Best Waterproof Duffel (Top Quality Bags of 2018)

Your luggage is quite susceptible to elements beyond your control on trips and adventures.

Considering a waterproof duffel bag is a good idea if you like to pack quickly and to protect your stuff while on your travels from rain and water.

Whether you’re embarking on a sailing trip, a cruise or a rafting or kayaking tour, a water-proof duffel is a practical investment.

Best Waterproof Duffel: Quick Roundup

Check out these high quality, spacious duffel bags for your next travel adventure:

  1. Kwik Tek Dry Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag
  2. Aqua Quest White Water Duffel in Black, Red or Charcoal
  3. OverBoard Waterproof Duffel Bag
  4. DuffelSak Roll Top Duffel with Reflective Trim
  5. Leader Accessories Deluxe Waterproof Duffel Bag

What to look for in a good waterproof duffel?

Tips on choosing a water-resistant duffel:

  • Understand the level of protection the bag can actually provide – is it water resistant or fully waterproof?
  • Check out the carrying capacity, especially if you plan to pack many items
  • See if multiple D-rings are part of the package so you can carry the bag or secure it to a rack in different ways
  • If you will be carrying several small items or want to segregate your belongings, opt for a bag with more than two pockets.
  • Check the construction and material quality, as well as the warranty

Here is a look at five water-proof duffel bags that tick all the right boxes for your next adventure:

Kwik Tek Dry Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag

This is nylon/polyester bag can be dunked in water and emerge unfazed!

A very popular product, it is ideal if you want a spacious bag to store a number items on a lengthier trip.

If you don’t necessarily need the 24 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch closed dimensions and 4270 cubic inch capacity, just roll the top of the bag down to make it more compact to carry  around.

The side release buckles secure easily and tightly so you don’t have to worry about items spilling out.

The side zippered pockets are also water-resistant. The design is robust, with a molded bottom for reliable support and electronically welded seams for lasting durability and ability to stand the stress of heavy items.

The padded shoulder strap makes the bag comfortable to carry around; it is both adjustable and removable for carrying flexibility.

With a 70L capacity, you can stuff a lot of items in it (note : avoid overloading the bag as it will only add stress on your shoulders or hands).

This duffel bag is a great choice – check it out!

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Aqua Quest White Water Duffel in Black, Red or Charcoal

If your travels will take you to locations with challenging weather conditions – rain, sand or dirt – this duffel from Aqua Quest is recommended.

It is a solid design that resists the elements reliably, including keeping your items dry even when the bag is placed on or falls on wet ground.

There are two external mesh pockets to secure wet and dry items separately.

Webbing loops at the bottom allow the bag to be quickly and firmly secured to motorbikes, racks, boats and vehicles.

This is sure to come in handy on adventure trips and sea journeys.

Though the bag is quite big and spacious, it is also lightweight with padded, adjustable shoulder straps for carrying comfort.

With 6 D-rings, a number of adjustments are possible; the paddle handle is yet another way to carry the bag if it isn’t packed with many items.

Aqua Quest has left no stone unturned in constructing a durable water-resistant bag with abrasion-proof fabric and welded seams.

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OverBoard Waterproof Duffel Bag

With quality nylon construction, this waterproof duffel bag from Overboard offers multiple storage spaces and attachment options.

You can stow multiple smaller accessories and items you want to access instantly in the large outer side pocket.

There are also two smaller mesh pockets on the inside to keep precious items away from plain sight.

A zippered compartment holds a number of your personal belongings, which remain safe whether the bag is dry or suffers a water accident.

You can adjust for comfort and convenience with 4 D-rings; the shoulder strap can also be removed to optimize carrying to your unique requirements.

Seams are sturdily welded as is the internal PVC tarpaulin bonding to the strong nylon exterior.

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DuffelSak Roll Top Duffel with Reflective Trim

Såk Gear’s waterproof duffel bag has a roll-down top with a clip-shut mechanism for optimum water resistance.

The design is attractive and practical, offering you multiple ways to carry the bag.

You can use the padded double handles, carry it over your shoulders, or latch the duffel to any kind of support with 4 D-rings.

The 60L space can easily handle a number of personal belongings for longer trips.

The bag is crafted from 500D PVC and watertight welded seams. A complete absence of entry points makes it impossible for water to make its way inside.

There are two exterior water-resistant pockets and one interior zip pocket. A thoughtful feature is the reflective trim flanking the exterior pockets for visibility and recognition in nighttime conditions.

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Leader Accessories Deluxe Waterproof Duffel Bag

Are you looking for a travel duffel bag that converts into a backpack at convenience?

This waterproof bag from Leader Accessories not only has a robust top handle offering a sturdy grip for hauling your carry items, but also twin handles on the ends that you can lug or position as shoulder straps.

This way you can carry it as a backpack when you need to get to the security line at the airport quickly or move fast through the busy streets of the city you’re visiting.

Made of marine grade vinyl, the bag is durable, resisting wear and tear while safeguarding your belongings against the elements.

The tough base ensures excellent support and secure housing for your items. An ID pocket on top identifies the owner (you) and avoids confusions.

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Waterproof duffel bag is a practical and useful piece of luggage. It allows you to pack quickly and neatly, protects your stuff from the elements and you can wear in different ways – well worth a consideration!