Best Sandbox Toys (2018): Beach Fun In Your Backyard

A sandbox toy can be a great option to keep children busy while stimulating their brains through creativity and evoking that carefree beach feel in your backyard.

Though there are many sandboxes out there, when it comes to your children, you want to ensure that you are purchasing the best sandbox toys.

Sandboxes can come in a large variety of sizes and materials, so knowing what to look for is vital for finding the best option. Additionally, keep in mind your own needs and preferences so that you end up with a sandbox tailored to your family.

Best Sandbox Toys: Quick Roundup

Check out these 5 sandbox toys, with more detailed reviews below:

  1. Step2 Play and Store Sandbox
  2. My Little Sandbox – Big Builder
  3. Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach
  4. BrookStone Sand Box 9.5″ x 9.5
  5. Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

How to choose the best sandbox toy?

There are two basic groups of sandboxes when it comes to materials: wooden or plastic. The plastic ones tend to be more lightweight, so if you want to move it around the yard, that is likely your best option. Wooden boxes are best left in a designated spot.

Another thing to consider is the size of the sandbox toy. If you live in a small apartment or just do not have a large yard, a smaller box will be best. If you do have the space, however, there are a number of large sandboxes that will suit your needs best.

What to look for in good sandbox toys?

The first thing to look for in a good sandbox is the durability. Kids can be rough on toys, so finding a sandbox that will last their childhood is imperative. To improve on the durability, another nice feature to look for is a sandbox lid. This protects the contents from the weather.

Since a sandbox is typically for children, make sure that the one you choose is safe. If you are going with plastic, make sure there are no rough edges or toxins in the plastic. With wood, be careful of splinters or exposed fasteners such as screw and nails.

Step2 Play and Store Sandbox

If you have the backyard space for it, the Step2 Play and Store Sandbox is a great option. It is made of plastic, holds up to 200 pounds (97 kg) of sand, has four built-in seats, and even comes with a lid to keep everything dry and contained.

At a mid-range price point, this sandbox is also very durable. The plastic will fade in the sun, but it is thick enough that it holds up for a long time. Additionally, since it is thicker, you will not need to worry about it developing cracks.

The lid itself is domed, which means you can keep all the toys inside when closed and not worry about finding a separate storage for them. Quite handy and practical, especially with a growing number of toys.

Great option, check it out!

My Little Sandbox – Big Builder

Another good tabletop sandbox option is the My Little Sandbox – Big Builder. Unlike the previous version, this option does come complete with sand and toys, but it is standard sand rather than kinetic sand.

This option would be perfect for indoor playtime for children because of the range of toys included.

It comes with a dump truck, boulders, a bag of gravel, safety cones, a shovel and rake, a construction crew, and blocks. Plus, there is a mat included to avoid making a mess outside of the box.

This 3D tactile construction theme sandbox set will have your kids play for hours no matter the weather outside. It’s made for kids over 3 years of age, and will help boost their creativity while having loads of fun!

Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach

The Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach appeals to the children in all of us. Because it is a desktop sized box, it can be used inside or even as a Zen garden at work. Unlike other sandbox toys, this one appeals to children and adults equally.

If you plan on using this sandbox for a child, it is great for small spaces or spaces without a yard. Since it fits comfortably on a tabletop, it can be used anywhere. For a desk at work, it also provides a nice calming activity to break up your day.

It’s a perfect toy for moms and dads to play with their little ones. It gathers everybody around for fun and socializing, and hours fly by playing with your kids and enjoying each others’ company.

BrookStone Sand Box 9.5″ x 9.5

The BrookStone Sand Box is another good desktop option. Unlike the previous option, this box is designed for BrookStone’s own patented SAND. It is made not to dry out or to stick to your hands, so it makes clean up easy. The box, however, is sold separately.

The box itself does come with a couple sand tools: a mold and a knife. Both items are well made and work very well with kinetic sand. Another benefit is that the box has a felt bottom, protecting your desk or table from scratches over time.

This sandbox wakes up the creative side in kids. They can draw faces, different shapes and write messages to one another. It is a simple toy that lets their imagination show its wonders. Combined with its separately sold SAND it is a great choice indeed.

Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

If you are still looking for a full-size, backyard sandbox, the Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox is a good option. This box is constructed from wood, so it is best to stay in one place in the yard.

One definite positive to this sandbox is the corner seats. Because the sandbox is fairly large, children and their parents can easily fit and play in the sandbox at once. Additionally, the wooden construction is not an eye sore for your backyard.

It is large enough for a number of kids to play at the same time – they can have one big sand party. 🙂 The range of games from building castles to digging for treasure will make them engaged for hours without leaving the backyard.

Take a look, an interesting option indeed.


Depending on whether you want a tabletop, indoor sandbox or an outdoor one, there are many great options on the market. The best sandbox toys for you are largely dependent on your own needs and space requirements.

Prior to purchasing, it is best to decide on a few key features. The material (plastic vs. wood), the size (indoor vs. outdoor), and the target age all impact which sandbox toys are the best for you.