Best Portable Fan for Travel (2018): Stay Cool while Traveling

If you are planning a summer holiday, make sure you have the necessary equipment to stay cool.

The air conditioner of the car is good, but you can’t really carry it with you. The heat can be extremely energy-draining if you pull over somewhere for a break.

Moreover, if you are planning to camp somewhere, there’s no guarantee that the natural breeze will keep you cool.

Hence, a portable fan for travel is a great idea. Portable fans are small enough to be used as a desktop fan in a hotel room, at the beach or as a cooler while traveling.

The portable size, easy operability, and excellent functionality of these fans make them an ideal cooling device for both indoor and outdoor use.

Best Portable Fan for Travel: Quick Roundup

Check out these super practical and effective travel fans – very handy when you can’t escape the heat when traveling:

  1. O2COOL Portable Fan
  2. OPOLAR Rechargeable Portable fan
  3. CTLpower Mini USB Fan
  4. O2Cool Electric Portable Fan
  5. Efluky Mini Portable Table Fan

What to look for in a good portable fan for travel?

There are a few aspects you need to consider before buying a portable fan:

  • Size and style – Desk fans are ideal for traveling because they can be put in the car’s truck. You can use desk fans in your hotel room or a tent for a gentle airflow.
  • Air circulation – Check the cubic-feet-per-minute notation that differentiates between low and high output fans.
  • Fan Blade – Go for the oscillating fan blade unit that moves from side to side for better airflow.
  • Safety features – Make sure the fan has slip-proof feet and a grounded cord for better safety while using it.
  • Battery – Since you would be traveling, if possible make sure the fan’s battery lasts for at least 48 hours before recharging.

The best portable fans to consider for your next vacation are reviewed below – make a mart decision and stay cool on your travels.

O2COOL Portable Fan

O2Cool’s 10-inch portable fan comes with an AC adapter, and it also works wit 6 D Cell batteries which provide power for up to 40 hours.

The compact design makes these fans ideal for travelers.

You can carry them or store them in the car without occupying much space.

O2Cool’s portable fans come in a range of power source options, sizes, and blades.

Weighing 2.3 pounds, these fans are ideal for different set ups such as hotel rooms, tents and picnics where extra cooling may be desired.

The compact size and high degree of efficiency make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Great option – check it out!

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OPOLAR Rechargeable Portable Fan

OPOLAR’s rechargeable fans are one of the most travel-friendly cooling devices in the market.

These mini USB fans ensure a steady and strong airflow wherever you want – at home, hotel, camps or other outdoor locations.

You can easily carry these fans in a bag because of their portable size, thus saving you space.

The fans have three adjustable speeds for meeting different cooling needs.

The 2200 mAh battery allows you to use these fans for a longer duration.

Go for these if you are looking for an easy-to-use and convenient device for all your indoor and outdoor cooling needs.

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CTLpower Mini USB Fan

If you are an avid hiker or camper, CTLPower’s Mini USB fans would be an ideal choice for you.

Equipped with lithium batteries, these portable fans provide an uninterrupted power supply for hours.

These fans have a beauty humidifier, which runs in three modes for keeping your skin fresh.

CTLPower’s mini fans have a noiseless technology for providing a quiet and cool experience.

The premium design of these fans ensures that you face no hassle while carrying them. Go for these fans if you want a relaxing and cool traveling experience.

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O2Cool Electric Portable Fan

Yet another great offering from O2Cool are their electric portable fans, measuring 10-inches in size.

These powerful and compact fans have 2-speed blades, which ensure a steady airflow.

They are perfect for small rooms and camps because you can either plug them into a wall source or run them on batteries.

The noiseless technology of these fans ensures that your mind stays cool along with your body.

The built-in handles allow you to conveniently carry them.

The horseshoe base provides the much-needed stability to the fan when placed on different surfaces. Go for these fans if you want a versatile cooling device on your adventures.

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Efluky Mini Portable Table Fan

The Mini USB portable table fan from Efluky comes with a three-speed design that meets cooling needs in different environments.

The built-in blue light ensures that you can continue having a light source even when the lights are switched off.

The lights also make these fans suitable for outdoor environments like camps and picnics.

The best part of these fans is that you can charge them with your Android smartphone.

The ideal size, powerful battery, and versatility make these fans suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Best Portable Fan for Travel

With its lightweight, compact design, an AC adapter, a range of power source options, sizes, and blades - O2COOL Portable Fan is the best portable fan for travel.

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Once you take it with you, you’ll see that a portable fan for travel is an indispensable travel gadget to have with you on your adventures. It will make your life much easier and travels much more pleasant and relaxing.