Best Travel Shoe Bags: Keep Your Shoes Fancy And Dry On Travels

Packing your shoes always comes to mind at the last minute when you’re packing for a trip. Quality travel shoe bags are a true life saver because they protect not only your shoes but also the clothes inside your luggage from the shoes themselves.

Shoe bags are obviously useful on trips, but they are also a good addition to your closet as they keep your fancy shoes dust-free and secure.

Best Travel Shoe Bags: Quick Roundup

These travel shoe bags offer the protection that you need for your shoes while traveling:

  1. YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & Women
  2. YOMO Designer Shoe Bag (Set of 3) with View Window
  3. Misslo Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4) with Zipper
  4. Cosmos 10 Piece Drawstring Travel Shoe Bag
  5. FashionBoutique Waterproof Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4)

Scroll down for more detailed reviews of each of these sets of shoe bags.

What to look for in the good travel shoe bags?

When shopping for travel shoe bags, savvy travelers typically assess the following features:

  • Size – Is the interior room sufficient or snug for their shoe size?
  • Design – Are shoes properly protected when the bag is jostled and they move around in the bag?
  • Enclosure – Is the fastening mechanism durable and easy to operate?
  • Water resistance – In the event that the bag is soaked due to rain, falls in a water-filled pothole or someone spills wine or a liquid on it, will the shoes be harmed in any way?

Read on to see how they help you protect your precious shoes.

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & Women

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & WomenIf you’re looking for a simple, durable and versatile unisex travel shoe bag, this four-pack is for you.

The bags are made of nylon that is both lightweight and waterproof. They won’t add much weight to your overall luggage, can handle spills, while also being a breeze to carry around, especially if you will be hopping from town to town, island-to-island or touring an entire continent.

Of the four travel shoe bags, there are two in standard sizes (9″L x 4.7″W x 9.8″H) that comfortably accommodate men’s and women’s shoes under size 10.

At 9″L x 4.7″W x 12.2″H, the other two are designed for men’s shoes in sizes 11 to 14. Alternatively, you can store two sets of kids shoes in them.

Special attention has been paid to the zipper design, whose zipper teeth ensure smooth fastening and opening. When you unfasten the zipper, the bag opens out to quickly place your shoes into your hands as opposed to you having to fish them out from the bag.

Great option for your travels – check these bags out!

YOMO Designer Shoe Bag (Set of 3) with View Window

YOMO Designer Shoe Bag (Set of 3) with View WindowWhen not adequately enclosed, shoes can suffer scratches or damages in transit. That’s the last thing you want, especially if you are carrying designer shoes or delicate ones.

YOMO’s set of three bags houses your shoes in the safety of durable canvas, protecting them against a number of threats such as accidental fall and rough handling.

An interesting feature is a transparent window that keeps your shoes in sight. This is handy at the time of packing, dressing up, or keeping a tab on your personal belongings during your travels and hotel stay.

The shoe bag has a drawstring closure, so it is pretty secure and convenient to haul around without worrying about your shoes falling out. At 15 x 12 x 0.2 inches, the bag offers adequate room for adult shoes in larger sizes. This is indeed a higher end option – perfect for your high end shoes! 🙂

Misslo Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4) with Zipper

Misslo Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4) with ZipperSome of us may just want a shoe bag that is big enough to fit adult shoes and matching socks. This nylon shoe bag from Misslo does precisely that.

At 15 x 9.8  x 4.3 inches, it holds adult men’s and women’s shoes comfortably.

The bag has a no-frills design that focuses on space, reliability and practicality.

The zipper enclosure allows easy packing and removal of shoes, while also securing the bag’s contents through the length of the trip.

You may choose to pack other travel items in it, and when you’re back home, the bag can serve as additional storage.

Cosmos 10 Piece Drawstring Travel Shoe Bag

Cosmos 10 Piece Drawstring Travel Shoe BagLooking for an affordable travel bag set to neatly pack your shoes on your vacation?

Cosmos offers a value-for-money product that prioritizes practicality over style.

Here are five reasons why you may want to put this bag on your list:

  • Make the most of 10 bags in one set – great when you want to carry dress shoes, sneakers and flats on your trip, or you’re traveling with family.
  • Fit a larger adult shoe size or multiple kids’ sneakers in one bag (17.25 x 13.5 inches)
  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy fastening strap for long-term, hassle free use
  • Convenient drawstring closure

FashionBoutique Waterproof Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4)

FashionBoutique Waterproof Nylon Shoe Bag (Set of 4)Another affordable set of four, this travel shoe bag’s nylon construction makes it pretty durable, but mostly a practical choice for storing and carrying clean shoes or – if you wish – sneakers that have gathered a bit of dirt on your mountain trek.

FashionBoutique offers each bag in four eye-catching colors, which scores a style point, but importantly – helps you mentally pair the bag color with the shoe pair it houses.

At 15 x12 inches, the bag does a good job of accommodating medium and slightly larger shoe sizes.

Its drawstring closure keeps your shoes secure while its waterproof design offers an additional level of safety against the elements.

Our recommendation of the best travel shoe bags:

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & Women

Made of waterproof nylon, with quality zippers and 2 sets of larger and smaller shoe bags for men's and women's shoes - YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & Women are the best travel shoe bags for your travels.YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag Set of 4 for Men & Women


A quality set of travel bags is a good investment for the frequent traveler. As there is something to suit every requirement, you should have no trouble finding the perfect set for your vacations.

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