Best Screen House For Camping Reviews (2018)

Planning a camping trip soon? One of the cool items on your list of camping equipment is the screen house for camping.

It is a great add-on as it provides you with the space for dining and a family get-together, and protects you from the bugs, mosquitoes and the elements.

They can house the table and chairs, as well as your bags, and can even double as a sleeping tent if you add the covers.

It’s a great way to enjoy the views and the nighttime parties while protecting yourself and the family.

Best Screen House For Camping: Quick Roundup

These screen houses offer ample space and protection against bugs and elements for your next trip:

  1. Coleman 15×13 Instant Screenhouse
  2. Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter, 140 X 140-Inch, Forest Green
  3. EasyGoProducts Screen Room – 10’x10′ Easy Up Pop Up Screen Tent Room
  4. Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo (6-sided)
  5. Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

What to look for in a good screen house for camping?

When selecting the right screen house, you need to keep in mind a few points, such as:

Size and dimensions

Screen houses are designed for using during the day and in the evening for dining, hiding from the rain or sun, or taking a nap. If you intend to use it with a family or group of friends, you should go for a larger screen house where you can also store your bags and enjoy the meals together.

Material and protection

A screen house should provide protection against mosquitoes, bugs and other pests, as well as from the rain and the harmful UV sun rays. You should make sure that your screened shelter is made of waterproof material, and that it provides 50+ UPF protection as well. Mosquito net is an integral part of every screen house, and besides providing protection against insects, it allows you to enjoy the view around you, both during daytime and nighttime.

Foldability and ease of carrying

Screen houses come in carrying bags and are completely foldable. Look for ones that are easy to set up, with stable canopy polls that can hold the structure together nicely. They are as easy to set up as tents nowadays, so you can start using them quite quickly after setting up camp.


Check out the accessories which are available for the screen house you are considering. One interesting add-on might be the tent covers for the sides which allow you to use the screen house as a tent for sleeping as well. Other accessories might include the portable fan, tables and chairs etc.

The right screen house is a mixture of comfort, safety and convenience. Here is a list of the top 5 screen houses that you can consider for your travels:

Coleman 15×13 Instant Screenhouse

Measuring 15×13 ft. 41.6 sq. ft. of shade, the Coleman Instant Greenhouse is the perfect screen house for all weathers, rain or shine.

Two large doors, one at the front and the other at the back allow for ease of movement within and outside the shelter.

Foldable canopy ensures that you can set up and take down the screen house within a few minutes.

The loops can be used to keep the doors open and you have the option of using zippers to close the screen doors.

A pull carry bag comes along with this screen canopy, ensuring great mobility.

This screenhouse is a great choice for your camping trips – check it out!

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Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter, 140 X 140-Inch, Forest Green

This ready-to-use screen house offers 94 total sqft interior space and has 90″ center height clearance. It comes pre-assembled with no setting up required.

A translucent mesh screen, triple layer corner pole pockets and a water resistant roof with taped seams are the added features that you would find in this screened shelter. The canopy measures 140″ X 140″ from hub-to-hub.

The Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter is made of 210 denier poly-oxford fabric with 600 denier for the center piece.

It also offers 50+ UV guard protection, and comes with an oversized carry bag, six deluxe tent stakes and tie down ropes.

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EasyGoProducts Screen Room – 10’x10′ Easy Up Pop Up Screen Tent Room

The Screen Room by EasyGoProducts is one of the most versatile screen houses available in the market.

One zippered entry, PVC flooring, three fully enclosed mesh walls and mesh netting screen ceiling make up the shelter. The screen room also has entry zips in the center, making it extremely easy to set up and fold.

If you’re looking for a screen house that is perfect for your family, this is the one.

Large in size and fully covered, this screened canopy will keep out bugs, mosquitoes and the elements when you’re out camping.

The screen room is collapsible and foldable too, making it easy to carry anywhere you go.

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Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo (6-sided)

As far as large screen houses go, there are very few products in the market that match the space afforded by the Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo. Measuring 7′ 2″ high and 11′ 8″ hub-to-hub, this 6-sided shelter is ideal for large groups.

The waterproof roof made out of heavy-duty polyester material makes this screen house perfect for all weathers.

The Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo comes with 12 ground stakes, 6 tie-down ropes and a carrying bag.

Wind panels are sold separately which can be used to reinforce the waterproof walls and roof.

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Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Measuring 27.5×8.75×8.75 inches, this 140 sqft size screen house by Wenzel Sun Valley is ideal for enjoying the nature and the great outdoors.

Made of waterproof material, the screen house has two inverted T doors. With a peak height of 86 inches and weighing 20 pounds, 1 ounce, this shelter has enough space to place a picnic table and bags inside.

The mesh screen is thick and keeps out rain, sleet and wind. The mesh cover also keeps out insects and bugs.

The Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House will ensure lots of pleasant memories form your camping trips and picnics.

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A screen house is a perfect add-on to your camping gear. It allows you to enjoy sitting in the nature protected from bugs, mosquitoes and the elements, while enjoying the view around you – what’s not to like!