Best Travel Electric Toothbrush 2018: Powered Freshness and Smile

Fresh breath and a beautiful smile is something we all want on a daily basis all day long.

For travelers, a very handy gadget for this purpose is the travel electric toothbrush.

As such toothbrushes are usually bulky, here we’ll look at not-so-bulky ones that that are perfect for travel (read: slim, elegant, do the job 🙂 ).

Best Travel Electric Toothbrush: Quick Roundup

Check out these ones, with more info in the reviews below:

  1. Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush
  2. Blynx BX-150 Portable Travel-Sized Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Case & 2 Brush Heads
  3. Violife Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush, Rose Gold

How to Choose the Best Travel Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes for travel can fit into your travel bag easily and usually come in durable hard carry cases. They tend to be roughly the same size as a manual toothbrush and sometimes will come with an extra head or two, and are battery operated. Choose brushes with extended battery lives by paying attention to product details and reviews.

What to Look for in a Good Travel Electric Toothbrush?

You want a toothbrush that is close to the same size of your manual toothbrush. You want one that uses a regular AA or AAA battery and which comes with a protective case. This way it will be protected and provide you with powered cleaning without taking up too much luggage space.

Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush

The Violife Style Slim Sonic electric travel toothbrush was the first portable toothbrush to use a battery as its power source. It features a water proof battery compartment with a motor chamber that is fully water tight.

The cap is ventilated to release moisture to prevent the formation of mold and mildew and comes in a mascara style design. The stylish electric travel toothbrush comes with a limited one year warranty against electronic defects.

The toothbrush comes in a variety of designs so you can choose the style that best speaks to you. Your purchase of this items comes with an extra brush head so you don’t have to make a new purchase soon after buying this one.

Its compact design makes it great for traveling, or even as a second toothbrush to take with you to the office to clean your teeth after lunch. The Violife portable travel electric toothbrush is compatible with all toothbrush sanitizers from Violife.

Great option – check it out!

Blynx BX-150 Portable Travel-Sized Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Case & 2 Brush Heads

The BX150 travel electric toothbrush from Blynx comes in a compact case and can easily fit into a standard pocket. This makes it a great travel option along with the fact that it runs on 1 AAA battery which will provide you with use up to 120 days with one battery.

The toothbrush provides 28,000 strokes per minute and features both sensitive and normal brushing modes. The toothbrush has a waterproof design so that it is easy to clean and its electronic parts won’t be damaged through regular use.

This toothbrush, like other Blynx products comes backed by a one year full warranty. This means that if you purchase this toothbrush and in the unlikely event that it breaks down from a mechanical failure during the first year of use, then the manufacture will replace the unit. The unit comes with two brush heads so this is sure to last you for quite some time.

Violife Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush, Rose Gold

The Violife slim sonic electric travel toothbrush is the ultra-compact version of a regular travel toothbrush. Its slim design makes it easy to fit into a pocket on your clothing, handbag or backpack.

It cleans quickly yet thoroughly, getting rid of surface stains in a gentle but effective manner. It is super effective at removing plaque deep between the teeth along with the gum line.

This toothbrush runs on a single AAA battery. You get a battery included with your purchase along with an additional spare brush head. This is great as everything you need is included with your purchase so this should last you for a couple months to a year before you need to repurchase any batteries or brush heads.


Nothing can replace the fresh and clean feeling that you get when you use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth. Once you start using an electric toothbrush you can’t go back. Check it out, and see if it works for you, too!