Best Travel Alarm Clock with Light (2018): Wake Up On Time On Travels

If waking up early in the morning has always been a struggle for you (like for many others), then perhaps you need a travel alarm clock.

No matter how much we hate the sound of an alarm clock, we really cannot leave it behind while traveling, especially on business travels.

However, travel alarm clocks have evolved in design, features, sounds and practicality, so now you can find the ones which happily greet you in the morning with your favorite melody. 🙂

Best Travel Alarm Clock with Light: Quick Roundup

Check out these superb alarm clocks with plenty of bells and whistles for your next traveling adventure:

  1. Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock
  2. Marathon Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature
  3. Travelwey Analog Clock
  4. HITO Atomic Travel Alarm Clock
  5. Tech Tools’ World Time Travel Alarm Clock

What to look for in a good travel alarm clock with light?

Buying a travel alarm clock sounds easy. However, finding the best one that has all the features you need requires a bit of a plan. You can simplify your search by considering the following aspects of a travel alarm clock:

  • Digital vs analog – Go for a digital alarm clock if you want noiseless features and a more precise time.
  • Visibility – Digital alarm clocks with light enable you to clearly see the time at any time of the night
  • Noise level – Look for travel alarm clocks with different volumes and customizable tones to meet your comfort level.
  • Simplicity – Ensure that your alarm clock is easy to use and does not involve a complicated time-setting process.
  • Durability – Since you would be carrying the alarm clock in your luggage, make sure it is made of a durable and unbreakable material.

Read on and check out the best travel alarm clocks with light for your your next journey.

Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon’s CL030036BK travel alarm clock has a compact size of 3.25 x 0.5 x 2.75 inches, thus proving a travel-friendly accessory for late risers.

These clocks have an auto night light feature that allows you to read time even under poor lighting condition.

The multifunction display of these clocks is self-adjusting and self-setting.

Moreover, you get six time zones, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland, and five languages, which are English, Italian, French, Spanish and German, to choose from.

These alarm clocks use a built-in light sensor to detect poor lighting environments. You can also manually operate the backlight if you want.

This travel alarm clock is a great option for your travels – check it out!

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Marathon Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature

Marathon’s CL030023 travel alarm clock comes with a calendar to mark your important travel dates and temperature display to show how hot or cold the day would be.

With a 180-degree rotational clock face, these foldable alarm clocks are an ideal travel partner for light travelers.

You can set the calendar in five languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

These alarm clocks are equipped with AAA battery, which ensures a low power consumption and maximum lifespan.

Go for these travel alarm clocks if you want something compact and functional.

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Travelwey Analog Clock

This analog travel clock from Travelwey has a silent second hand, thus ensuring your sleep is undisturbed at night.

The alarm keeps ringing till it’s turned off, thus ensuring that you get out of your bed.

These clocks have luminous hands which allow you to read the time even in the dark.

The hard plastic casing of this clock makes it ideal for traveling. You can slip it into your main luggage or carry-on bag without the fear of breaking it.

These clocks will surely wake you up on time so that you don’t miss an early-morning flight or a shore excursion from your cruise ship.

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HITO Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

HITO’s Atomic Travel Alarm Clock is one of the most sophisticated clocks in the market.

Equipped with Daylight Saving Time (DST), these clocks have a radio-controlled automatic date and time updating feature.

Measuring 3.8 x 3.2 x 1 inches, these clocks can fit into your luggage with ease.

The large display of these clocks shows time, time zone, date, the day of the week, alarm, alarm status, and temperature.

The LED backlight ensures visibility even in the dark and the snooze function doesn’t let you fall back to sleep again.

You are sure to set proper timelines during your trip with this amazing travel alarm clock.

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Tech Tools’ World Time Travel Alarm Clock

The World Time Travel Alarm Clock from Tech Tools is an extremely lightweight accessory, thus proving ideal for light travelers.

The pocket-sized flashlight displays the time of 18 time zones across the globe. The 16 wake up melodies of this alarm clock ensures that you wake up and move out of bed instantly.

Moreover, these alarm clocks also display the temperature, a calendar, and a countdown timer.

The flashlight ensures that you get out of bed without getting your toe stubbed against a chair or table. The alarm clock light will also help you find important items quickly in the dark.

The compact size and useful features make these clocks one of the most travel-friendly clocks in the market.

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Travel alarm clock with light is a useful and practical addition to your travel accessories – you’ll wake up in time for that cool tour you booked for your destination, and the light will help you tell the time at any time of the night!