Best Purse Insert Organizer (2018): De-Stress Your Travels Now!

Wouldn’t it be great if on our travels we knew where everything was in our purses and handbags, rather than rooting around for your passport, smart phone or a lipstick? 🙂 Or that moment of panic when you can’t find your wallet, buried under a bunch of other things.

You life is chaotic enough—why should your purse follow suit? Purse organizers are a great first step in streamlining your travels and life, since your purse or bag is something you take with you almost all the time. Have everything within arms reach, and know exactly what you’re carrying with you at all times.

Best Purse Insert Organizer: Quick Roundup

Check out these life savers we selected for you below – your travels will never be the same again:

  1. Pelikus Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert
  2. JET-BOND XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer
  3. Hoxis Insert Organizer
  4. Vercord Purse Organizer
  5. VOCHIC Travel Smart Purse Organizer

How to Choose the Best Purse Insert Organizer for Your Needs?

What is important to you in a purse organizer? Is it the amount of pockets and their accessibility? Is it matching colors and size with your purse, or do you want something that will go with everything? Consider what you carry with you all the time and choose a purse organizer that will suit your needs.

What To Look For In the Best Purse Insert Organizer?

Be sure to find an organizer that won’t make things more difficult than without—be aware of the size of your purse and buy accordingly.

Look for the number and various sizes of pockets. You’ll want to have different compartments to put different types of items, from pens, sunglasses, passport and wallet, to travel books, iPad and smart phone. Also make sure the access is easy, and that you can use it in more than one bag, if possible.

Be especially aware of this if you are buying a purse organizer as a gift for someone else—you won’t want that person to buy a brand new purse just to stay organized!

Here are some of the best purse insert organizers available today. Each will help you organize your life a little at a time:

Pelikus Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert

Available in soft felt in a variety of colors, the Pelikus Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert is basic and very easy to use.

With two large pockets for books or pocketbooks, two slim side pockets for phones or other documents, three slim pockets on the front of the organizer for easy access to cash or cards and three medium middle pockets, tidying up is easy!

This felt organizer is light and easily transferrable from bag to bag, so there’s no messy jumble with switching.

The medium version of this purse organizer measures in at 9.5 x 6 x 5, so it is spacious without being too bulky.

This organizer will keep everything within arms reach—and you’ll know exactly where everything is.

JET-BOND XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer

If you need a lot of pockets for all your needs, the JET-BOND XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer is right up your alley.

With 13 total pockets: 1 main pocket, 2 side pockets with zippers, 4 expandable pockets, and six pockets with mesh, this organizer works for busy women of all stripes—students, moms who need to organize their diaper bags, jet-setters and more.

Made of easy-to-clean nylon, the JET-BOND XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer is indispensable.

This organizer measures at 10.4 x 3.3 x 6.5, so it is spacious enough for even the most chaotic purse but small enough to not weigh you down.

In a variety of fun colors for all your needs, this organizer also comes with handles, so transferring from bag to bag is as easy as can be.

Hoxis Insert Organizer 13 Pockets

For a super wide variety of colors and patterns, you’ll want to buy one of the Hoxis Insert Organizers with 13 Pockets for every purse!

With 13 pockets total and a handle for easy transfer from bag to bag, these organizers will become your lifesaver.

Made of a durable and easy-to-clean poly-nylon blend, this organizer isn’t made of fussy materials—it will hold up over time without being ruined.

At 11.6 x 6.8 x 3.6 inches, its size is versatile, but not too bulky. The middle pocket is adjustable for extra storage room with a convenient button, if needed.

For travel documents, carry-on essentials, or just to keep your life together, the Hoxis Insert Organizer is a go-to.

Vercord Purse Organizer

With 13 pockets available for various purposes, this nylon purse organizer is functional and easy to clean.

Available in a variety of sizes for a variety of different purses and handbags, this organizer will fit in a bag from 3.2 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches up to 13.3 x 7.8 x 5.9 inches.

This organizer is available in a rainbow of colors, so its easy to choose the one that best coordinates with your bag.

Whether you’ll need this organizer for travel, work stuff, baby needs or everyday needs, you’ll be glad you purchased such a versatile and time saving item.

This bag does not have handles, but is still easily transferred from bag to bag.

VOCHIC Travel Smart Purse Organizer

For a compact, clear solution to your organization needs, the VOCHIC Travel Smart Purse Organizer is your go-to.

Made of see-through PVC, you can see where all of your items are, for extra accessibility and chic trim in a variety of fun colors.

With convenient handles, you can transfer this bag within a bag easily and painlessly. This bag measures at 11 x 4.3 x 6 inches, so it is extra small and portable, as well as easy to clean.

Bendable rather than ungainly and hard, this organizer will work with almost any shape, and give shape to bags that need it.

This organizer is best for cosmetics, art supplies or anything that has the capacity to leak—the clear material is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

With two zippered side pockets, its great for keeping all your items separate. Look to VOCHIC Travel Smart Purse organizer for easy accessibility and function.


We all need a little help organizing our travels (and lives) now and then—and the first step of choosing an organizer for your purse is crucial to lowering stress and keeping your life a little tidier.

Choose any of these purse organizers based on your needs—do you need a lot of room or a little? What will you be carrying in them? Most of the above organizers have multiple pockets for easy storage and accessibility, and most are very easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Don’t stress about choosing the right organizer—we’ve got you covered with these five sturdy, durable and stylish bags within your bag: you’ll see that it makes life a little smoother if you know where everything is.