Best Travel Door Lock Reviews 2018: Safe Wherever You Are

When you’re traveling to any foreign location,  it’s a good idea to think ahead about your personal safety.

Sometimes people tend to feel insecure, especially if they’re traveling alone and staying in a new hotel/hostel in an unfamiliar area.

The good news is that travelers can now invest in portable door locks, designed exclusively for travel purposes.

These door locks allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind regarding your personal safety, as well as your belongings.

It is possible to put a portable lock on almost any internal door. This will secure the room completely, making it inaccessible to those on the outside.

Best Travel Door Lock: Quick Roundup

Take a look at these travel door locks for your next adventure:

  1. Addalock
  2. Sabre Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm
  3. Secure Portable Door Safety Lock
  4. EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with 120DB Siren Door Stopper
  5. Travelers Security Lock

What to look for in a good travel door lock?

Here are some of the key things to look for in travel door locks:

  • Robustness – They should be made out of a solid material (preferably steel) to ensure maximum safety.
  • Portability and ease of use – They should be easy-to-carry and install. You don’t want to carry any extra tools or equipment for installation.
  • Versatility – You should be able to secure your travel door lock on any internal door in a hotel/hostel/BnB room.
  • Keyless feature – A travel door lock should ideally be a keyless lock.

Here are the 5 best travel door locks to take with you on your next journey:


The Addalock travel door lock is a portable lock that can be installed on a door in a matter of seconds.

It promises extra safety and security to all travelers looking to enjoy peace of mind in a foreign place.

This lightweight travel lock (4.5 ounces) is ideal for use in hotels, hostels, dorm rooms, apartments, Airbnbs and all kinds of short-term rental accommodations.

The Addalock is a single piece portable door lock that can also be used at home when not traveling.

This lock is a great choice for your travels – check it out!

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Sabre Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

The Sabre Dorm Stop Alarm is capable of sounding a 120 dB alarm upon activation.

It comes equipped with a non-skid pad which restricts the opening of the door when the alarm sounds.

It can easily fit onto bedroom doors, hotel room doors, dorm room door, front doors and apartment doors.

The size is perfect for travel purposes.

This kit does not require any professional installation or monthly maintenance.

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Secure Portable Door Safety Lock

The Secure Portable Door Safety Lock safeguards your privacy while keeping you safe, whether at home or when traveling.

Made entirely of metal, this portable travel lock is strong and durable.

It does not require any tools for installation and is extremely easy to operate and carry in your handbag or luggage.

It is efficient in preventing break-ins and will help you enjoy peace of mind when traveling to a foreign land.

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EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with 120DB Siren Door Stopper

The EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with Siren Door Stopper can be utilized both as a door stopper and as a stop alarm.

It comes equipped with rubber bearing that helps prevent sliding of the door, thus protecting you from break-ins.

The alarm has three different levels of sensitivity and a loud shrill – a 120 dB alarm is likely to scare anyone away.

A 9V battery is used for powering the stop alarm. This single piece battery will typically last for a year without needing replacement.

The EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with Siren Door Stopper requires no installation and is extremely convenient to carry for all your travels.

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Travelers Security Lock

The Travelers Security Lock is a portable travel security door lock that can be fitted onto most of the right and left-hand doors.

It does not require any combinations or keys for operation. The lock is the ideal size for carrying in your handbag or pocket and serves as an excellent gift for those who love traveling and may need extra security.

The Travelers Security Lock can be operated from the internal side of the door only, that is, it cannot be accessed from the outside by anybody.

The lock does an excellent job at tightly securing the door against its frame to avoid crowbar or credit card intrusion.

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A travel door lock is a great little gadget to have on you when traveling. It will allow you to travel peacefully and will guarantee your personal safety wherever your travels may take you.