Best Travel Pillow for Airplanes 2018 (and For Cars and Cruise Ships Too!)

Flights always come with their own set of challenges, don’t they?

Crying babies, sub-par food, and the guy next to you with the loud snore are just a few of the nightmare scenarios you might encounter on longer trips.

Especially if you’re going to be in the air for a long time, you’d rather not worry about your travel pillow making things worse when it should make things better and more comfortable for your flight.

That’s why getting the best travel pillow for airplanes  (as well as for long car rides and cruise trips too!) is a great idea.

If you add a pair of earplugs into the mix to help you get some sleep, you’ll arrive to your destination fresh and ready for leisure time. 🙂

Best Travel Pillow for Airplanes: Quick Roundup

Check out these comfy, effective travel pillows – forget about the neck pain on the long trips and get good sleep:

  1. Daisy Travel Pillow
  2. Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow
  3. Classic Travel Pillow by Memory Soft
  4. Morph Pillow

How to choose a travel pillow for airplanes?

Everyone wants soft fabric, neck and head support and portability from from their travel pillow. But how do you choose the best travel pillow for your needs?

First, ask yourself what sort of traveling you do – do you fly or take a train often? Do you often find yourself on international flights or overnight flights? Which fabrics feel best? Which shape is best for you, and most ergonomic?

Portability and comfort are two of the most crucial details of a great travel pillow. If you travel often and prefer to nap through the flight, then a soft, struggle-free pillow should work for you. Fabrics such as microfiber or polyester hold up well under multiple uses, and be aware of what kind of neck support you require.

If you suffer from neck pain, be sure to give yourself the support you need. Here are just a few options for your next in-flight nap, to make things simple and stress-free in the sky, in the car or on a train or ship:

Daisy Travel Pillow

Daisy’s patented travel pillow supports the head, chin and neck simultaneously. Especially suitable for side-sleepers and those who suffer from neck pain caused by head dropping, this pillow does wonders.

Its unique design is especially effective for air travel, as it helps support the head and neck in any seat – window, aisle or middle seats.

Made of soft, machine-washable polyester outer fabric and polyester/cotton fluff inside, this pillow is easy to clean and feels just as comfortable as the first time you used it.

With a dual support system of a U-shape to support the neck and a V shape to support the head, you’ll very likely to find the setup which works for you.

As an added bonus, Daisy also offers a money-back guarantee if the pillow does not meet your standards.

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Rather than a traditional neck pillow or memory foam pillow, the Travelrest pillow is inflatable, and tethers to the back of a plane or car seat. It lies laterally across the body, or it can be laid to one side, like an inflatable body pillow.

Easy to inflate and deflate, this pillow rolls up for easy storage and packing away.

This pillow is super adjustable—inflate or deflate according to your needs, tie it to your seat or wear it across your body. It is indeed suitable for a number of travel scenarios – from a long plane ride to a car trip.

This pillow takes some adjusting, so be aware that you may have to find the position which best works for your needs.

Classic Travel Pillow by Memory Soft

If great value and adjustability are on the top of your priority list, Memory Soft’s Classic Travel Pillow is your new go-to pillow.

A standard U-shaped pillow made with memory foam for custom contouring to your neck and head, this pillow will make you look forward to your next flight.

With adjustable straps that help to achieve the best support possible, Memory Soft’s classic travel pillow is anything but basic—it is tailored to you.

With a travel bag included for easy portability, it doesn’t bulk up your luggage nor does it force you to carry it separately from the rest of your luggage.

This pillow also comes with a 30-day guarantee – your money back if you are unsatisfied. The case is also removable for easy washing, and is a superb value for money indeed.

Morph Pillow

This pillow is not your average U-shaped neck pillow you’re used to seeing in the airport store.

Instead, with its round, versatile shape that molds to your head and neck, the Morph Pillow is an innovative alternative to the ordinary travel pillow.

Lined with memory foam, this pillow will allow you to customize your comfort experience according to your needs, and once your shape is achieved, the pillow will stay at your customized shape.

Small, lightweight and portable, the Morph Pillow allows for easy transporting and storage—definitely not awkward or in the way.

This pillow is great for those who are looking to customize their pillow to suit their specific needs, and who frequently nap on the go.


Traveling doesn’t have to be more stressful than it already is.

Whether you’re flying overnight, boarding a train or a traveling in a long car ride, napping is essential to reaching your destination happy and sane.

These top five travel pillows are wonderful for all your specific needs, and will help to reduce neck pain. For a washable, comfortable, bulk-free napping experience, the Morph Pillow will conform to your shape and will be easily portable when you reach your destination.

If you require a little more adjustability, the Travelrest pillow offers customized support for those long trips. Fly, drive or ride in comfort with these best travel pillows for a comfortable experience.