Best Water Bottle for Backpacking 2018: Stay Hydrated On Your Journeys

Backpacking vacations are always fun and adventurous.

But it’s essential not to forget about your hydration while on a backpacking trip.

Backpackers love to travel light.

In fact, they should, because it would be practically impossible to carry large accessories.

But if hydration is what concerns you, worry not.

There are a number of travel-friendly water bottles that are ideal for backpackers.

Best Water Bottle for Backpacking: Quick Roundup

Check out these awesome water bottles for backpacking and stay hydrated wherever you go:

  1. LifeStraw Go Water Bottle
  2. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle
  3. Vapur Element Bottle
  4. XHAIZ Collapsible Water Bottle
  5. Sawyer Products Personal Water Bottle Filter

What to look for in a good water bottle for backpacking?

Consider the following factors when considering a water bottle for your backpacking trip:

  • Size – Common water bottle size ranges from 16 to 32 ounces. Go for a size that stores enough water so that you can drink at least 4 to 6 ounces every 20 minutes.
  • Shape – Since you would be backpacking, you will need a slender bottle which fits easily in the side sleeves of your backpack.
  • Materials – You should go for the BPA-free plastic water bottles because they are highly durable.
  • Nozzles – Go for water bottles that have a nozzle because you might have to drink water on the go.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle 

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle is integrated with a 1000-liter LifeStraw filter, which filters water as you drink.

The smart filtering feature makes these water bottles ideal for travel, camping, and backpacking.

The hollow fiber membrane removes protozoa and bacteria without using batteries, iodine or chemicals.

The second-stage activated carbon filter reduces chlorine, odor and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste.

The durable design makes them an ideal choice even when traveling rigorously.

The leak-proof bottle can hold 23 ounces of water, thus helping you stay hydrated throughout your trip.

This is a superb choice for your backpacking adventures – check it out!

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Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle 

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottles are extremely durable bottles meant for the rigorous traveler.

These bottles have a patented locking twist cap which eliminates spills and leaks.

Made of 100% food grade materials, these bottles are non-toxic and do not leave behind any odor or aftertaste.

The soft silicon body of these bottles maintains their sturdy shape with or without water.

You can fold them into a compact size and slip them into the sleeve of your backpack.

These stylish bottles provide the much-needed versatility for use during outdoor activities, exercise, yoga, camping, and backpacking.

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Vapur Element Bottle

Vapur Element Bottles have the quality to sustain extensive travel needs of people. The flip cap opens easily and allows you to drink on the go while on a backpacking trip.

Moreover, the tough seal prevents water from leaking and ruining contents of your backpack.

Constructed with BPA-free materials, these bottles have the durability and flexibility you need while traveling outdoors.

You can even fold these bottles into a compact size and put them in your backpack sleeves.

Go for these bottles if you want a portable and non-toxic container while camping and hiking.

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XHAIZ Collapsible Water Bottle

XHAIZ Collapsible Water Bottles are made of BPA-free, food grade material, which ensures complete safety.

The air release valve ensures that water stays odorless inside for a long time.

Moreover, the heat-proof and leak-proof design make them ideal for both summer and winter vacations.

With a capacity of 26 ounces and weight of 155 grams, these bottles are versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, cycling and hiking, trekking, and exercising.

You can roll them up and put them in your backpack without occupying much space.

Go for these bottles if you want a multifunctional water bottle that allows you to travel light.

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Sawyer Products Personal Water Bottle Filter

Sawyer Products Personal Water Bottle Filters are made of BPA-free materials, which makes them extremely safe as a water storage accessory.

The capacity of these bottles is 34 ounces, which is enough to keep you hydrated during your trip.

These bottles have a Micron hollow fiber membrane, which removes water-borne bacteria and prevents diseases. Maintenance is easy.

They are designed to provide a high flow rate for drinking on the go.

You can go for these bottles if you want the highest level of filtration for your hydration needs.

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Best Water Bottle for Backpacking

With its integrated 1000-liter LifeStraw filter, fiber membrane that removes protozoa and bacteria and a second stage filter that removes chlorine and odor, and with a cool design and durable material - LifeStraw Go Water Bottle is the best water bottle for backpacking adventures.

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Water bottle for backpacking is an indispensable item for your backpacking adventures. It will help you stay hydrated and enjoy your trips wherever they may take you.