Best Travel Shoes for Men (2018): Comfy, Durable, Good Looking

Having the right pair of shoes on your trip can make a huge difference.

Finding the best travel shoes for men can also be a bit of a chore. Much of the decision relies on your own travel habits and preferences.

Whether you are flying to travel or driving, the type of shoes you will want will be a little different.

The most important questions to ask yourself are whether or not the shoes are comfortable and what type of travel you plan on doing.

Best Travel Shoes for Men: Quick Roundup

Check out these best picks, with more detailed reviews below:

  1. Keen Men’s Rialto Traveler Shoe
  2. Kunsto Men’s Classic Leather Oxford Flats Shoes
  3. Merrell Men’s Capra Rise Hiking Shoe

How to choose the best travel shoes for men?

Choosing the best travel shoes for men relies on a couple of factors. First, the ease with which the shoe can be taken off and put on is important. This especially matters for people who are flying as most TSA checks require you to remove your shoes.

Second, you are likely going to be wearing these shoes for several hours a day, probably much longer when traveling. For this reason, they need to be comfortable. This will rely heavily on your own personal preferences and foot needs. Knowing this information prior to purchasing will help immensely.

What to look for in good travel shoes for men?

One thing you should look for in the travel shoes for men is the durability. You do not want to have your shoes falling apart while you travel. Purchasing durable shoes will give you peace of mind which traveling.

Another crucial thing to look for is the comfort. You’ll likely be spending hours and days walking along cobbled stone streets, squares, waiting in lines to get into museums etc. The perfect shoe would adapt to your foot, be lightweight and not hot – it should allow your foot to breathe.

With all that in mind let’s look at some of the best travel shoes for men.

Keen Men’s Rialto Traveler Shoe

The Keen Men’s Rialto Traveler Shoe has a similar aesthetic to the previous option. Since it is more of a sneaker type shoe, it looks a bit sportier and is perfect for your holiday trips.

One major benefit of these shoes is that they have elastic closures rather than laces. Because you do not need to untie and retie them, they are very easy to remove for airport TSA checks. Additionally, Keen is well known for comfort, so you should stay comfy all day.

The sole is made of rubber and the leather allows the feet to breathe. They are waterproof and thus perfect for various terrains. Comfortable and easy to put on – ready to take you on your next walking adventure.

Kunsto Men’s Classic Leather Oxford Flats Shoes

The Kunsto Men’s Classic Leather Oxford Flats Shoes are a great fashionable option for travelers. They are made from leather with a rubber sole, so they will last for a long time and maintain their good looks. This is especially nice for formal nights on a cruise business travel.

The first nice thing about theses shoes is the material. It is relatively stain resistant, so they will continue to look good with use. Also, because they have only a partial lace-up, they are easy to take off and put back on again.

The sole is slip-resistant, and the shoes quite comfortable for the whole day use. They come in variety of colors and can be matched with various outfits you bring to your vacation. Check them out!

Merrell Men’s Capra Rise Hiking Shoe

Another good alternative as a sporty travel shoe is the Merrell Men’s Capra Rise Hiking Shoe. Since these are proper hiking shoes, they are a bit more sturdy and heavy duty than other options. They offer a fair amount of support, however, so if you need it, these are a good option.

One of the main things these shoes have going for them is the Vibram sole. This type of sole is made to conform to your own foot as well as provide stability. If you are looking for something that has a more custom feel, the Vibram sole will not disappoint you.

Its breathable mesh lining allows the foot to breathe, and they come with the EVA contoured footbed. These are indeed all terrain shoes that can equally comfortably sightseeing the cities and hiking through parks and nature – good option.


The most important thing to remember when looking for the best travel shoes for men are your own needs. If you are looking for a more business appropriate shoe, then you will need something different than someone looking to hike while traveling.

No matter what your needs are, however, there are some great options on the market. Finding the best travel shoes for men should not be a problem. Remember to look for something that will be comfortable all day, and you’ll enjoy your travels indeed.