After all, it is not only about the functionality, but also about creating memories that stay with you for a lifetime.