Best Sleeping Bag For Big Guys 2018 Reviews

A sleeping bag that is too small can be extremely uncomfortable and can reduce the quality of your sleep. It can indeed ruin your camping or hiking trip.

A sleeping bag that is ideal for big guys is what you need to look for, to ensure that you get a good night’s rest when at camp.

The manufacturers have realized this is a necessity, and have developed a number of such bags.

They are of high quality, durable and are larger than standard bags. Explore the ones below and find out what you need to look for when in search of a bigger sleeping bag.

Best Sleeping Bag For Big Guys: Quick Roundup

Check out these superb sleeping bags for big people, and get yourself a good night’s sleep every time:

  1. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag
  2. Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag
  3. Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag For Adults
  4. Coleman Biscayne Big And Tall Warm Weather Sleeping Bag
  5. All Season XL Hooded Sleeping Bag With Compression Sack

What to look for in a good sleeping bag for big guys?

Here are some factors which you need to evaluate when selecting a sleeping bag for your camping or hiking trip:

Shape And Fit

Rectangular sleeping bags are ideal for camping trips due to the comfort they provide. Here you’ll have the space necessary to sleep comfortably. A semi-rectangular sleeping bag tapers near the feet and provides warmth. It is perfect for colder climates.

If you plan on camping in a car, a mummy-shaped sleeping bag which is snug and perfectly-fitted is ideal given the space constraint.


Sizing is the basic cause for discomfort during sleep. Choose a sleeping bag which is a little longer than your frame. This way you’ll be covered from head to toe and you’ll be able to sleep in comfort.

Insulation And Filling

There are three basic types of insulation in sleeping bags. The first is the synthetic insulation, which is quick drying and water-resistant. Made from synthetic polyester, it is extremely light, pocket-friendly and well-insulated. You can get these in non-allergenic polyester as well.

The second is the down insulation, which isn’t water-resistant, but is definitely softer and more comfortable than other sleeping bags. The third type is made of goose down and is extremely warm and durable. This is the perfect option for rough terrains. Downs are perfect for long-term investment and are ideal for extremely cold weather.

Temperature Rating

The temperature rating of a sleeping bag refers to the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag will keep the user warm and insulated. Based on temperature ratings, bags are classified into three types:

  • Summer bags – with a rating of +35°
  • Winter bags – with a rating of – (10°)
  • All season bags – with a rating between 10° and 35°


A good sleeping bag is one which has a shell fabric made of durable, water-resistant nylon. A bag hood is another feature that will keep you warm in cold climates. Pockets for extra storage space, pad sleeves and pillow pockets are other features that will add value.


Choose a sleeping bag that comes in a sack or a bag. This allows for easy transport. A brand that offers bag liners to keep your sleeping bag warm is also well worth conisedring.

Check out these five best sleeping bags for big guys and enjoy your adventures in the great outdoors after a good night’s sleep, every time:

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Measuring 90×39 inches (i.e. 7.5 ft long), this sleeping bag made of taffeta shell is extremely durable. Shoulder and zipper draft tubes keep you insulated in cold weather.

The bag’s side zippers allow you to zip two Celsius XXL -18C/0F bags together, creating a shared bed.

This bag is designed to work even in 0° temperature. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is a very good choice – check it out!

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Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Made and filled with 100% polyester, this sleeping bag is ideal for temperatures between 0⁰ F and 20⁰ F.

A diamond ripstop polyester cover and liner keep the bag insulated at all times.

A semi-sculpted hood keeps your head and face warm while you sleep. This bag can fit a person who is 6 ft. 6 in. and below.

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Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag For Adults

Measuring 95″ x 35″/240cm x 90cm, this sleeping bag is ideal for large people. The bag is designed to be used in 23-50°F/-5-10°C.

Two-way zippers can zip together two sleeping bags, allowing for greater space.

An internal pocket and an external compressed oxford sack provide much needed storage space. People as tall as 6’6″ in can comfortably fit in here.

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Coleman Biscayne Big And Tall Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman’s sleeping bag made and filled with top-quality, imported 100% polyester is designed to keep out cold winds while you sleep.

Made from hard-wearing materials and having adequate space for fully grown adults to fit in comfortably, this is an ideal sleeping bag for your hiking trips.

Its length of 6.75 ft ensures comfort for bigger guys, and is a great choice for warmer weather destinations.


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All Season XL Hooded Sleeping Bag With Compression Sack

With a temperature range of 32-60°F, this sleeping bag will keep you cozy throughout the night.

Made from a tough ripstop waterproof shell, it is perfect for hiking, trekking, mountaineering and a range of other adventure activities.

Capable of comfortably housing anyone up to 6’6”, this bag with its 88×34 in dimensions is the perfect solution for big-boned people.

Multiple inner pockets provide needed storage space. This bag contains a high-loft fill which is designed to give you a 5-star snooze.

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Big guys are not at a disadvantage when it comes to sleeping bags. The above five sleeping bags are specifically designed for them to enjoy a high quality sleep when camping or hiking.